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 Jade Goes East


Jade had lived a handful of lives on the planet. In his first life he was known as Jade, the Sovereign Plumed Serpent, and he had ruled over the lands of the west. His parents, Gods, were known lovingly as ‘The Decapitator God’ and the Goddess Machu Pichu to the people; their resting places the sun and the moon.  The very sarcasm which underlay paradise was unfortunate, yet the very resentment of what would be was foreshadowed in the very knowledge of the earth.


The Decapitator God was called so because in his attempt to appease his wife he ordered the deaths of many humans which she considered no more than mere monkeys, but as time wore on he realized that her lust for human blood was insatiable.  Typically, the Goddesses absorbed the emotions of the humans, that all involved would thrive.  But, humans lusted for power, and emotions and their manipulative application, in time, became the focus of the humans; where once they had given their emotions freely for Heaven to use, they began to use themselves.


Together the God and Goddess had many thousands of children, and they were perfect beyond description, one look at one of these being could bring any human to fear, and they were known simply as the helpers.  Though one was helper, was only for God’s use, and his name was Lucifer, the Morning Star.  All knowing, he was known to the other angels as “The Angel of Criticism” and with this knowledge he was God’s advisor.

The collaboration of humankind to advance their civilizations beyond the dreams of anything known at the time, was at the forefront of most projects, the Putti, the pre-Seraphim, watched these small progresses in pure amazement: ‘Why are they stockpiling knowledge?’ ; and this entire struggle appeased Machu Pichu over the long years as the Mayan Temples rose over all the lands.  Finally she felt that the “monkeys” prayers and worship were finally worthy of her and her second husband; her first husband had been a fire, all consuming; but now he was like the winds themselves; the winds which moved the clouds, moved the water- that shaped the lands, indeed, he was as a new being.


She then endowed the priest-astrologers with spiritual abilities, not the least of which was four corner sight, and with this they were able to see interesting things.  Indeed, all over the earth, was spread the knowledge in culture, in language…something was coming… a forgetfulness…


The time came though when the God and Goddess became bored of the sacrificial mindset of the West and the two left to the East, telling their children that one day they would meet their brothers and sisters, and they were taught how to communicate with them spiritually.


The people of the West learned how to use this spirit world, and because they felt discarded, they woke the spirits of the people they had sacrificed and they were forced to dig into the Earth and create caves, tunnels and underground cities miles into the ground, a place where the Maya had total control after death, and this they called Xibalba, the testing place, where they could find out if their brothers and sisters were worthy of the God and Goddess.


Jade searched the world for the God and Goddess and finally came to a place where more pyramids were created to further satiate the Goddess who took the name of She, but in time she once again lusted for interest.  Mere glory, awe and righteousness was not enough to satiate a Goddess; no, a goddess thrived on emotion, but the interaction of glory, awe and righteousness and emotion; in the right balance, was paradise, if and when understood.


One day Jade entered the temple pyramid and saw there another priest-astrologer praying to She and he knelt on a stone slab before the container. She gazed at him with such sorrow that he left somewhere and said nothing to the others about what he had seen, but to say that they were to pray to them on stone slabs and to see the stars.


She was impressed at the growing ability of humankind and felt sorrow over the loss of life which angered both She and the helpers, then one night as she rested he sent the helpers to lull her into a deep sleep, until a time that she valued life as much as he had come to; and he placed her in the Golden container of the Upper Chamber; The Golden Eagle Ark, which later would be known as the Ark of the Covenant.


Something remained a time in a place but everywhere he looked he was reminded of his wife, so he left into the Eastern deserts with their children whom he referred to as helpers. They came to a small settlement called Babylon. While a common trading post for the nomads there, the city grew under the influence of Him and his helpers, which eventually came to the attention of Jade, who liked to travel often with his spiritual gifts.


It was an amazing sight to behold as Jade hovered over Babylon in spirit, while his body was deep in trance back at The Temple of the Sovereign Plumed Serpent, and the thought came to him that he wished everyone could see Babylon from above as he did, they were after all his brothers and sisters somehow and though that did not quite make sense to him yet he was determined to find out.


