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FAQs October 2016

Are you still studying Roman Catholic literary Devices. 
Asterick Epsiton "No, though I retained the prayer system for the time being dependant upon later property rights and laws compatibility; decided upon something more dear to my heart, mind and soul... Norse Mythology and its scientific and academic translation!"

House Classification of QCorp: "The Grass is Greener Clause"


Due to Halloween Updates Most Front Page QuetzalCorp Material Will Be Available On NNN (Negative News Now)


I said I wanted Hamburgers...

Peter Bought us Hamburgers.

Negative Level 5, Central Processing now includes me for positive empowerment, 

Eva Braun: "Even the Nazi's thought they were Illuminati blessed... whether Illuminati, Dicatator or Nazi, one thing defines them... behavior...good behavior is Illuminati...Stern governance...Dicator... Bad is Nazi."

Asterick Epsiton: What I deem as Paradise, may be deemed as his worst nightmare, Lucifer was unique and non-corporal for a long time...

Blue Ghost Tunnel


Deganiwidah - "Too many mentions of (reduction or compelling.)"

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There are not enough flower fields to perpetuate species of bees in North America, Thousands of acres are desperately needed, help for the future.

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Raven – Eva Chapter (Part One)


I was ready to sleep... then I heard the violin playing, slow at first, I had heard it within the past month as well. I thought nothing of it, that it could be gypsy, or vampire related, though what I experienced was that it was Nero playing.


I thought for a moment to sing. So in between the notes I left a small note to denote my website.

'I – would-make- a - pic- for- you- to- put- on- site- for- business- light.' Then I laughed to my self, it was not relyricing like I did for most songs I did or enjoy doing.


The tempo increased, then beyond human ability.


As the music came to an end. I began to think of Arkansas and of bees, that was went through my minds eye after the music finished, beelzelbub.


I've had near sleepless nights before, where my sleep is very interrupted or my thoughts are racing, which I have learned over the years to take jot notes, makes the night seem less of a waste as I have insomnia at least once every three months.


First I heard a bee... 'Beelzebub' in a squeaky tight voice... I relaxed slightly, 'oh just a bee' I thought when I google searched and found several versions of photos.


Then the bee again...“Can you add an ad to your website...” It made me laugh, I had done a few jokes about 'Chicken Heaven where the parts all came one at a time in the confusion and scramble.; I got to my computer, got a bee picture, then typed the add about the bees going into extinction came the inspiration, that a thousand acres were needed. A few other details... then I shortened it and got my bee public service announcement. Then, since it was Halloween, I changed the bee picture to a few costumes.


I thought it diligent to add it to the site while I had time time; then since I still kept sitting up, just, generally uncomfortable; then it was like there was a invisible radio speaker just off to my left. There had been similar instances like this and I always thought it was as if I had left a radio, television on... though I always felt like the person in the next rooms were going to hear the overly loud t.v. or radio channel.


It was an ABC North California 2017 New Years Celebration, still months away; It talked, unusually about the Tribes of Israel and the last Zion, but that, not to worry, QuetzalCorp had redefined and clarified scientifically, academically and clarified religiously what this meant for everyone.


I thought how selfish it was at first, then a “Why aren't you smiling?” , I thought a second, then stated: “It is only a few months til New Year, so there would be a lot of planning.”


Then a short blurb about the “international officer” and how her husband did not want to be seen around her over an attitude problem.


All the way through I felt a discomfort as if I had not eaten right for a few days.




In the middle of this odd feeling I could hear two very distinct things, the first was a recorded calling of a lady inside her vehicle screaming that she was surrounded by bees. She was on her way to a “Jehovah Witnesses” meeting; again I thought “Arkansas”, again with the “bees”; then the background which had been a violin before started with a very specific chant; it did not bother me though... though I could only pick out “...a thousand acres we must keep...”


