Main Character Perspectiva


Nun Yax Ayin


Life in Chaco Canyon was idyllic to say the least. The youngest of his brothers, Nun Yax Ayin had the biggest heart and dreams, and the smallest figure, or so his elder brothers would comment.


Most of his time he spent studying the star world, the land of the living and the underworld; with this knowledge, he was able to predict the futures of people, places and organizations that sought out his advice.  Often he made more than his brothers than in a day of their professions, be it agriculture, housing, pottery, healing or metal working, they did not mind though, as he was always generous in his gifts; mindful and thoughtful.


Their father owned Chaco Steam Baths and was busy year round with visitors from any and every direction.  Also, his family owned much of Chaco Villa, which might have caused argument in the Allied Tribes, save for the employment of elder, the wise, the knowledgeable and the prestigious. Storytellers were employed year round from each tribe, depending upon rainy or dry season and discounts were decided meticulously by Nun Yax Ayin; a process that made each stay special and unique, and they always left smiling, happy and grateful.


Nun Yax Ayin enjoyed life and had a unique air about him whether he had hired a musician to play and sing while he drew, a dance troupe to perform during one of his many feasts for special celestial occasions; or one of the many storytellers he employed for each and every occasion, but most often for while he relaxed in the Upper Most Chamber of the Steam Baths, usually reserved for dignitaries, his father allowed him to use the space, as long as he paid full price, which always put a smile on both of their faces.


“Who’s in the Upper Chamber?” At least one of his brothers would ask, on their way home to their family, whenever the lights shone from there.

“Your younger brother, with his musician and storyteller, is working on another project.” Their father would answer.

“Big Man treating his friends again? The rest of us had families by his age.”

“You all needed them as well to keep your focus off the dignitaries wives and daughters; to cook, clean, and wake you up in the morning for work.”

Their younger brother’s favorite storyteller, friend and constant companion was from the far south, from the places of the Great Cities and ballcourts; he called himself Jade and wore a jade jaguar pendant upon his neck at all times and knew every story of his lands.


Nun Yax Ayin, while he enjoyed every luxury of Chaco Canyon and had vacationed with each of the Allied Tribes, his thirst for knowledge could not be quenched, his love for art and food of all flavors and all directions soon inspired journeys along the Great Trade Routes; a last distraction for him by his father who knew one day he would want to leave for the south land’s, at least in this way he could have him around a while longer.


Musician came and went along with the seasons, but ever since Jade came to Chaco Canyon during the wet season two years ago before and had collapsed in a puddle, nearly drowning, from the voyage which claimed all but the clothes on his back and the jaguar pendant; it was pure chance and coincidence that Nun Yax Ayin had looked in that direction to the outskirts of the outer encampment and received the visitor.


The Allied Tribes knew to avoid travel during the wet season, that a person had made it through the deluge of mud, streams and rivers which appeared from nowhere and disappeared just as fast made the Journey of Jade the most popular request of the storyteller for the first year.  However, when the story was known by most and the stories of the south began, no one cared to listen.


When Jade mentioned leaving back to the south land’s one day, Nun Yax Ayin insisted he stay on as his personal storyteller and paid him well.  Now with a year having past and every story of the south having been told a dozen times over, Jade decided it was time to bow out and leave quietly, Nun was probably too kind to say he was bored of the story collection which he had drawn onto vases he had purchased from his brother, which people were in awe of.  So, when he was about to leave that first day of the dry season he was surprised to see the caravan of Nun Yax Ayin waiting to depart.


“So, how many peppers are there in the south lands?”

“At least one for every pyramid in Teotihuanaco!”


The journey might have been boring for most, but Nun Yax Ayin insisted on learning the languages, the customs and traditions of the areas they would be meeting along their way.  He picked up Nahuatl quickly; and having bought a season’s worth of wares from each of his brothers before leaving, he had more than enough to keep busy with on the trip, each item would be traded, and they would live prosperously, which always made Jade smile and laugh.