Now, on an earlier occasion Jade had been “traveling” and he had already exhausted his food supply for the journey so he walked the steps to his helper’s house in the important ceremonial hut out back where his food was prepared and he tried to tell his helper that he needed more supplies, but his human form could not hear his spirit, so he stepped into helper number two and spoke through him, and it worked. They spiritual gifts he received seemed to be more than he had originally thought, so he decided that this power should only be used ceremoniously, but traveling to the other provinces kept him away from his spiritual travels so he soon implemented a system. He would govern from the palace and would speak through the representative at each locale, much more efficient.


So, having freed up enough time to visit this Babylon, Jade S.P.S. knelt upon his prayer rug in Mesoamerica and headed east. Though it was cold in the subterranean depths of the Temple of the Sovereign Plumed, Jade could feel his body warm in the heat of the desert sun.


One of the one hundred vendors or so there was a body that Jade took a liking to, a chosen vessel from which to interact. Absalom, as he was known in Babylon, was well taught, being from a family of scribes he himself had written at least one copy of each scroll that existed in the whole city, and had just yesterday been promoted to vendor at the age of 24.


Now that he had a suitable liaison, Jade needed a name for his persona during his visit… he looked to his religious artifacts for inspiration, and came upon the mighty and noble jaguar, or in his common tongue, Nahuatl, was known as balam, so he would be Ba’al.


Ba’al watched over Absalom, and as the weeks passed he waited for the opportunity to present itself, it had worked with the Druids after all.


While sales on alchemy and science texts were profitable, the sales of the religious texts far outnumbered them on any given day, ‘they were the bread and mead of the household his father would say’, so Absalom learned them so he could entice the buyers and had developed quite a knack for manipulation.


Then one day Absalom wished he could hear the voice of God, that Ba’al saw his opportunity. He spoke through his jade mouthpiece on his golden mask and as his priests had promised to him: ‘the person will hear your voice…’

Ba’al spoke to Absalom who immediately dropped to his knees and bowed his head to the ground:

“I am the God Ba’al, I will come to you after supper tonight for the next thirty nights and you will write everything I tell you, do you agree with this task?” To which Absalom agreed.

Absalom wrote the book as Ba’al spoke to him late into the night in his modest room, and as Ba’al had said on the morning of the thirtieth day the manuscript was complete.


Absalom had saved a lot of money in his 25 years and he invested wisely when he had his family write the first hundred copies of it. His good friends were artisans who specialized in pottery, metal work; weaving and idol making; so when he placed orders for a hundred units of the templates he had made they were more than happy for the work and knew they were blessed by Ba’al.


Under Ba’al’s tutelage Absalom was soon a local legend and riches were comparable to the cities founders who took him into his council and soon each of them carried and meditated upon The Word of Ba’al. In under a year over half of the population of Babylon had purchased the book and most of them had at least one of each of Ba’al product.


Prophets and priests soon followed, then one building after another as the city Lords competed against one another to have the tallest building dedicated to the glory of Ba’al.

When space ran out within the fortified walls they began building upon the existing buildings, engineers and contractors were tossed aside and cast into the deserts for defying the Word of Ba’al, others were imprisoned as the workers continued building upon buildings.


Soon the main streets were shut down and markets were moved outside city walls as the city the bottom foundation, they made pacts with Ba’al and one another to join their buildings to one another and build, even higher, “to see as Ba’al sees”.


The population, escapees of Egypt mostly, paid no attention to Ba’al and had lost many friends and sometimes family members to him, but still they meditated on the mnemonic staff and still prayed to Him, to their survival when they fled in the early morning, already the winds were fierce, led by a white robed helper into the desert.


The winds and sand pressed ever harder against the city formerly known as The City of Babylon, now simply The Tower of Babel: “Winds from North…Winds from the South…Winds from the West…Winds from the East…and in the morning, more sand was pressing against the tower.


 Absalom prayed feverently for the winds to subside as worker pulled pot after pot of sand away from the base. A third of the city ran into the desert as the structure crumbled in on itself and many survivors afterward spoke about the scream of terror from Absalom in the tower minutes before the structure crumbled and it was said that Absalom had incurred the wrath of God before being pulverized along with the tower.


