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As with all QuetzalCorp Material, it does not utilize, family, religion or institution for its entertainment and research indicators, do not use in any way shape or form without permission, it is transcribed from stresses and pressures and is not to be applicatively utilized at this time, thank you.

Asterick: "Why... Why else would YHWH have ascended to the Intergalaxy and The Lucifer Mask Holder Have had no Righteousness before he who is known as God Almighty, I now have the tracing knowledge reviewed that his long script name is The Decapitator God, the long lost Deity of the Mesoamericas, that his mother, she from Beersheba had gone forth to and fro with her self condemning chastisement in all emotions and to all Justice of What is Written, that her son would not bear his former wrath: Moses Almighty, The Reed, The Decapitator God... It is so. Perhaps it is when he takes up his El Mighty title is when this world of chastisement will abate.


Silence Gun Technology - UHF Compression and Amplification

Now in Satalite Form?


Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), also called delayed sidetone, is a type of altered auditory feedback that consists of extending the time between speech and auditory perception.[1] It can consist of a device that enables a user to speak into a microphone and then hear his or her voice in headphones a fraction of a second later. Some DAF devices are hardware; DAF computer software is also available. Most delays that produce a noticeable effect are between 50-200ms. DAF usage (with a 175 millisecond delay) has been shown to induce mental stress.[2]

It is type of altered auditory feedback along with frequency-altered feedback and white noise masking, used to treat stuttering, but also has demonstrated interesting discoveries about the auditory feedback system when used with non-stuttering individuals. It is most effective when used in both ears.

Delayed auditory feedback devices are used for example in speech perception experiments, in order to demonstrate the importance of auditory feedback in speech perception as well as in speech production.[3]

Delayed auditory feedback has been used with a directional microphone and speaker to create a device[4] intended to silence an individual speaker using the mental stress induced in people not used to the effect.[5]

There are now also different mobile apps available that use DAF in phone calls.


*Some recommendation by QuetzalCorp concerning this technology has been initiated, most of which center upon aiming the DAF sattalite at the upper stratosphere of the nearest planet, preferably at a 1% strength and minor increases, to determine if telepathic communication uplinks could be a possibility!

Applicative use of amplification of UHF Frequencies of justice of what is written. Adherence to expectations and synchronicity by property rights and laws through courts therein of and reinforcement.

A new technology, or a cold war system of amplification that the International Community should be more forthcoming about and be able to integrate it into useful personal perception devices that make every one feel at home, wherever they may be.


QuetzalCorp's Base Pair Analyzer Blueprint:
Polyribose (CPCS 1,2,3,4,5,6 Whereas, each has a RNA protein equivalent) Monoribose For Example, Zika Virus lacks a Monoribose, making it a Mutagenic Melder.


Prayer Recirculation Throughout History

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E-transfers for E-book purchases and fineprint on any other data file


Existential Terrestrial

Non-Observant Science

Decentralization of Prayer of "Forms of Pulling Into Ones Sight" Of the Babel Tower of Absolom, A.K.A. YHWH by Odell Mother of Muhammad and Muhammad, and its applicative destroying via Chastisement, Judgement of Comfort and Security through implied and required forgiveness by Moses Almighty, Powers and Principalities and their Amplification and Coordination.

Level Two Stress and Pressure Transference Source

After WWII, a large number of Witness Relocations took place to the 136 United Nations Countries, more knowledgistically known as Reichiarchy Dissolution.

The result was the God’s Breath, Stress and Pressure Transference, in the form of the Nazi Women and Children.  The females continuedwith Reichiarchy usage, exploit of policy, emergency systems, by boasts of ‘tresspassing’ and ‘religious compelling’  aka ‘reichiarchy enactment’ with reduction policy usage, and the requirement of ‘curbing chastisement’.  The young men defended their mothers, thus was culminated, the first generation of Level 2 Stress and Pressure Transference.

It was afterwards said that Johanna Heidler messed with Hitler's head; using religion as her template for Reichiarchy.