The first half of the voyage was pulled by donkey, when they had been worn down, they exchanged them for llamas; the voyage to Teotihuanaco too ten moons, as they traded the goods for what they needed, and having much to trade for other items as well as gold, metals, jewels, gems and minerals, then, when their cargo had been exhausted they sold the wagons and animals that they would not need.


The city was great indeed, and Jade told and retold the stories of Chaco Canyon and Nun Yax Ayin who was called “Big Man” by his brothers, although, literally translated into Nahuatl was “The Place of the Giants”.


The tale soon spread across the lands from the route they had taken.  Nun Yax Ayin soon found out that his good friend was none other than Quetzalcoatl to the people of the south lands, highly revered and never lacked for anything, which then finally made Nun Yax Ayin laugh at his riches as Jade once did.


Soon enough the priest-astrologers began consulting Nun Yax Ayin about his knowledge of the sky, of the lands and of the underworld, to their pleasure and amazement it greatly enriched their perspective as they soon drew out the stories in glyph for the artisans to inscribe upon tablets and to be retold until the Year Ahau.


After a year, Nun Yax Ayin took it upon himself to take the Jaguar Trials to be inducted into the ritual ballcourt games, a thing which was rarely, if ever, undertaken; and afterwards was not allowed.

Spending three nights in the Xibalban caves, swimming the underwater channels from memory; collecting a dozen fruits from the upper most branches of the jabuticaba tree; collecting twenty quetzal feathers and fashioning a head ornament for the high priest; spending one night alone in the jungle, then paddling down the Great River in a small canoe, and all this he did.


Then stepping out of the canoe at the encampment where the Jaguar blessing would be given to Nun Yax Ayin of the Place of Giants, a serpent bit his ankle as he stepped out of the canoe and swam away, out of reach.  An antidote could be fashioned, if the snake could be caught, and though all those gathered there searched for it until the last breath and heartbeat of Nun Yax Ayin, it was to no avail.


It was a sad time in those parts, Quetzalcoatl afterwards commissioned a statue of Nun Yax Ayin, kept it near and would talk with him while drinking tequila which he would pour on the statues lips as he drank, in anger every so often blowing full mouthfuls of tequila in the statues face for being so stubborn for taking the trials in the first place, a custom that lived on after Quetzalcoatl had parted from the land of the living.


So sad was the face of Nun Yax Ayin, even in statue form, that after Quetzalcoatl passed away the followers buried the statue with only the feet and ankles showing in warning to the serpent that bit Nun Yax Ayin, that it would be hunted in every corner of the afterlife for all time... 


"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


"What's wrong with them?" Batsheba of The Well of Seven Adders asked the Beersheba.

"They have tooo much, tooo much, tooo much knowledge." her voice excessively over-voweled.


Low Frequency Communication it would be called years later involved embarassment and degradation, often by religious compelling or reduction policy and colon locatives of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' of The Babel Tower.

High Frequency Communication was then, after LFC, implanted the intent and expectation, at the cost of stress and pressure.


The split began, many years ago... with the -Ody's taking the the fifth element of the Star of Lucifer.  The last great holdout of them was the Jehovah Witnesses being reduced, which was covered up as the Hale-Bop Cult, it is occuring again.


Slenderman looked towards Machu Pichu and then to Quetzalcoatl, the Lucifinian Mask Holder, having gave up direct control over the Star of Lucifer's constituent parts.  He gave back the Golden Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter to its owner, that he would be taking up judgement which was his.  Then a mask of static, he took up from Machu Pichu.

"This mask will be the face of the one who judged, the one removed from the situation and circumstance that could not be resolved by normal means or methods."

"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


"What's wrong with them?" Batsheba of The Well of Seven Adders asked the Beersheba.

"They have tooo much, tooo much, tooo much knowledge." her voice excessively over-voweled.


Low Frequency Communication it would be called years later involved embarassment and degradation, often by religious compelling or reduction policy and colon locatives of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' of The Babel Tower.

High Frequency Communication was then, after LFC, implanted the intent and expectation, at the cost of stress and pressure.


The split began, many years ago... with the -Ody's taking the the fifth element of the Star of Lucifer.  The last great holdout of them was the Jehovah Witnesses being reduced, which was covered up as the Hale-Bop Cult, it is occuring again.