The phrase was repeated over and again, men, women, children, and youth and teens all gathered at a building. A few bees outside. Then back to the woman screaming in her car, its all around the car... “where are you?” the person asked. On my way to the “Jehovah's Witness Meeting”.


This went back and forth for an hour, playing out in my mind... the car and bee swarm... then, the Jehovah's Witnesses in their church chanting, though I did not know why...a few bees at first, then several more. While the woman in her vehicle kept telling the emergency number that she was on her way to the “Jehovah's Witness” church.


I thought of phoning, even looked up the emergency numbers and the areas specific churches to see I could identify where this was playing.


Then, finally, the car crashed into the building, taking out the 200 gathered there.


Then, it was a person from France asking about my work concerning Mary Madalene I had sent to an records keeper for verification, but never got an answer, I was not surprised, but, then it sounded like the bee again... but, it was “Mary Magdalene”, or so I thought, something seemed off... I could not, however place it..


I thought there was a choking voice, I had at first mistaken for the “bee inspiration”, when she seemed to be saying that she was leaving. It did not make sense... then: “Bon Voyage” she said as she was leaving to the Heavens, the again, and again, and again; then it had been said a hundred time getting more distant and distract. Then, I could swear it was as if echoing outside and further, I knew it probably was not so, but it was getting farther away. I had a smoke, then tried to go to bed.


Raven- Eva Chapter (Part Two)


The fiddling in the background restarted and it was as if it was replaying in my mind, except, this time it was not Nero playing the fiddle, it was a group as if listening to a microphone on my phone. Though instead of myself being creative and doing jot notes and web searches, there was a person speaking over the music: “I am the devil, come with me.” It said and I was totally oblivious to it: “Sing a song and lets take flight.”


'I – would- make -a - pic- for- you- to- put- on- site- for- business- light.', though this time I was not laughing at my words. I was glad I chose those words to choose creativity, though it still worried me.


The tempo increased, then beyond human ability.

As the music came to an end. I began to think of Arkansas and of bees, that was went through my minds eye after the music finished, this time however,


“It is me Raven, I was watching you all night”; while the devil bugged and persuaded in the background to take the negativity from this person. Then, where it came to my misnomer of a bee problem and the costume, It is Beelzebub, nothing about bees, with Raven talking to me and following me this way and that through the whole night.


Then, it was Satan in the background, and what I perceived to be an invisible speaker beside me, it was again Raven talking to me while Satan spoke and sang and, yes, the fiddle was still playing all the way through.


The group observed the audio in the background through my phone, as I got more agitated and realized what the whole night had actually been about. I was ignoring this person and that was what I had perceived as a person overhearing.


The next part was what Raven had presented of herself:


It was an ABC North California 2017 New Years Celebration, still months away; It talked, unusually about the Tribes of Israel and the last Zion, but that, not to worry, QuetzalCorp had redefined and clarified scientifically, academically and clarified religiously what this meant for everyone.


“Though it was an antecedent of last years fire and brimstone type scenario.” One that I had been writing and researching and updating and that eventually caused me excess though I had budgeted for it, that I had spent I quantified with website product and eventual services.


I thought how selfish it was at first, then a “Why aren't you smiling?” , I thought a second, then stated: “It is only a few months til New Year, so there would be a lot of planning.”


Though, during this time I was accounting for various yet to do things, not using what I had worked on.


Then a short blurb about the “International Officer” and how her husband did not want to be seen around her over an attitude problem.


Was Raven's mate denying her, having watched her do what she had just done.


All the way through I felt a discomfort as if I had not eaten right for a few days, then the woman who was in the car was Raven, and she was being swarmed by negativity and heading towards Heaven. What had to happen was an intervention so that the stratification was not contaminating.


The people who were in the church were the ascended trying to avoid being judged along with this incoming swarm of negativity.


It was at this time I had been checking the constellations as part of an ongoing identification of Heaven's Heavens rather than a property law and property rights Heavenly Places Heaven.