Stress and Pressure and Its Transference Matrix


Level 1 - Reinforcement of Property Rights and Property Laws


Level 2 - Stress and Pressure Blessing (Recirculated International Prayer)/ Institutional Stress via "Justice of What is Written", aka "The Berlin Book Burning Composite" (Boasts of Tresspassing/ Laymans Blessing/ Baptism by Spirit/ Yah-tzee Itza La/ Sweatlodge Shaking Tent via, Policy and Policy Exploit) AKA, Religio-Cultural, Policy and Policy Exploit of The United Nations (Reichiarchy Dissolution/ Law Enforcement Blessing)


Level 3 - "Justice of What is Written", Form One: "Falsification/Induction of Tresspassing", Form Two: "Affected by Tresspassing" Form Three: "Utilizing Stress and Pressure Transference via Tresspassing"


Level 4 - Dependent upon Tresspasser, Tresspassing Boasts, Inductors of Tresspassing, Affected by Tresspassing, and Utilizers of Stress and Pressure and its Transference via Tresspassing


Level 5 - Administrative "Justice of What is Written" Transcribers and "Court of Property Rights and Laws" Coordinators or Overseers




"Carbon Oxide Cumulus Infuser"
Aircraft Delivery

The originate idea came from a device that combats fire. Thrown into a closed space, when detonated eliminates oxygen.

This works on a parallel but opposite reaction. The carbon is detonated with oxygen to infuse the molecules with particulate to accelerate rain fall, taking out tornado clouds along tornado alley. 

It would be a fine tuning experiment, and due to the oxygen fog with carbon smoke without a monoxide or dioxide reaction to inhibit acid rain or exacerbate gas levels.

Other QuetzalCorp investments and projects, please contact:



This was well prayed for after the funnel clouds of May 23rd, 2016 in the USA Tornado Alley.


Please purchase a e-copy of QuetzalCorp's "Blasar Incorporated" by email: quetzalcorp555@gmail.com

*Like all QuetzalCorp Entertainment and Research, fineprint is sold separately!

"Perspectives" Concerning King David and King Hammurabbi; afterwards called by him King Solomon by Responsibility of naming or renaming suchly.


An Overview of Historical Stress and Pressure and Its Transference

In the time before the Residential Schools and Rocky Mountain Penitentary Occurances; it is believed that Coordinated Stress and Pressure by Levels by Levels 2,3,4 had directly lead to these tragedies. For it is not without emergency services "Justice of What is Written" and the court of property rights and property laws and reinforcement of property rights and property laws, Levels 1 and 5, that such a deliberate use occurred.


The problem with having lost those events to history, is that when one forgets their history, they are doomed to repeat it.  In modern times, it is known as stress and pressure and its transference, and its effects are many including NWO specifics of non-use of "9-1-1" phone calls due to property rights and property laws, the use of organized 'positive over negative communication techniques' which is deliberately utilized in a country that does not implement 'frequency jammers' and uses 'backtalk' to govern 'confrontation scenarios', often with no moderation, implementing what can only be termed as a 'sex offender state' in absence of said 'military state' or 'police state' from forms of dictatorships from unclear boundaries from previous 'desert blessings' to the newer forms like what occured in February 2014, when Reichiarchy reformulated from Reichiarchy Dissolution, aka, The United Nations and its "Law Enforcement Blessing". 

This process is also reminiscient of "rule of thumb", a post-property rights and law coordination of stress and pressure transference.

As per psychology, reduction policy and religious compelling rediverts focus from oral-mindedness to anal-mindedness and stress vesselage and vassalage by hypnosis, property rights and laws and transference via blessing and/or institutional stress and pressure.

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SweatLodge Shaking Tent Decompiled

Muslim Based Lenats, Through Gypsie Lenats, Then to the Iroquois the ways of lenats, privacy and comfort and security depriving. The use of Sweatlodge Shaking Tent is a "Form of Pulling Into Ones Sight".