The City Lords returned over the next years to take their claim of bricks and stones many of which had spent all of their life savings on and either forged smaller villages or sold their materials to the city states of the time to get by until they returned to their ways, and after that only half of the people prayed to Ba’al; even less after the bonfire incident in which a bonfire fire was ignited and Ba’al was outdone; though that it was held on a celebration day, the odds were stacked in God’s favor, but Jade let it slide, he would forever have his ‘Festival of the Fire’.


Council Nu – Part Three


The eve of the “time of renewal”, November 19th, 2016.


A religio-cultural people had asked Asterick on several occasions if he was going to sign a peace treaty with them. His answer was the same at each, that he was not the one to ask such a request to, and that despite what appeared as being 'vocal' during times of renewal, it was a 'negative assumption'; that he had such knowledge and he was 'to blame' for this knowledge was also a 'negative assumption'; so too, over 'times such as these' if he had guilt over blasphemy, slander or treason, there too, it was an observation, a transcription of stress and pressure and its transference; finally when it came down to it, that, in any other time before, that it would more likely be termed as 'code-breaking'.


Reformulated from that which had occurred and its transcription, Ellenoir and Derek had been in the company of those who...


Council Nu, then interjected in his debriefing: “That will do, the rest they already have.”

Asterick Epsiton then started, “That is good, I will be happy to be more energetic in the future, and who knows, maybe this United States QuetzalCorp business might go along better...”


“Another thing, your Mothman, the condemned chiefs of various areas and the Slender Man you know...”




“They have physical parameters in the United States as well, when higher dimensions collapse into the standard three dimensions of family, religions and institutions, even with business and entertainment of the fourth dimension... They are often called the Men in Black, and not so welcome of entertainment.”





Now Featuring:


Now Available Condensed and Resprised from Earlier MMAW 

As Per Reduced Genetic Traits, Please Review; Blood Quantification, technical specifications during a time of renewal, unofficial.

Religious, Culture, Policy and Policy Exploit became Reichiarchy, an External Policy Exploit, afterwards an Internal Policy Exploit, Known as Law Enforcement Blessing, Corrections Blessing, as well as sweatlodge shaking tent as a solicitation based institution and what became corrections category of colonoscopy locatives for solicitation; and reinforcement of region, culture, policy and policy exploit without question in regards to 'boasts of trespassing' by those before, based on property rights and property laws reinforcement.  

As my speciality is in Integrative Knowledgistic Frameworks with translation, I would like to find a way to utilize my understanding in a way that the interested parties, who have not been able to contact myself for one reason or another.


Various parties include, but are not limited to:


-the court of property rights and property laws

-the reinforcement of property rights and property laws (official/ unofficial)

-the governmental interest parties (various)

-first nations governance (various)

-experiencial (affect and effect)

 0 family

 0 religion

 0 institution


*All have various and varied interests, all have an opportunity otherwise to solicit, utilize “forms of pulling into ones sight”, to bear false witness against their neighbor or opposition.  Arbitration may be a better option.


The duties and responsibilities of QuetzalCorp International is to identify "forms of pulling into ones sight","justice of what is written" and its important oversight and direction in times of need as an "independent international arbiter"; secondly, to identify Jesus Christ as the forgiveness of "forms of pulling into ones sight" from the Babel Tower forward and its international distribution afterward, its complications and use for scapegoating and to provide direction suchly.

Assumption - Part Two

As it pertains to the Oath to Order and The Right to Remain Silent it is said Thusly.

"You may have Assumption Two and Three." Nero, Alexander the Great."

Secondly, that there in the past from Canada, one who has selected the use overall of the "forms of pulling into ones sight confrontation scenario", at the United Nations, and it should be repealed by the powers and principalities.


Nero's "World Without End" religious modification into institutional policy functionalism and the consequences of, Law Enforcement Blessing/Hypnosis of "Justice of What is Written", Assumptions 1,2,3, as they pertain to emesis and unsupported worldviews.

As it pertains to the Oath to Order and The Right to Remain Silent it is said Thusly. That Nero had a laugh that was not respected, he made a deal or modification to policy that he would be respected, even as Rome fell into disrepair; a golden fiddle, his ally, even unto that as his reacroachment as the laughter of the Exorcist Movies, even unto the necessesary review by QuetzalCorp for positive.
"You may have Assumption Two and Three." 

