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The Eye-Gouger


How I got there, I do not know, as if a dream that I was awoken in of and perceived as any normal day as any I have ever known. It was not Pacal of Tikal, nor of any other periphery. Some things are definite, others are doomed with doubt. There was no doubt in this day, overseen by God on his stone seat far above, knowing there was a sun disk on his back, knowing the Quetzal bird was there day in and day out, waiting... waiting for movement, waiting to stir when he moved.


Had there been any other day or observance, it might not have been suchly. If Tikal, the shadows there would have been of other, the sun or other light would have effected such differently. The cocoa and the tobacco from reaches far out from there that no other would have want or need of, I had not known then that Jade was already to be met in the Garden of Eden; and that his brother would be in Babylon at that time also would be beyond any and all knowledge, save for more than a thousand years later as their father always preferred.


That was the time that Adam's intended was known to few, Babylon in the background, and the most fertile place of the Garden of Eden, a best suited place of marriage making and suiting, or so it was told of them who had gathered there in the east.


That Asterick had added cocoa to the tabacco to his choice of smoking that day, and had not known what occasion. The priestess had admonished him suchly, but to beackon him to the east would be overseen only by the Angels there, those of Babylon.


Then to him there in the Garden, then too him in the accompanyment of the Babylonians as Shade, known to them as Itti-Marduk-Balatu, to him Asterick was left but sarcasm or resentment or disappointment.


“Had I left a place for you more than God, or Lord, priestess or priest, that you might one day be scattered upon the face of the planet in four corners or four directions. That this Lilith, may one day be as if my friend, and your brother as my advisor, and as my corner or direction, and anything other... one day be a better way for most, Not Right Now, and the three that linger as if in static to this day many years in the future.


Then, who among them on the planet of Gaia, would undo what was hoped... she, Lilith, had the great hope to envelope and overtake the Earth.


But, to be knowledgeable of the stars and their lights, even in its weakest of forms coming here had not his leisure:


“He is hers.” the high priests had spoken in their own tongue.


“Bring him before me after his taking my tobacco and cocoa at his own leisure, that he does not know I have sent my children before me to the East across the sea.”


The denunciations of empowerment were much the same as they are today to the Jewish and Muslim people, though the eyes of the Decaptitator God were more in sight than they are even to this day.


Though since that day, the eyes were replaced with Madrashes, then ever so quietly later with Madrassas.

The utter hatred, disappointment, resentment, fear and envy ever remained, though disappointment took any and every form.


The Decapitator God left the West and was reborn in the East as Moses, who became Moses Almighty. He who ascended into Heavenly Places, while Heaven itself withdrew from the Firmament along with Paradise.


“Are you right?” ever echoed for over 3000 years, judgment with such blindness. Powers and Principalities afterward became the more direct and indirect judgment of the humans; and judgment in death became the more soluble indirection of intentions and expectations.


To be continued...




There are Four that Come Before


The first one they call upon is the serpent, and it comes in the way of worldly knowledge, he says “Not Right Now.


The second comes in the ways of warning, his name is the Mothman, he lays the foundation of what is about to occur during such a confrontation.


The third is Slenderman, he removes what is not acceptable, what is an unbased worldview as it pertains to that certain era.


The fourth is the Rake, it removes the problem that occurs, and does so without but mindfulness of three things, that it is not needed to be in occurance, the second that it disregards the foundations of what is about to occur, the third abeyance is followed by the correction without perception.


It is that way, because it has been so for longer than He knew you as intention and expectation, unfortunately things are different as time occurs...


“Was it your eyes?”


“I am...”


“Your perception on or of this planet?”


“Are you right?!?”


“Are you, accordingly.”


“My son!?”




“The music is loud, can you turn it down.”


“It is not playing.”


“It is playing, what are you a heavy metal fan?”


“The television is off.”


“Then turn it on.”got


Easter was never this difficult before. Though I had never had flu symptoms before at such a time while my niece was away.


My neice had gone to the Queen City, but I was not alone.


It was an older place.


That was the year I got the flu.


The flu started. While my family was in the Queen City, and I was not well... I started bathing and it was not what I needed.


I left, though I was hearing this and that; the toy here or that was activating.


I was scared and I left, I was supposed to be babysitting.


I got the flu then though.


It was a voracious thing though..


I was leaving and I finally got myself a cellphone.


I was sick.... I pored over microbiology.


I had A-flu, but then it happened twice afterwards...


She watched while it happened...