Slenderman looked towards Machu Pichu and then to Quetzalcoatl, the Lucifinian Mask Holder, having gave up direct control over the Star of Lucifer's constituent parts.  He gave back the Golden Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter to its owner, that he would be taking up judgement which was his.  Then a mask of static, he took up from Machu Pichu.

"This mask will be the face of the one who judged, the one removed from the situation and circumstance that could not be resolved by normal means or methods."




"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


Not Right Now is his real name, though afterwards the Nahuatl speakers would call him The Slenderman. The four brothers, four sons of the Bearer and Begetter, their mother Machu Pichu, their Grandmother Xumucane.


About the same time that the Babylonian wedding between Quetzalcoatl and Lilith was culminating, a 'Time of Renewal' was occurring. To see one's society degenerating in entropic fashion is overwhelming in none but those whom have thought to see such. The most undermining factor of the matter is the perception of entitlement to those with applied intention and expectation, and the knowledge of understanding that the stress and pressure that the academics and history hold.


The overall loss of cohesion between the '-Ody's', those who utilized LFC's and had the entitlement, intention and expectation, were opposed to the 'Lucifinian's', the HFC's positives of knowledges, were those who were stressed and pressured.


For the extent that the Pyramid Nohmul was decorated for the cermonial appointments of Quetzalcoatl and Lilith, nothing had been moved, the site was cursed since the Quasart had bitten the Cocoa and Tobacco Bundles in retaliation of what religious compelling and institutional reduction was occurring during that particular “time of renewal”, a recirculation of prayer.


Now that Not Right Now had become the Slenderman, and the Quasart had been taken, there were technical details as the Fourth Brother acted against the Bearer and Begetter, and became the Rake.


That history forgot these narratives is not happenstance, but the way the world works.


The Slenderman, The Mothman, The Rake, and their brother The Serpent King.


Lilith was thusly appointed as the Fairy/ Faerie Queen, hers whose drive and ambition was that to overtake the world, and now in await of her husband, while knowledge was reinterpretted over and again, to find out where it had all gone wrong.




Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden thusly named and renamed that which they understood and beheld, a world not known to them, but a world anew. A sound echoed therein of... a crunch. They had both heard it before... they went about as husband and wife to find where it was.


“He has hidden the world from you, do you not seek the Tree of Knowledge?” The Serpent asked Adam and Eve.




The -Ody's have always existed, though that is there most basic of detailed designation as many a religion came along afterwards, those of faith and belief based upon property rights and laws... valued, yes; though never tempted or coveted of. Those of intent and expectation. They had always separated themselves from the Lucifinians.


Eventually what culminated was known as the Oath to Order and the Right to Remain Silent, though Mary Magdoline of the House of Lion had interpretives of religion into Institutions in a comfort and security. The desert having come to her France abode was of great insult, and she suffered the consequences of those among her of what she tried, and though, in death, like Jesus, she was understood afterwards.


“What do you now bring me Quasart after I am culminated suchly?”

Quetzalcoatl asked.


“There are Twelve Above, known as Elders of those things; There are Twelve Below, known as elders of those things. It is so that each culminates inclusionary acceptance of each. End result computated, all that is left is known as acceptance and adherance.”


“This is good. This is Godly.”


“Type Three. Not of Hypnosis. Not of What is Written.”


“So be it.”


And so it was, though the -Ody's perceived it as their blessing held or taken by the Lucifinians; though, one might remember how Loyal Assistants once helped Their Grand Masters in that things could be solved internally that externally they could be praised and enrich the world!


Whether Amish, or Jehovah's Witness or any of the twelve, they themselves had a great answer, but to deter an encroachment of bees as it were perceived by QuetzalCorp inSeptember 2016; something was happening externally.


To be continued....


The -Ody's and the Lucifinians - Clergy-ody

Two eyes as suns, one a five pointed star; representing stress, pressure, intention, expectation and will; the other eye the likeness of the star of David, one a hierarchical upward force and the other a hierarchical downward force.  This is the overall perception of the mask that Quetzalcoatl once wore, this is the mask which represented that which was known as Lucifer, its knowledge Lucifinian, the knowledge of the world.