Hale-Bop Cult Hypnosis as it is or was utilized by Law Enforcement with the Law Enforcement Blessing and Hypnosis for Business Rationale.  Property Rights and Property Laws and their reinforcement. That they were under previously a religious compelling, excludes them from judgement as possible Jehovahs Witnesswes reduced, unkempt, perhaps a sad overlook in what might be extrapolated into a positive format.

The Four that Come Before - Part Two

The night before: "Is there five horses."

Before falling asleep I could sense Four Horses, but knew it to be an audio selection, though the sensory frequency had depth and space despite my laying down on my pillow.

Also, there was Heard "I am the Holy of Holies." Repeated, though it seemed a digital frequency.

I fell asleep for an hour or so...

Asterick: / Quetzalcoatl:
Tall/ short, bright/ dark, shadow/ light, cold/ hot... Quetzalcoatl/ Quetzalcoatl, Mothman/ Mothman, Slenderman/ Slenderman, Rake/ Rake...
Gypsies/ (frequency terminated)

I cannot ethically say what was said... are you not afraid (Asterick), I am the Devil (repeated), the appointed human.

Asterick: "that was the negative of the positive over negative."

...then the human counterpart of selected, self-centered and with great, great expectations began his account, to which I did not bother past the first paragraph, it had a totally different tone, meaning and was not transcribed.

Mothman: "Chapstick."
Asterick: "What is in my hand?"
Mothman: "Cellphone."
Asterick: "Muchos Gracias."

Slenderman: (background of Fathom YouTube video) Then: "Do not speak my name and request for things to be eliminated"

The Rake: (Of hitler) "that the forms of pulling into ones sight would be eliminated."


Jade Goes East, Compelling of Barbaras, Day of Judgment and Atonement are now Available on the YHWH page!


"I am you maker! Repealing the Forms of Pulling into ones sight - confrontation scenario at the United Nations Level will end your time of renewal."

"To judge that which is as nothing or hidden by words, is to judge Godly."

-Moses, 'The Reed' God Almighty.

The Good God separate from CPCS,

The Bearer and Begetter.


cocoa tree

A Tale of Two Fingers

In referencing several 'world without end' and 'end of the world' literary Devices including Nero of Rome and The Devils gate dam, I happened upon a possible theory of the male and female youths of the area; that their fingers may be used ritually for reductions or compelling. 

[As such I am branching out, though I realize the possibility of negativity:

While Law Enforcement deal with property rights and property law reinforcement positively, the wards of state endure stress or lives of stress to 'stress and pressure transfer'.

While Intelligence Areas are a glass ceiling effect that keeps stress and pressure in rotaton, the rationale of this would then be that the expectations and intentions connected to those areas require circulation because those with 'marriage licenses', 'business licenses', 'diplomatic immunity' do not directly perceive those effects due to separation.

Then, the United Nations would, due to their 'diplomatic immunity' to the backtalk scenario of religious compelling or institutional reduction would not be able to comprehend that repealling this 'forms of pulling into ones sight - confrontation scenario as a UN policy potentially internationally.' ]

Then, back to the Devils Gate Dam and Causeway... how much was known back then, that is no longer available today?

Two ritual killings, and two fingers used for ritual purposes, two embeded in rock; then, later two more... misused youth.

One thing is certain, the twelve positives and their connected 12 negatives no doubt had their debuts, and whether religion or cult, one could not exist without the other, and whether a positive or negative... within or outside of a 'time of renewal', with or without 'stress and pressure transference', with or without understanding, 



Tale of Two Fingers - Dreams and Illusions


It must have been at least ten years ago in Northern City, a cousin of mine had a fourplex with two levels; she had told several of us that she had a dream of two younger children on the counter looking for food, that they were most likely deceased.

One of the occasions that I had overindulged at a wedding after a lucky VLT afternoon, I had headed off to bed... not able to sleep at first I noticed a few feet away a few childrens toys...one happened to be a construction worker.

It was said that whenever someone was alone in the place that a blanket would be pulled off of the person, that children could be heard, making noise and playing tricks, though upon inspection of the incidents or the follow-up questions, that no one was there at that time, or the other people were not where they were perceived.

Asterick had not come upon these stories until September 2016, when the incidents finally started to come into perspective.

Were the kids missing a finger each? Did Asterick know about the ill-fated children then? Or had the construction worker been honest then?


To be continued...


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