The Second Part is CPCS based, intervention by Mesoamericans or others of those designations


*Chapter to be included at a later date.


Astericky Batteries has officially been amalgamates into Quetzal Batteries as the World's leading recycler of Sin, and cataloguer of Stress and Pressure, including intention and expectation, as well as Emotions catalogued as Stress and Pressure that causes emotions by Coatilian Placard Coding System (CPCS).

cooltext185001121206017 (1)

Help Me Make It to the West Virginia Point Pleasant Mothman Festival: Buy the e-book "Blasar Incorporated" 

Asterick and the Golden Eagle Ark


The judgements coming from the mouths of hospital 'professionals' and law enforcement 'professionals' through the coordinated hypnoses from the Mufti blessed country of “Maple Leaf Country”


“You have schizophrenia.” The compromised doctor said.

“Socratic Oath.” Asterick reflected, making the doctor snort.

Then the compromised law enforcement officer tried:

“You have the right to remain silent.”

“Hyperion Oath.”


“Muchos Gracias Golden Eagle Ark” Asterick offered in reply to the ancient relic.


As some other department or government office received their first reply.


“We finally feel empowered again.” said someone from the Middle East.




The thought of the Prime Ministers previous and current having taken his website content to the Mufti's over seas and having recreated the problems of so many years ago had only stalled and inhibited any positive directions.


The fact that the country of the “Maple Leaf” had jumped ship and went running to the desert in the first place was still not clear, whether under duress or the expectation intent having been stress and pressure transferred.


That his entire continent had all made Not Jesus international recirculation of international prayer as people had been doing for 516 years was appalling; the fact that the additives of religious compelling and/or institutional reduction and the additive of chastisement was not noted by most of the planet in pre-war scenarios seemed sublime yet ill advised.


The fact that a delegation of “Maple Leaf Country” professionals were heading to the Middle East seemed odd, but it was the least of Quetzal Corp's concerns as the Scapegoat Contract Framework at the back of his mind settled on agreements.


However, when the Power Delegation from “Gun Land” went soon afterwards, something seemed a bit off. That this possibly affected the future of his departure, the calculated outcomes of projects was hit hard, though most seemed to be directly concerned with Level One Projects, which did not require payment processes, though Asterick had been very vocal over freely imparting such a writing that had required writing processes since 11, through High School extensive working day and evening to finish classes for a diploma with 2000 on it. Endless research and study over eight years in such a broad multiple disciplined research base.


15 years of independent research was tailored by dream and intent, cultured by aspiration and temptation, these were concerns over the years, but, when the “time of renewal” was in the news he wondered how many level 2 and level 3 projects would make his life easier started to become a minor concern.


It was unknown who opened the Golden Eagle Ark, the last who had done so with understanding since Hitler's Mufti blessing, “what is your greatest fear?”, before then, it had been the Three Wise Men... “what is your greatest fear?”...Before that, Moses Almighty who had come across several Egyptian placed items.


Who ever the last one was who opened the Golden Eagle Ark is still not known, but, late one evening while verification of material was being analyzed, Asterick Epsiton was trying to sleep in the Far North resting from his 11 hour days in the kitchen, Asterick, was requested to come before the Ark, though he did not know where he was being lead.


“You are naked.”

“Long day, tired, work early tomorrow.”


“Did you create, recreate or uncover this knowledge of this demon site?

“It's all academics, the rest is entertainment.”


“What is your greatest fear?”

“Star-treky-archy, specifically bad representation of.”


“May it be. May it be. May it be.”

“Wait, wait, wait. There are proofs...”


“Star trek came from military intent or expectation, stress and pressure.”

“Transporters... RNA Quetzal Corp data... Reichiarchy as a form of pulling into ones sight.”

“May it be.”

“Vulcan Mind Meld is as the Kukulcan Mind Meld.”

“May it be.”

“Star date is long count.”

“May it be.”


