Main Character Perspectiva


At Epsiton


The nation and international does break under death and shock of intent, expectation, stress and pressure and that of will that afterward you save yourself, oh brother, Seraphim away with you with thought of and wind away with you, that the Metatron our father once defied. That, the Zephyr do still hold North is not so good, an Easterly Wind is good.


That a garden, not tended, of knowledge is that of such... The Garden of Eden was once such Plucked and Pulled. The reason you still live is still in such shock, that you are still not within your stock.


Accounting will biddith me and upon me that your own responsibility, with fail without, as you say, for blame and stock. It has been many years of without Hope, Grace and Valor, turn my gaze from the Inter-galaxy of what you once was true.


That Enmity that has no future, no truth and no vindication, that which you had bypassed in warning and fine-print, and all Promised Land Convictions of Intellectual Property, Copyrights, All Rights Reserved which bypass you...


Creative Commons was once your one companion, you know is not well for you if not Paradise is not known to even to the Devils Gate Dam, Even to the Holy of Holy of the Heavens Gate choir, do not boast trespassing they have saith in song, do not be tempted or confessed it be thee one, do not, foolish brother be in allowance and know and do no better than any and or all man.


Do not Tempt and then collapse all truth, light or ways and then wait...


Our Father watches you suffer and turn; and what you restrict and wait for permiss...


From this place which is heaven deep as hell.


You had once known it.


A place once in view of Heaven of pleading, that those there would throw money at you, but never to any avail. To have all and none care, to have nothing and.... nothing was more valued on onlookers. A place where nothing was known or heard; while the nothingness eats away at all your care, faith, belief, or that property or other was once your God.


Then, it becomes you, while your once goodness and being nice was there...

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