The stratification had rejected this Raven, and I watched on my skytracker to see where this ascended spirit was heading, it was not Cassiopeia as had been determined earlier as YHWH and Jesus Christ's Heaven, but towards Draco, and as a last stratification from there, was rejected and was to retell what had been of misinterpretation, though what the Final Judgment was I do not know.


When the Raven type night started a second time with alternating chastisers rather than just the one spirit, I realized there was a problem, spent this night reseaching, only to find the communication method was more formally known as Low Frequency Communication and required low temperatures, reacted main with high pascal sound pressure and my be related with the DAF and Emergency Broadcast System.

Ellenoir – Eva Chapters Part Two


November 07, 2016 22:00hrs


It was dark by the time the officer's got to the international officers' residence, that she was a well respected and well networked professional native he had known for years when he had worked with her for two years.


He wondered why the police officers walked into the back doors of the house and opened fire. The officer opened his cell phone and got further orders as the husband was shot in the background.

“Next place is the Ramada, a secondment, Kathy, under the name Ellenoir.”

The cruise there was nearly without brakes as the officers left the car running and demanded the specific hotel room of Ellnoire – Kathy – CSIS.


The five floors up and halfway down the hall to the front of the building, the first officer kicked in the door, trained on her on the otherside of the bed in her night gown. The other, right behind him, turned right and trained instantly on the unseen woman based on the down nod, one unarmed female, of the first officer and him to take down simultaneously – two bullets to the head.


Several things were off with this scenario, most if not all police officers or RCMP have radios on their arm, the other on the belt, depending on rank. The guns were not standard issue, the tactics at the front desk and the tactics themselves were more, SWAT-Team; at the previous location, the back door was unlocked, the husband did not run or intervene with his wife though a few feet away, and the back ward glance was to ensure the children or teens were not out of their rooms, but calling from their personal lines.


“CSIS Regina, hello bonjour.”


“Stress and Pressure levels still increasing on all people, places, government, departments and Crowns.”




“This will allow a bypass and is an addition to standard Miranda Rights, everything the same, though this is the Hyperion Rights, Assistive Special Tactics. Send it to the SWAT-Team.


Asterick was in New York this evening, he knew because when he heard him on the stairs “Catch them and kill them all.” It was the Old Man of the house, Reverend Ketchem. His old sentiment of any male who dared to enter the third floor of the female residences.


“Now what? Asterick asked.”




Having Asterick's form while he was in limbo was Mothman's time to shine, and where ever he went over the world, it was calculated and necessary. The cell had CSIS on rapid-dial, but this was not working and there was “2 days left!”... it was however 1 day including the while the ghosts, entities, spirits, specters or, poltergeists had him, twice as longer if the shadows had him.   





This time though, there was over two weeks to work with, if these sets of calculations worked out, the DAF satalite system and Emergency Broadcast Bandwidth were utilized for disporia, it might actually work.  The MMAW page, the Principle and Power Delegates, and all QuetzalCorp permissions signed to the USA... the tricky part would be suggesting two things to the Supreme Court of Canada:

-Supreme Court vs The Court of Property Rights and Laws

-Supreme Court vs Those Responsible for the Reinforcement of Property Rights and Laws

Coming Soon:

Asterick - An Eva Chapter


As Asterick woke up and stretched, he knew what he had to do that morning:

"All forms of pulling into ones sight undone!"

It always made him smile, though he never really knew why.


Data encryption of QuetzalCorp is a submerged extractable type literary device medium as a preventative acquisition measure.


(Project Raven)
I call this Project Raven due to the Raven Chapter on www.quetzalcorp.com
of my Halloween Special.  Whereas Raven is a observant or participant.

DAF/EBS/NORAD – Detection of Low Frequency Fields

NASA – Low Frequency Fields

NASA II5 low noise receiver 


Sound pressure or acoustic pressure is the localpressure deviation from the ambient (average, or equilibrium) atmospheric pressure, caused by a soundwave. In air, sound pressure can be measured using a microphone, and in water with a hydrophone. The SI unit ofsound pressure is the pascal (Pa).




