Main Character Perspectiva


What had occurred was immeasurable, two seemingly simple Belize Pyramid of Nohmul sacrifices; the first sacrifice of Cocoa, the second a Cigar... Quetzalcoatl and Lilith to be married, her from the Garden of Eden, the fertile delta south east of Babylon, modern day Uum Said.


Most visitors in the Mesoamericas were welcome there; and most priest-astrologers and priestess-astrologers also knew who to be warned of... though, the various of symbols which governed such, during the Bearer and Begetter separation from the Morning and Evening Star, and both being separated from CPCS, the Coatilian Placard Coding System.


One simple bite into each of the sacrifices of Cocoa and Cigar... had made all of the difference in all of firmament and the Heavens.


27 days later... [Due to the writing of "Seven Days" (ulfc)


The Serpent King bit the apple of the Tree of Knowledge.


When Xumucane agreed to end the Bearer and Begetter's life for Glorification unending, then her or themselves...

Afterwards, Beersheeba, walked to and fro, religious compelling and reduction policy against the Pharaoh,

further afterwards, Moses Almighty and Aaron Almighty, one who ruled in peace with the Ten Commandments from Her and Them,

The second, of Moses Almighty, who still preferred his Sharia Law and Amplification of Chastisement apart from him, until such things present pass. 


It may be better to those faithful to Pray to Aaron Almighty, of the Pharaohship of Heaven, after Egypt.

Perhaps, it was so, that after the Choirs of Heaven were gone from Heaven

Then, after;

That the Metatrons about Moses Almighty were too as nothing.

Those that knew truth, the way, the other....

The "Four Brothers That Came Before"

Not as the horsemen, but, beckoners of the past...

The Bearer and Begetter,

had given up CPCS...

So, too, should we...