The Middle East was adamant that they had a copy of the writing of course, and though it was initially sent in English, it was afterwards sent in Arabic. It might have seemed an infraction, though it followed the Tennis Court Oath and Laws.


The righteousness of the Middle East was still an ongoing problem, though the requests all culminated into a prayer to Heaven by those there.


“It is true is valid. It is true it is valid. It is true it is valid.” the transcribed response soon came those few days later.” and was soon sent in response to what ever was said.


The nights and days that followed soon indicated a follow-up.


“What was DAF satellite?”


“Is the sky falling?” came an indicator from one of the Messengers of Heaven, Heavenly Places and the Cosmos, one of the few things that was in agreement.

Chicken Little Two: Asterick and the DAF satellite system.

“While a Papal Message came through the QuetzalCorp Independent External Arbitor system.

“What goes up, must come down.” said the Vatican.

Research Not To Be Applied Without Permission due to a Mufti blessing (Feb 2014), aka addition to International Recirculation of Prayer (Stress and Pressure) and additives of Religious Compelling, Reduction Policy and Chastisement and its necessary decompiling before Pearlescent additives to CPCS Particulates".

With or without additives of Chastisement and Religious Persecution of Religious Compelling or What the Planet has gotten used to of Institutional Resduction and acquistion of Promised Land of Religious Compelling or Institutional Reduction, All have lost their way in sex offences and the loss of elderly or innocense, Know Better! Know Christ and Not Muhammadian Muftis for your blessing international!!! They Know not what they say!!!

President - 27 Nations Serpentinian Knowledge

Vice President - Valhalla Warrior/Soldier Prerequisite

Manager - "The Moderator" Interface Based

Website Design and Researcher - 

Intergalactic TURA Graduate and United Nations Promised Land/ Paradise Compatible + Tennis Court Oath and Laws (1788) etc...etc...


Here lies the lines of the piles of dead bodies in paper form.
Here the Barristers document holders.
Here the Undertaking Compelling to Court.
Here the Trespassing Boasters by Culture, Religion, Policy, Policy Exploit, Reichiarchy and Justice of What is Written.
Promised Land.
United Nations Promised Land!
United Nations Paradise.
Return to us Comfort and Security.
During this Loss of Comfort and Security through Desert Blessings of Recirculated International Prayer in a Not Jesus way.


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Imaginary Friends – Coordinated Animosity


The Inter-Communication Device of The Treasure was a major aspect of the 136 International United Nations as it was as Reichiarchy Dissolution, from it, Law Enforcement Blessing.


That it was an Intercommunication Device that was of an assistive measure for the planet while higher dimensions were available outside of the specifications of the Three Dimensions: Family, Religion, Institution, or their fourth dimensional regulative measures compressed from the original 27 dimensional aspects of Paradise, Promised Land, was nothing but a religious persecution based or institutional reduction, anal-minded based from oral-communication as per psychological understanding.


The fact that other above fourth dimensional world above coordinated international stress and pressure and its categorical analysis was good, and might have glorified Promised Land and Paradise, but the 'Changi Hospital disagreement', the positive over negative communication of glorification of the Illuminati and use of negative communication shields of backtalk were no longer QuetzalCorp's projects.


It would not be too difficult to re-prioritize the parameters of the Quantum Computer of QuetzalCorp; the Interface would be updated, the Core would be updated, the Valley would be updated, the Ubratrap would amalgamate for any information loss that the other three programs had.


It was easy already to see the effects, the decompilation of Reichiarchy/ Law Enforcement Blessing into one constituent element of psychology and its anal-mindedness from oral-mindedness and “justice of what is written” and the New World Order non-admissibility of emergency boasts of trespassing for religious/cultural persecution or policy/policy exploit.