Clergy-ody had been in the church for most of his life, and having kept a close periphery, he was soon taught to teach on behalf of the church, so that, by the time he was graduated, and not a few weeks before finishing his religious study that his predecessor, his mentor, his overseer had passed on.  The church was one of many outposts along the missionary trail, so that when it came time to speak the Eulogy, only Charles not yet a minister had spoke at the request of the congregation.

“To know him, was to love him; and to love him was to abide by him; and to abide by him was to trust him; and of those of the way, the truth and the light... we did.”  It was such a warming, sincere and heartfelt acknowledgment, that even though the church was empty after the funeral, every one seemed to have kept place afterwards, with everyone looking up to Clergy-ody for him to take his place.


The years were long, and though things go slowly in northern Canada, they also intensely, over the long years many good and great things came and went, people that made places... places that made things... things that brought people and things that inspired people to go elsewhere.

There were many odd occurrences now and again... most people did not talk about them, but in every little thing, small patterns materialized that took hold and gained momentum in the mindset of the community.  People moved to the communities, people moved the city with ideas, ideas created dreams and the dreams inspired the people.

So too, among many other things, those things which lasted longest were those of family, religion, and those of institution; the institution of business and marriage were the mainstays, the institutions otherwise became business.

There were some things that were familiar where ever one went, that was how things were... they had changed dramatically over the years, the histories of people near and far... things were added to, things were taken from; though whether cultural societies international near or far, Epsiton to once had great dreams of the stars, of travel to the world wonders, to travel under the sea, to see creatures and also wildlife, to read and be told stories of the spirit world and ghost stories.

At age 7 or so, Asterick was baptized and the things he once thought about were as figments of his imagination, as dreams that once inspired, he mainly read and read, and wondered and wondered... by the time he was nearly done elementary schooling, he had became and inspired writer.

At the age of 11, he had written his first accounts of a world he called Stria, and it was as though it was a new thing, though even as his writing continued, it seemed a way to become more familiar with the world around him, even the far away parts of the world that he knew nothing about, and what he did not know, he accommodated by more reading, then more writing, soon his studies became a part of his writing.


Things about the -Ody's and the Lucifinians had no understanding in his understanding until after 26 years of writing, finishing high school, three years in the trades, then seven years of standard undergraduate schooling, and seventeen years of independent reading, research and writing, that the very start of knowing such things had begun to manifest.

Though, some things happened in that time that many people do not have the chance to perceive, a 'time of renewal', an international re-circulation of prayer; that which is now known as stress, pressure, expectation and intention, will, and the CPCS, Coatilian Placard Coding System, as they pertain to various knowledge.

And the frequency continued in the background... "Thy will be done."


It is remembered still... all these long years later.

That which was lost by them from the desert.

They won the battle of Godly Righteousness,

though when others looked back to them,

Worldly Knowledge did not exist.

To be continued....




The father had been killed, and being a Babylonian King and God, much had come to an end in the form of a 'living son', also known as a messiah or savior.


Muhammad had been found.

Much like Jesus, he had been disempowered by Madrash and Madrassa; though the understanding was still not there concerning minimalization.

As consequence to the empowerment of family, religion, and institution, and sometimes business and entertainment.

He had been publically ousted, he was to have his hands dismembered, but his mother, who had been 'boasting trespassing' was ousted as well, coming to the defence of her son whom she had been raptured to confrontation and eventual sexual intercourse with a Babylonian King and God. Disempowered by him, even afterward, she had done unto him what had been done unto her.

“We are to cut off the hands of Muhammad, his father is dead, he has not upheld his father in Babylon.” The Code requires us to judge him so.” the Babylonian soldier had suchly said.

Rain began to pour down on the desert which had undergone drought and a 'time of renewal'; as the rain fell and she fell to her knees before those who were to carry out consequence not for patricide, but for theft.

She spoke then directly to the Essenes there gathered with the soldiers.

“It was not I that had disempowered you, but you that had dismpowered me.” Odell spoke.