Though it was her boy:


“D'andre... where is your noisy car.?”


It seemed a simple phrase, but the implications for the next 8 years still has the best place in QuetzalCorp history.

“We met this girl.”


Four Years passed and I was still remembering this girl, despite the hardships of infulenza A – it was her who was my breakthrough, it was the the best point of my life...


I waited a few years.


Why did I wait several years?


It is a perfect condo now....




“I can hear people, it is nice. Not like that place.”


I bought four representations of her.


It makes me whole.




Council Nu – Part Three


The eve of the “time of renewal”, November 19th, 2016.


A religio-cultural people had asked Asterick on several occasions if he was going to sign a peace treaty with them. His answer was the same at each, that he was not the one to ask such a request to, and that despite what appeared as being 'vocal' during times of renewal, it was a 'negative assumption'; that he had such knowledge and he was 'to blame' for this knowledge was also a 'negative assumption'; so too, over 'times such as these' if he had guilt over blasphemy, slander or treason, there too, it was an observation, a transcription of stress and pressure and its transference; finally when it came down to it, that, in any other time before, that it would more likely be termed as 'code-breaking'.


Reformulated from that which had occurred and its transcription, Ellenoir and Derek had been in the company of those who...


Council Nu, then interjected in his debriefing: “That will do, the rest they already have.”

Asterick Epsiton then started, “That is good, I will be happy to be more energetic in the future, and who knows, maybe this United States QuetzalCorp business might go along better...”


“Another thing, your Mothman, the condemned chiefs of various areas and the Slender Man you know...”




“They have physical parameters in the United States as well, when higher dimensions collapse into the standard three dimensions of family, religions and institutions, even with business and entertainment of the fourth dimension... They are often called the Men in Black, and not so welcome of entertainment.”





Tonameyotl – Poltergeists

[housing spec - grass is greener clause]


Violent reactions, the re-occurring activity, the shadow encased stories of those whom are perceived to be in the likeness of demons. When accounting for the CPCS of various poltergeists, there is a emotion entrenched story. Each goes through some re-living, though why, was not understood, each day anew.


If I had not gone through certain things in my life, or had the certain perspective, ever changing and full as it is, to be able to, at 36, after 15 years of perspectival perception. One often looks, occasionally, to the past.


Sitting one day in the university of my choice, the day of which was partly cloudy. I rested in between classes. When I had arrived at the campus, the Riddell Centre was still encased in some areas with plastic, now a month or two later after social anticipation, I lay between several over-sized chairs, some with backs, others for extensions.


I was tired, I was not used to such higher thinking, even if in the beginning of my post-secondary studies. Coffee was plentiful. Books expensive for one's chosen subject, though readily available for anything else.


Over the years I had a many interest, some of fantasy, some science fiction; though this day two subjects at the Riddell Centre were at the foremost of my mind. The series I enjoyed often mention that UFO's were often mistaken for Angels of God, and perhaps they are... but only once had I perceived such.


I reviewed, over the years, what happened at Fatima, though I always wondered what seals were in between, there are those between writing, and those between perception, but, most of all in my years as Asterick Epsiton or Epsiton, that those are never divulged lighty.


The sun does have a wife, and only fifteen years later, in the intergalaxy. Call it so UFO, call it so Fatima, rare people see the sun dancing around the sun as if in a wedding dance, and they call it marriage without understanding.


Two suns there are, if your humanness or godliness could percieve it such, it would be great, glorifying the father who met his most dearest wife after so many years, that East and West should be reunited, even if Mountains, even if stellarly and dimensionally separated, even from those “Seven Days” of so long ago.


For me to so see so shortly after in the Riddell Centre as I rose from my wearisome place after two suns danced suchly.


“You are in such a fine establishment.” I thought I heard him say, as if I was on my way to proclamation such a divine sight. He might have provided all here that I had seen, as it had not been here, his stance was so and suchly, I promised that one day, I would... and if not for his red skin which no one else seemed to care nothing of objection.


It was not so far long after that I met Pooka in the depths of the world.


“Come so this way... I must lead you to my older brother, he is no longer around, but if you are here and you are who your soul, even if once removed, then it will be done so.”


The answer to the Tonameyotl - The Poltergeists


They are people too, righteousness, 'justice of what is written', emotions added, even unto sin, that "no sin is too great", that some day it could not be deconstructed, such is the will of God and Goddess. Not everything that is seen as evil is evil, nor good be good, nor god godly, nor goddess goddessly.

