Main Character Perspectiva




“My name is written in the wall under the stairs where your babysitter died.”




“What did you do?”


“I blessed you as an empty vessel for the Holy of Holy's at your auntie Rachel's request.”


“Oh! That's where the special needs babysitter from the Queen City comes in”:


Male Babysitter: “I need to get you to the United States... I will go pack for you!”


Jake had been able to bless the special needs babysitter.


Rachel, of course, denied it one minute.


Asterick would not know who the Holy of Holy's was until 2017, though the prominent presence had gone through any -Ody and any possible -Ody; The Heaven's Gate Cult of Santa Barbara, was extremely excessive in 'boasts of trespassing'.


Moreover, to Asterick himself, that any clergical doppelgangerism that he learned not to be swayed or betrayed, and that any possible negative perceived could easily be a manipulation.


“Still the question came, which it should:”


“Asterick you are not planning to do anything with Jake's blessing are you.”


“No, if its anything I have learned is not to boast trespassing, not to envy or covet. Instead to enjoy my own life and body, as I am no -Ody.”


Then, the next minute she, Rachel, would try again:


“I need that research, you are the body of my boyfriend, your niece is my intended body.”


Though every time it occurred, then it didn't or it changed. The single time there was evidence was several years before in 2012, when the phone call went to cellphone messenger to text:

“Hello it is Mary, Betty, Anne, Diane, give me a call back.”


When his other aunt arrived the babysitter was already struck dead in the street in front of the house:

“Asterick is standing at the top of the stairs.”


“Mary fell out of the bedroom window when the babysitter went to pack.”


“Where is your other sister?”


“Under the stairs.”


“What are you doing?” The aunt said to the younger sister.


“He said to stay under the steps, that something bad was going to happen, but I helped him get one of Mom's books on art... it had a mask of gold with a big smile on it. Then sister was screaming upstairs. Then, he shut the door.”


The sister and he went to check on the older sister. Epsiton looked quite comfortable upstairs. It was a moment later that what had scared the two who were upstairs appeared:


“The man from the dam,

he came so they ran.

He asked why I can,

So I told him a plan...”


Jake before leaving mentioned it was my choice whether I became the vessel of the Holy of Holy's of the Heaven's Gate cult, then looking at the Man from the Dam, "...or not."  But, one thing was clear... not to go looking for his dead body, but it was not on this property, only his name.