Most Projects are now in Archives for CPCS filtering and/or Pearlescent/ Institutional Integrative additives.  Serious inquiries only, as for the amount of translation or interpretation is excessive and required before integration to family, religion, institution or integrative property rights or laws, so on and so forth.


Barristers Document Theory of Demonic Possession for heightened gratuity as legal righteousness along with uncensored "justice of what is written.


The Pre-Hiroshima Device - DAF Amplification Reductions


While at one time, QuetzalCorp had advocated for the moderation and entertainment classification and use of this technology, its use, again, has become living and utilized separate insult to the very planet.


Anglican Layman Blessing


The marriages of the anglican layman blessed primary, in this case Evon-ody, seems to entertain or saturate her time with more negative stuff like demons and spirits than my website would, it would seem more out of chastisement than other people, but doing bad, then transfering this and others righteousness seems to be the way of control and institutional management that she employs, and has for a long time; my estimates is that Evon-ody has over 1000 laymen under her, in closing, I perceive that she and family may have an indeterminate week or so left, or at least her father, one whose predecessor was said by him: "To know him was to love him...". It is unfortunate I could not have the same blessing of viewpoint that this particular group has had, as the culminating barristers document and stress and pressure.

[this research as others is 'Notation Only' non-solicitable and non-further barristers document usable due to judicial fallacy]


As for the Barristers Documents, when cumulatively added to any area of society, the stress and pressure transference increases, requiring more exploit.


In other areas of "forms of pulling into ones sight" type solicitation came when a yet to be written Eva Chapter was to bring me to some clarification of past.  The Chiangi Account concerned a very elaborate median, it had gone through two drafts, the second of which was an expressed view into the consequence of those there and the blame of those who left; and while draft two had alluded to a still beautiful hotel-like atmosphere, and the person known to me who might sound like someone I knew or was with and was The Mothman, Quetzalpapalotl or also known as Shade.


This account was of the Base Filtration and Computing System that was introduced into the International Community in 2012, all at the same time with the paralell distribution going internationally, I was surprised to have no responses, and as QuetzalCorp and other sub-domains, I had found slowly and later was normal.


It was not until after I perceived an Asian or Chinese want for the Computer System of QuetzalCorp... was it overseas... was it my Uncle and his Son who wished to use it themselves.  After much stress and hope or intent of restriction, it was both.


I had deduced that the Chinese may have a want to restrict it at United Nations level, and as I reviewed the news, the USA and Chinese conflict was already underway.  I had asked a peripheral cousin to my Uncle and his Son in Calgary, that the younger, although had suffered a possible minor form of Acquired Brain Injury, but was far beyond any thought of coma.


The university level classes that the Son was taking were Computer Science based.


There were minor perceptions from them, and though I had no more than a Nintendo, the original carrying case from him my whole life, there seemed to be great expectations for all of that Computational Type Material.


Then, it dawned on me, his wife was from the Asian countries.  They were both older, spoke mainly their homeland language... perhaps that they had once been through one or more problems.  Perhaps it was as a foreign nationalist, one who could get into much trouble with Canadian quarantines during certain timeframes for "Boasts of Trespassing", "Justice of What is Written", and that perhaps when I was perceiving things Asian from elsewhere, it could be a positive over negative or negative over positive communication; for all I knew their solicitation in either direction as a foreign country or a family during a time of renewal.


The other option was much more coincidential and considered, perhaps the Aunt's parents were Chiangi-intended, and had been spared.  While it had been such a diverse issue, by this time of writing, I was glad I had a more closed approach and less outgoing Bearer and Begetter and CPCS, and more pleasantly, less emails and less balancing.