*QuetzalCorp does not govern family, religion, institution, property rights or property laws, policy, procedure, practice or behavior, some exceptions apply, please contact for details.



QuetzalCorp will soon be business licensing and expanding into professional, academic, scientific areas more formally now that base parameters that cover interpretation of 10,000 years of miscommunication and understandings between "Paradise" and "Promised Land". Business phone will also be available, but forthe time being only the will be utilized.  No, there are no formal President, Vice-President or Managers for QuetzalCorp due to large array of knowledges, these areas are reserved for future computational models.  Further, due to complications with the current 'court of property rights and laws' and the 'reinforcement of property rights and laws', these changes may wait or delay by computed direction until the "Court of Kings Bench" officially opens. 


Blasar Incorporated


Contact for Utilization through partnershiping for degreeing or officiation.


Business Licensing is not required for the time being due to only digital content.  Business contacts are being considered for various areas.  Though forms of pulling into ones sight, solicitation, negation by public record use and or other track changes hypotheticals will not be considered.



*Accept no QuetzalCorp Use Permissions without fine-print inclusions that would, beyond a reasonable doubt, remove insult or injury. 

Negative News Now and Sub-domains are formulative, while BTSR seeks to be more formal than informal as the former two areas.

Quetzalcorp is an entertainment website with it roots in post-secondary education, academics, science, research, observation and experience. May not be utilized or reproduced in any way without prior approval by any person, place or thing; nor family, religion, institution or political body nor by or through stress and pressure.


Research Not To Be Utilized without proper business licensing and integrative officiation.

Please contact for integration or export of material for officialization or degreeing separtely so long as the entertainment/ research body remains intact; no "forms of pulling into ones sight".


Research Not To Be Applied Without Permission due to a Mufti blessing (Feb 2014), aka addition to International Recirculation of Prayer (Stress and Pressure) and additives of Religious Compelling, Reduction Policy and Chastisement and its necessary decompiling before Pearlescent additives to CPCS Particulates".


Data encryption of QuetzalCorp is a submerged extractable type literary device medium as a preventative acquisition measure.


**Communication Update Effective Immediately:

Quetzal Corp's Communication Budget only covers the following



-Phone if requested after filtering


-Second Life as AsterickEpsiton



**Only Those who are utilizing a Synergistic and Arbitrative Model whom are able to contact by email will be considered for Investments!



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Muchos Loco, Loco, Poko Loco, Perfecto! QuetzalCorp 2017


Knowledge, Understanding and the like move forward; Property Rights and Property Laws are corrected - This is the way, truth and light of the world.