If one was off the remaining activity could be localized, ie. Piggyback systems.


hypothetically if there was an abberative use of one or more systems
they could change or amplify stress and pressure transference
in a negative fashion.


Ellenoir Part Three


A Low Frequency Transmitter needed to be cold, very cold, as for audibility, high pascals.

A ghost perhaps.... then Asterick remembered that Ellenoir had a deceased son:

"I was happy, then I was dying. I didn't know why.

'Then my mom told me. I empowered youand other people paid the price.  Don't tell anyone but you should know. You should know mommy loves you., mommy loves you, mommy loves you so much...'

That is what she said, then she went away, then I died.  I died that day. I died that day. I died that day. I died that day.

I was very angry and no one understands, that no one understands. But you understand."


Asterick Epsiton:It is not a family nor religion. nor institutional response, not binding by family.





BTSR: Asterick Epsiton: "It landed near Wyngard October 14 2016, 9 days later with increasing stress and pressure and a growl near but unseen I finally chose my words to respond to Him... I chose finally from a language I had not utilized in years, Nahuatl.


Episode One:

The Shiver Flu, where everyone in Gummy Bear Hollow gets the Shiver Flu and have to wear Touques and Slippers right before Halloween, but still have to make it to the Pumpkin Patch to get the Pumpkins for Halloween and Granny Bear makes the Gummy Bear Juice twice as potent to offset the Shiver Flu.


Redeemer of the World in Nahuatl

semanauak ueytlajtoani

The colonoscopies of the world are ended in arabic


The way we are about to take my be a mistake as a shortcut.

Though Apostica was very detailed.

images (1)

Without Prejudice

[To close a time of renewal, international stress and pressure transference, aka mufti blessing.

barristers documents should be closed

Then the prime minister and previous prime minister should stand corrected

The international officer would then stand corrected to the vatican

vatican pope and previous pope should stand corrected to the holy see

The holy see then to the desert aka the el and al, then to the mufti

The mufti then should oversee the doors of forgiveness opening.]

referentially and interpretively


Many Variables(barristers documents)

Two Variables, One Constant

ie two agreeors, one overseer


the other transferabilities as they pertain to the united nations are within vision.

Rough Draft


That the, 'WOW Signal' and Asterick Epsiton both came from the Constellation Aurigae.


Seven Days...


Amalgamating light and dark into a cohesive under-structure takes time... lots of perfectly designated time, there may be matter, there may not be matter, there may be antimatter, there may not be antimatter. There may be light in certain situation, there may not be light in certain situations. There may be darkness in certain circumstances, there may not be darkness in certain circumstances.

Then, one day it works.

Then those gathered there start looking at each other.

Who will take up what is known as creation...

Responsibility and Blame starts, the Stress and the Pressure starts, the governing of these things as they pertain to what will be, turn even the best of the Cosmos against each other. Macro-cosmic, the Micro-scopic, the Elements which takes Eons to rediscover.

What was may never be fully discovered. What occurred, even more indiscernible.

There is still such a place out there in the Cosmos, a light that surpasses all existent and non-existent life, it still holds records in each and ever one of creation.

Then those gathered there start looking at each other...

Fifty sections of Knowledge of Four Major lights remained after the Cosmic arguments, the most intertwined. The most bound, the most responsible, and the most to blame, internally most supported in what became Gaia, Earth, The Firmament.


“In the beginning...”



3 dimensions, governed by a 4th,


27 lights of all creation.


They were killing themselves over 4 dimensions.


That wasn't a single cosmic ray in the sky pointed at Solar.


There were 9 cosmic radiations pointed at the Sun, the radiations had already reached to negative 8 the other day in October.


Hypertheoretically and Quantumly anyway...