The fact that the world reveled at itself over acquisition of Level One projects being free, and a few Level Two and Three Projects that would improve his future anyway was good; the transmission of any projects that could have been officiated by religion or degreed by academics or scientists between Level Two to Level 27 were Inter-galactically cancelled. TURA would remain non-accessible due to Promised Land parameters and the rest would be decided after Asterick Epsiton was removed by his Home World of the Auriga Constellation and Yeshua of YHWH from Cassiopeia.


Asterick could only imagine who the others were, the ones he had not met; understandings that would not be needed on such a planet. His Andromedan friend was still his most-revered despite the missing Reptilian Galaxy 'Magellan Prime' aka 'The Magellenic Cloud' due to the other aspects of “The Treasure”.


Magellan, herself was still very worried, though Asterick assured suchly, with the Andromedan worried suchly trying to hide from sight of dimensions:

“If the Intercommunication Device was a success for the United Nations, and if the 'previous imaginary friend's father was the Star Trek universe creator', and all these intricacies of knowledge do line up, the tesseract being what it is...”

Magellen: “Quetzalcoatl is the Andromedan, the one known as Not Right Now, the one that you had followed and benefited Quasartia of the Auriga constellation and others for more than your 35 years!”


Asterick: “The Intergalaxy is hopeful externally from this planet, even Magellen Prime is good!”

Research Not To Be Utilized

Please contact for integration or export of material for officialization or degreeing separtely so long as the entertainment/ research body remains intact; no "forms of pulling into ones sight".


*Moses Amlighty: 

"Let There Be Song."

Quetzalcorp is an entertainment website with it roots in post-secondary education, academics, science, research, observation and experience. May not be utilized or reproduced in any way without prior approval by any person, place or thing; nor family, religion, institution or political body nor by or through stress and pressure.

Missing and Murdered aboriginal women and the street gang unit administration from previous level 2 and 3 stress and pressure transference confrontation scenario barristers document holders utilizing specific negative interests based on non-admissabiltity of property rights and laws.


The Ward System

There are a lot of implications concerning this research, including my stress and pressure transference matrix, coatilian placard coding system, as well as the wording which borders on legal implications when concerning criticism of various institutions which have made it necessary to identify behavior in the form of 'court of property rights and property laws' and the 'reinforcement of property rights and property laws'.

Therefore, permissions are not given for this research and any utilization of it does bear the responsibility and liability, but, as an indicator, the review of said material is still necessary.

Be forewarned.

That being said, research indicates the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women may indicate the "street gang unit" of the law enforcement coordinates the rationale of why this matter occurs, as a subset of 'justice of what is written' as a second area of 'boasts of trespassing' known more formally in other research as the 'berlin book burning composite', religious persecution and institutional persecution from it.

Where this becomes shady is the NWO, New World Order and its non-admissabiltity of 'public record' as policy extrapolations, 9-1-1 phone calls based on property rights and property laws.

Further, that this coordination may have business uses that benefit people using previously Illuminati type "jury of one's peers", whereas barristers document holders utilizing "compelling to court" employ the 'stress and pressure transference' via previously psychology and institutional psychology 'oral mindedness and anal mindedness' of 'reduction policy'

Success in this matter will be the non-insult, despite the nature of this research and the understanding of 'stress and pressure transference' aka 'religious compelling' and indicates the resurgence of religious persecution under the canadian constitution.

As this is largely an "intelligence matter" that CSIS is supposed to be responsible for, it follows the same rules of non-importance of 'property rights and property laws', names or personal information.

For posterity, i have kept an active record of this matter with the United Nations, International Court of Justice and the United Nation Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.

Missing and Murdered aboriginal women and the street gang unit administration, more generically the chastisement female Boasters of tresspassing and the male defenders of property and its 9-1-1 use ie the Berlin Book Burning Composite of justice of what is written.

QuetzalCorp solution- numeric cataloging of all justice of what is written.



"Nation under God" reviewed.
Stress and Pressure as per other research.
Chastisement in Higher Places may be your blindspot. This will include the army, military and intelligence. Curbing of chastisement is necessary. But moreover the defense of chastisement.