Arbitration Model – Overlooking Barristers Documents and Solicitation



The “Ellenoir – Eva Chapter Collection” of “Paradox” page

Has gathered more information concerning (W) and (X), (Y) and (Z).

According to the sciences involved:

(W) is the boaster of trespasses which solicits with reduction policy, religious compelling or religious persecution which replaces The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Her husband, (X), then would be the Defender against encroachment.

The backtalk appointed of the backtalk appointer, infracting the Right to Remain Silent or Oath to Order, as per Low Frequency Communication would be (Y) and the High Frequency Communication sometimes by (Z).



Due to the nature of these events,

SWAT team is recommended for apprehension as it lies outside of property rights and property laws, beyond family, religion and institutional.


The extended coordination of this research includes and demerits many other researches including but not limited to PTSD, DAF, NASA’s Low Frequency Communication, Gangstalking or E-Stalking, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Starlight Tour Men(denoted variables of WXYZ) a possibility of Infectious Disease product of COOTEES, Cytoplasmic Oxygen Obtained Testosterone Equalized Elevation System of Backtalk Appointees.


“As per loss of rights, women, natives and mentally ill utilized, in canada specifically, boasts of trespassing and solicitation by religious compelling and reduction policy, many via barristers document.
The Ellenoir Eva chapter inspiration, is still the main target for national security and international shame, as per her appointment as replacement of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms.
The reason this is crucial is the backtalk element and it's religious compelling, reduction policy consequence of appointees, appointed and appointers of this form of pulling into sight misuse.
Where this may become a national security threat is the transferability to the united nations to reinforce intellectual property rights and laws, copyrights, patents, patent pending and all rights reserved.
Normally, this functionalism, might be usefully exploited, though in extreme capitalist exploit of republican/conservative over democracy over communism.”


“Level 1 - Wards of State - Receives reduced sentences as 'confrontation scenarios' are organized externally.
Level 2 - Wards of State - The most active of the three, due to high turnover, literary devices are the most intense for the 'boasters' who have little understanding.
Level 3 - Wards of State - Prostitutes, Drug Addicts, Methadone Users, otherwise known as 'grinders', they 'reduce' others acceptably to stay alive, always of want of 'life-force.
All three usually utilize the 'Quetzal Corp’s Filter System 1-138', 'boasts of trespassing', 'justice of what is written' and those literary devices as malfunctions for 'ritual' exploit' of 'conformity' as per 'Merton's Deviance' “


 "Boasts of Trespassing"

Loss of rights of natives, women and intellectiual abilities boasting trespassing daily and religiously compelling and reduction policy;
in canada specifically, rule of thumb stick to curb chastisement, residential school and stoney mountain penitentary, opposite of the international holocaust of "boasts of trespassing" of " forms of pulling into ones sight" for reduction, which were primary factors of holocaust grave ditches when combined in penal or institutional forms, also known as "death camps" when combined and brought more pressure to LFC and HFC communication, known as the Emergency Broadcast System.


That those who with eventhe best intentions, who have already boasted trespassing, have, for a commission, infracted already that which was to be for an arbitration,others though who solicit, have come upon infracting non-commission called suchly solicitation and should not be allowed to proceed at all, in greatest of hope, because only greater solicitation and more 9-1-1 phone calls or derivatives of justice of what is written would only greater solicit and undo any good than that which may have been hoped, judicial fallacy most false of righteousness, and the culmination of that which saith which, hearsay or in worse, treason which incur institutional hostility type 3.  


"Backtalk Fallacy"

Solicitation, the one who is disempowered in a non-oral communication method is disempowered anally, of stress and power transference; that, the one whom is empowered in a non-oral communication method is empowered anally, of stress and power transference. Therefore, arbitration is recommended for commission use, that barristers and solicitation is highly recommended externally and objectively.  Because, further abuse of Barristers Documents and Solicitation and said consequences do, thow out the best for worst, and institutionalization incurrs.

Furthermore, the process of 'backtalk' is a formula as such, that one will boast trespassing, it is viewed or experienced as encroachment, it is experienced or taken as 'backtalk' due to solicitation in some cases, that has the potential for reduction policy or religious compelling in violation of the 'canadian charter of rights and freedoms'.  Then, in confrontation scenarios there are either those effected or affected determined by intention and expectation, or stress and pressure, which can be, unfortunately, modified by will via external coordinators.


"Boasts of Trespassing"

Loss of rights of natives, women and intellectiual abilities boasting trespassing daily and religiously compelling and reduction policy;
in canada specifically, rule of thumb stick to curb chastisement, residential school and stoney mountain penitentary, opposite of the international holocaust of "boasts of trespassing" of " forms of pulling into ones sight" for reduction, which were primary factors of holocaust grave ditches when combined in penal or institutional forms, also known as "death camps" when combined and brought more pressure to LFC and HFC (NASA) communication, known as the Emergency Broadcast System.


"The Three Interpretations of Backtalk Signified"

Backtalk Appointer, Backtalk Appointed and Backtalk Appointee; The first is the Appointer of the other two,The second is the one who is actively backtalking aberratives of the 'canadian charter of rights and freedoms, in short the freedom of religion, thought, expression, etc'.  The third is as the 'scapegoat', the 'Jesus', the 'deconstucted' is the one being reduced, blamed, religiously compelled, disempowered, name being utilized by the court of property rights and laws, reinforcement of property rights and laws, positive and negative etc.


"Police Science"

On occasion, there are people who want access to QuetzalCorp research, and will go to any lengths and depths to get those researches and/or projects; which comes upon the next major topic: Police Science.