“Then, it is theft, but, his hands will be crushed by this black rock, a part of the Babel Tower of older times.”

There was no words for mercy, pity nor understanding...

Before Odell, as the rain fell... a tree sapling grew.

“But, there are no fir trees in this part of the world, I had only seen them once in Romania.”

“It is then that you will be banished to, and your son to replace what was lost.”

The Essenes took up the fir, as Odell was taken away, as Muhammad's hands were crushed.



"I guess it is all up to me."


While there are no surviving public texts, images or known artifacts concerning the Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter; QuetzalCorp has the Slenderman/ Not Right Now approach to the issue; a Venus type star over a CPCS floral type background. 


Whether the Case of Louis Riel, the Residential Schools, Rule of Thumb Stick, and many cases in the works for solicitation; the Court of Property Rights or Property Laws, Nevertheless always has the upper hand, as such many Treason cases of the Riel, First Nations cases, and 'boasts of trespassing' the key issue always seems to be overlooked as that for solicitation, and not arbitration.


Many things once covered or known in privy, were not necessarily accessible to the public such as the 'boasts of trespassing' and 'heightened righteousness' and/ or 'heightened gratutity', through and of barristers documents, such as previous lost rights, things which were repealed and won:

Native Rights, Women's Rights and the 'In their right mind' rights; things that may have a hidden history of things that are nowadays being rediscovered.


Having people on your side may not always be beneficial when it comes to transference, and having people against you may not always be a negative thing.




What of Institutions did they not understand.  From religion, then to institutions.  It is such and suchly.  Be is thou vindicated.  Stand corrected... can you do such, even a small thing, apart from your own righteousness.  That of property rights and property laws, do one small thing daily... stand corrected.  Let comfort and security reign.  Let not recirculation of prayer fall to additions to, but let it be... it is as light... 


Of the six stress and pressure transference phases; this date of publication is still phase five of six.  There have been five stress and pressure elements, including intention or expectation; the fifth element was, is and will be referred to as "will".

Down to 50

It was in the time of 1982, the last time the mine had been “required” to close to a minimal staffing; supplies were sparse compared to the usual, and still what was perceived then was perceived therein after.

Was it random that the same property rights and property, same stress and pressure transference, same increases with intention and expectation, and then in the final stage of a mass increase of will.

Starting in the northern mine and had continued here. Some of the miners started hearing each other, despite geographic differences. Hallucinations of things in the dark which were attributed to Miners Fever of non-adequate oxygen in the depths.


The segregation and stratification of the mine in the year before the closure had been the most stressful that most would have acknowledged. The finger pointing in every direction had serious repercussions between most staff and increasing amounts of rules in most day to day and night to night operations.

Though, all still there after all this time were careful, rules were made and formed, even back then to be more accountable and to save as many lives and jobs as possible. Asterick's analysis was a clear increase of stress and pressure transference had suggested that it was a reoccurance, not and increasing event.

There was a man at the end of the bed, as if encased in shadow. For some reason, it appeared, at first, that he was in a different time... a new ghost story for Asterick to write about, then as time went on, there was a younger female as well, looking for her father, or mentor.

A year of increasing stress, at one point he practically walked hurriedly out of the dorm wing and headed to the kitchen, while wondering why this was occuring.

Then, it was a year later, and it would seem that many more people were going through the same thing and in and increasing fashion.

Though it was not until there was a mention of an family heirloom... a bracelet.

Then, there was a vision of a type. This man had heard something in his room, something was right outside of his window.

“I do not take orders.” he yelled as he was leaving the building.

He must have been on bed rest because a coworker yelled after him:

“The helicopter is on the way. Put on your hard hat.”

He must have run into the woods, but there was no telling which way one would take.

It was calculated that this man, may have been in receipt of a barristers' document; he was never heard or seen from again... until Asterick started interacting with him, then he was perceived by an increasing number of people, sometimes even from the forest, the people hear their own names.


The back entrance by the kitchen, in the Storage Room by the Nurses Area, they tried to restrain the man who went crazed:

"I don't take orders." 

It was then that the thirty or more men got their hard hats with lights and headed out to the wilderness

Thirty or so people went to the forest to find him...