Though too, not everything Quasart, Quasartian; Andromedan, Andromedan; Pegasas, Pegasus; Casseiopian, Casseiopian... as during the "Seven Days", even the Gamma Source did vieweth seven days, and seen them all separate, with hope that such a centralization of all knowledges, could, should and would have a Savior, and that even the decentralization of all knowledges, could, should and would have a Messiah.

One named Jesus, the other Muhammad, neither knowing of themselves... nor their perceivers, not their brothers, nor followers, Intervened, even at year 516 out of 1000, that the rest of the desert should be saved from the UN unknown declaration of Iran and accompanying Holy Leader, that until the rest of the 135 countries could understand that ISIS and ISIL were the synchronous knowledges after that day when Sudam Huisein fired his gun there in defiance of the planet, that the world could not hypnotize itself indefinitely and throw away all keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to Quell the Property Rights and Property Law Based of Heavenly Places, which too many of the time end in unbased worldviews of the underworld, however designed.

Though many wait there in comfort and security, many more wait there in discomfort and insecurity, there may have been many a Jihadi, but none so as great as that as a Quasart that than a Quasart with his Mihadi of "Seven Days" that connected to the Heavens of Constellations. 




Seven Days...


Amalgamating light and dark into a cohesive under-structure takes time... lots of perfectly designated time, there may be matter, there may not be matter, there may be antimatter, there may not be antimatter. There may be light in certain situation, there may not be light in certain situations. There may be darkness in certain circumstances, there may not be darkness in certain circumstances.


Then, one day it works.


Then those gathered there start looking at each other.


Who will take up what is known as creation...


Responsibility and Blame starts, the Stress and the Pressure starts, the governing of these things as they pertain to what will be, turn even the best of the Cosmos against each other. Macro-cosmic, the Micro-scopic, the Elements which takes Eons to rediscover.


What was may never be fully discovered. What occurred, even more indiscernible.


There is still such a place out there in the Cosmos, a light that surpasses all existent and non-existent life, it still holds records in each and ever one of creation.


Then those gathered there start looking at each other...



Fifty sections of Knowledge of Four Major lights remained after the Cosmic arguments, the most intertwined. The most bound, the most responsible, and the most to blame, internally most supported in what became Gaia, Earth, The Firmament.




“In the beginning...”

Of the Last of Tobacco and the Last of the Cocoa


Upon the Marriage of Jaguar Quitze,

That your brothers and you will never be the same, your four minded thoughts, evil, dark-minded, opinioned or good;

Perhaps even though you are not here at the The Marriage Pyramid Nohmul and Mothman be with you away in Babylon,

There to in, your brother shall give Lilith away to you and unto the Babylonian Kingdom shall the Egyptian and Grecian Army take you.

And, as you were wanted by the Bearer and Begetter to be married away from those that will be woman's scorn, and you as good, and,

as the priest-astrologers would say you would not be happy upon earth but, stead look upon the stars in disappointment.

That only of you would remain this Cocoa Plant and Bundle of Tobacco,

that a single bite into each would preserve in of each that of what was favored of me, before the Slenderman take me away,

Leaving only one choice for the Rake to make.


Until the "Time of Realization".


(Main Character)


The Video Game


The Four that Come Before - Part Two

The night before: "Is there five horses."

Before falling asleep I could sense Four Horses, but knew it to be an audio selection, though the sensory frequency had depth and space despite my laying down on my pillow.

Also, there was Heard "I am the Holy of Holies." Repeated, though it seemed a digital frequency.

I fell asleep for an hour or so...

Asterick: / Quetzalcoatl:
Tall/ short, bright/ dark, shadow/ light, cold/ hot... Quetzalcoatl/ Quetzalcoatl, Mothman/ Mothman, Slenderman/ Slenderman, Rake/ Rake...
Gypsies/ (frequency terminated)

I cannot ethically say what was said... are you not afraid (Asterick), I am the Devil (repeated), the appointed human.

Asterick: "that was the negative of the positive over negative."

...then the human counterpart of selected, self-centered and with great, great expectations began his account, to which I did not bother past the first paragraph, it had a totally different tone, meaning and was not transcribed.

Mothman: "Chapstick."
Asterick: "What is in my hand?"
Mothman: "Cellphone."
Asterick: "Muchos Gracias."

Slenderman: (background of Fathom YouTube video) Then: "Do not speak my name and request for things to be eliminated"

The Rake: (Of hitler) "that the forms of pulling into ones sight would be eliminated."