What is police science? Put simply, it originates with arts, science, history and the like, remove the ethics and morals, add property rights and property laws.


Barristers Documents and the use of Intimidation, is in no way a forgotten form, one that has been used multiple times in the use of co-ordination of 'demonic latent attacks', the use of the 'creation of sin', the use of 'casting of sin', and the generic exploit of property rights and property laws, pathological lying, and its circumstantial and situational use to scapegoat as per the above formula, along with Judicial Fallacy which was the resultant death of the Four Brothers: Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and James the Older, and the Shadowing of Quetzalpapalotl, until these things were as such written.


Of Intelligence Agencies were meant for one thing; to govern the actions of those known as courts of property rights and property laws; also the reinforcement of property rights and property laws, both, with positives and negatives.

Feb 09 2017

Rationale: That colonoscopies accompany those two previous things.


INT. Copyright 2017



Follow-up Section 1


Outsourcing Solicitation

A review of speech pathology reports and rationale has uncovered a growing trend not known since the loss of rights by what can be designated as disabled people being utilized for phoning "justice of what is written" for solicitation type reduction,aka religious compelling or institutional reduction.  This subgroup of peoples have been increasingly utilizing "track changes", a type of colon locative based corrections original to "boast trespassing", "backtalk appointer" and "backtalk appointed" reduction and "institutional reduction" with a cross-reference point of "fentenyl" or "methadone" as a secondary reference to offset stress and pressure.  This would be known as "conformity based ritualism, and ritualism based conformity" in advanced police sciences.


There are various rationales by the affected and the offended, that includes gratuities, heightened gratuities, payments and negative behavior based payoffs.


This comes only days after the release of QuetzalCorp's own Arbitration Model which overlooks a entropic based barristers document opposite of coordinated solicitations and their like.


Follow-up Section 2


Loss of Rights

As per the loss of rights of natives of Canada, women of Canada and the mentally ill or disabled of Canada, one can formulate why loss of rights occurred across the country when people get together to solicit utilizing 9-1-1, operator, or public record complaints which leave law enforcement, first responders and emergency service operators reducing the public based on the sympathy of trespassers, when this conformity based reduction meets with approved barristers documents, the chain reaction, not known since the WWII and Holocaust timeline internationally, or the residential school, Stoney Mountain Penitentary, or more generally and generically in Canada, the “rule of thumb-stick – to curb chastisement” is portrayed as an unknown, unaccountable social injustice, to something explainable as a chain-reaction of “boasts of trespassing”, barristers document approved and accelerated opposite of solicitation problem across the board.



Follow-up Section 3


Loss of Knowledge

As per Merton's Deviance, the loss of knowledge pertaining to Police Sciences, was specifically removed, one might imagine, due to the various tones of cult, occult and ritualism which interacted with the property rights and property law based stress and pressure transference of the law enforcement which when coupled with the conformity aspects of their profession.


Follow-up Section 4


As per older legalistics not portrayed in a modern interpretation, the act of squatting as a form of solicitation, goes against advise at the onset of MMAW initial study of non-solicitation because it is not following a commission type approach of arbitration which overlooks the problem areas of barristers documents, aka 'jury of ones peers' or solicitation, aka to deplete a party, person or thing - which, is at the base of previous laid-out problems, which culminates into administrative and subversive-supportive problems.


Follow-up Section 5


As per other barristers documents, such as those theoretically reproduced from past institutional occurances such as those which fall in the realm of family, religion and institution, of use in the period of time stress and pressure transference phase 5, the external policy exploit.  Past occurances include the labelling of the "heathen", or the ones who had called themselves "the devil", it is during this time that those "jury of one's peers" barristers documents would have re-emerged as an "I told you so" deconstruction, that settlement monies had these type of entropic bases that whether any agreement had been made between various parties, the stipulations would begin.


Follow-up Section 6


Pre-Death Camps, Death Camps and Public Humiliation and Intimidation


As with Stress and Pressure Transference during WWII, The Dirty Thirties Scapegoat Contract, The Holocaust, Residential Schools, Stoney Mountain Penitentary, or Rule of Thumb-stick To Curb Chastisement; "Boasts of Trespassing" always become more useful before they become crimes against humanity, increasingly legal, before outlawed due to international scrutiny, more business and well intentioned, before the genocides,atrocities and sex offences start of torture of stress and pressure transference of colon aggrevation towards, murder, suicides, genocide, crimes and eventually war... The DAF satallite technology was here before... that ended at Hiroshima and other places.



Now With Follow-up Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Follow-up: "Most decided to join behind the barristers document or solicitation groupings... most partook or observed, Who would be able to take up the MMIW/G/STGU/STRLGTT/BKTK(3) research. Nevertheless defined: "Any Crown, provincial or federal 'rights' or 'righteousness' "justice of what is written" "public record" or the like is seen by the Crown, ie. number of phone calls to 9-1-1 or Street Gang Unit Administration.  

“Trespassing Boasts” to public record in society as outsourced solicitation

                Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls who “Boast Trespassing”

                Starlight Tour Men who “defend against encroachment of property rights and laws”

                                Based on other’s “Boasts of Trespassing” and “backtalk perception”.

                “Backtalk perception” as it pertains to The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

                Street Gang Unit Administration Federal, Provincial, and Civic as secondary “Boasts of

                                Trespassing” private public records based on property rights and property laws.

                The privatization of “Street Gang Unit Administration” to civic workers retiring.