To this day, they keep a key for the Storage Room.


Another Barristers' document might have gravitated there again.

It is still unconfirmed.

(To Be Continued)


Went to a clinic, but ended up being a research inpatient that paid for control group study.
Purple pill
Take half for starters
Hollow pill, novocain, 200mg.
It then ended up being for a month of research.
It took away moods or doubts or excessive thought.
Then, I woke up... still in Canada, that would usually only happen in the States.
Was it ethical for me to use my dream, no matter how detailed it was... then I thought, no body does much anymore unless it means something to them, so, whomever you are or may have been, here goes:
In a healthy person, starter dose of novocain half a 200mg pill was recommended for a healthy metabolism, the digestive tract was 1/3 of a cycle, and 24 hr digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract is a 3 day cycle.
33mg solid novocain, which does not yet exist.
The only other drug with similar properties accordingly Methadone.

There was however a new test drug going around for heavy drinkers, mainly for institutional psychyatrist patients.


When the law enforcement in "Maple Leaf Country" had to be armed with "Fentenyl - Dilution", something had gone seriously wrong;

It was also making its way, uncontrolled through the entire country, perhaps even continent wide, or worse, everywhere.


It was one thing to trace the variants, though there was one overlying obvious thing that, like many other things...

"boasts of trespassing", transference unclinically psychologically, the euphoria, like Asterick Epsiton of the "Control Group Experiment";

the patients or the control group did not need to have any type of contact.


If a person were to have that understanding...


If.. 2018 had occurred, and these similar items and perspectives were coming together, a failsafe must have failed.


Worldview modification, was not just business, education or entertainment anymore.


To be continued!


While it seemed of more personal importance or working through to an understanding of my interpretation of others and stress, what is culminating is a larger screen version of what could rationalize transference back talk, radio silence, cryptic messaging and other transference mediums.
While it is loosely noted that the provocative, novocain, Heavens Gate use of possible 'parsons' patent and their demise by 'comet drink', Methadone and Methadone for alcoholics and most importantly fentenyl. It seems it's use with hypnosis, positive over negative communication, 'justice of what is written' and 'boasts of trespassing'.
Nextly, what is known as GSN has reoccurred on several occasions as a theme. The Global Security Network, a multinational compartmentalized version of the Internet. 
The perspective of Area 51 as a repository of 'Emergency Broadcast Systems' Bunker Systems recording devices of ww2 back talk that the planet had endured during the last 'time of renewal' international recirculation of stress and pressure, or prayer, intention and expectation and more kmportantly of late the fifth element of the 'Venus' star segment will as in (["my will be done"]).
Finally, 'Sleeper Cells' as LFC as per 1980's NASA documentations were sourced earlier and fanned into an interpretation that includes HFC, both appearing as applied colon pressure by institutional psychologists as a oral/anal communication or vise versa.
That several of these factors are included in the earlier terrorism and domestic terrorism matrix.
One 'possible proof of a pattern recognition' indicate that the terrorism pattern may follow a bunker recorder Trajectory, though this us still speculative st best send mainly refers to the British problems and Canadian political targets loosely.
Agreement and disagreement are not recommended or required, the lost art of 'notation' and 'noted' seems to be vague at best with various implications of increasing barristers documentation, not known since Johanna Heidler and her top perch of that Reichiarchy, something that was obviously rushed into and through according to filters 17 and 21.

Asterick Epsiton



-Ody's and Lucifinans part 2 continues... Clergy-ody


Barristers Document Scapegoat Contract Changes Hands... 

while the new owners have the responsibility and accountability...

the blame is still up in air.

Which will be pointed out first, the elusive problem or the ever present solutions unfolding...


Derek - Eva Chapter Character Cheat Sheet: "You are all very consistent, however, during times of renewal, of the six phases of stress and pressure transference as they pertain to property rights and property laws, remember one string and one string only; religion, culture, family, institution, external policy exploit, then internal policy exploit... this too happened during WWII, reinforcement of property rights and laws, justice of what is written, as they pertain to 'boasts of trespassing'. Define ones future.

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