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Garden of Eden

Years ago, before the fall of man from the graces of God, in a place known as the Garden of Eden, Jade’s interest was captivated by the presence of a beautiful lady known as Lilith; and she had with her, her husband Adam. Of course at that time there was no gate around the garden, which was filled with wonderful fruits of all types, and in the center of the garden was one tree with the most fantastico, delicioso, excellente red apples that had ever been beheld on the face of the planet. Jade was not sure if it was God’s pride in the apples, in Lilith, or Adam; but whatever the case it caught his attention.


He transmorphed into a serpent and watched over Lilith and Adam from the apple tree, but tried his best to stay out of sight when God descended from the Heavens to see his good works. He bit each apple one by one, and afterwards it became known as the Tree of Knowledge.

One day as Adam lazed under the shade of a peach tree, stomach satisfied and needs satiated, Lilith caught a glimpse of the green eyes amongst the Tree of Knowledge. She left her husband’s side, which was quite uncommon, and came to see this creature which she did not recognize.


Jade slithered out onto the branch closest to beautiful Lilith and asked her about her deepest dreams and desires, what was on her mind, what she worried about, how she felt, something that never occurred to Adam. After that day emotions were created in the heart, mind and soul of Lilith.


Afterwards there was no pleasing her, and neither Adam, God, nor any of the angels could make her happy or quell the desire that had been sparked.


She was sent away to the west, and there afterward became the Queen of the Faeries. Adam was put to sleep, his memory erased, and Eve was created, a fortress was erected around the Garden of Eden, and two angels posted at the gate, and on each corner.


However, Jade had come out of a hole in the ground from the negative levels and soon enough made his way back to the Tree of Knowledge to tempt both Eve and Adam, afterward cursed with emotions. Before they had talked freely with God without objection, feeling, ill-will, or reaction; afterwards they anticipated his reactions, thought as he did, and reacted defensively.

They were cast out from the Garden of Eden and the garden was hidden from the world, never perceived again until the days of Epsiton.


After some 6000 years of not being discovered, Epsiton was lead by the mask of Quetzalcoatl to the Garden. On the other side of the world at Aten Ha a multi-religious earthly escape vessel was created in the form of a spiritual sarcophagus.


Epsiton entered the Garden of Eden and began collecting the fruit of each tree, but the mask had advised him to retrieve the apple last. When the apples were plucked, a hoard of angels chased after Epsiton who reentered the hole and travelled through some 100 or more negative dimensions, each one adding more angels to the chase as the fallen had been placed one on each negative dimension, most of which were inaccessible to modern man since the centralization of Jesus on the surface and Lucifer on the negative levels.


Funny side note, when Jesus came to earth to forgive the sins of man, he inadvertently erased the memory and sub-conscious of the positive levels, each of which fell into forgetfulness as his presence spread to the four corners of the world; Most directly the memories of the Babylonians, of which Herod was part of, he who wanted the end of the Savior, even if as a child; however, the three wise men, a.k.a. the magi, a.k.a. Melchoir, Belthasar, and Caspar convinced Herod that Babylon would not be overthrown by Yeshua. Their temple can still be viewed in the deserts of Africa. Of course after the death and ascension of the Christ the Babylonians forgot their past and were molded eventually into the Muslims under the forth face of Moses known simply by the title: “The Lion”.


Epsiton was chased through the negative levels from the East right to the West where he had only moments to enter the spiritual sarcophagus where he ascended to the heavens, sped past Solar who yelled after him that he was never to return, then to the Black Hole of the Milky Way Galaxy where he made his last stand and submitted, being struck down and breath of life removed. What was left of his form was caught in the wake of the Black Hole, and disappeared.


Epsiton emerged out of a Quasar lifeless in the Constellation known as Epsilon Aurigae where he was found by Quartz.


Epsiton was separated into Asterick and At, and the knowledges separated into four computer programs known respectively as The Interface, The Core, The Valley and The Ubratrap.  Relevant societal and historical figures were recreated in bio-silicate form along with the Epsitons. Three planets were created, named Technoplanetia, a technologically based planet; Gardenetopia, a pyramid based planet with the Garden of Eden Fruits and Creatopia which held the Incarnation, Carnation, and Reincarnation centers, along with the religious volumes of the Earth.


The Quasarts under the guidance of Quartz then later also the Magellen, the Vegans, Adromedans, the Gamma Source and the Alpha Centaurians as the Quasarts made their way through High School, then TURA, the Technoplanetia University and Research Academy.


For several years they trained, combining their knowledges, first on a community scale, then a societal scale, then on a continental scale, then Worldly Scale, then they surprised the Gods and Goddesses when they combined their knowledge on a system scale, then galactic, then inter-galactic, revealing the galaxies before the Big Bang, the place of the Gods and Goddesses, a Tree surrounded by multi-colored starscape.


Things went well as At Epsiton created a song and dance troupe of the Quasarts which travelled to the various galaxies and united planets at a time.  Then when the last of the galaxies had united, Asterick was given the mask which Epsiton had brought into Epsilon Aurigae unseen. When he placed the Golden mask with three circles under the eyes within vertical rectangles his entire demeanor changed as he boarded a scout ship and headed back towards the Milky Way Galaxy.


To The Blackhole

It was necessary for me to take an assumed name in the Negative Levels, as even I knew that a wide variety existed here and I was not about to let myself show up on any radar.


I took the name Epsiton and no one questioned the validity of my lineage, for which I was grateful, and at the Interface’s recommendation I spelled it through linguistic symbolism as Epsilon. They figured I was from there that had been trapped in a Xibalban Room for centuries and had just recently learned how to navigate the common areas.


Having to contain my emotions on many occasions I was amazed at the variety of the societies, it was not uncommon to pass by a leprechaun, sprite, little person, nymph, fairy tale creature or other unappreciated individual of knowledge past. As time wore on I realized I was in good company, a lot of my interests were here. But the best part was the lost knowledge and information that had been discarded and others by accident. I spent at least a year researching in the Library of Alexandria, months learning how to read destroyed Mayan Codices, in fact after a few years I was partially fluent in interpretting petroglyphs, hieroglyphs and Mayan glyphs.


Then one day I came across the Kecksburg UFO inscription and after half an hour I had the English transcription, oddly enough it referred to several Bible verses… It took some deduction on my part, why would an alien species quote Bible scripture on a probe? The answer was indicative of trans-dimensional travel and existence. I researched for months afterward and came to the conclusion that it was not until after the probe had made it to earth that aliens were able to interact with the 3 dimension of Earthly existence, not the best first contact but contact nonetheless. Somewhere in the States a small group of aliens scared the hell out of a family at a farm by running around and on top of their farmhouse over a period of several days. The aliens, who retreated when the father came out shooting his gun hit one of them and the material that “bled” from the alien was a goo that evaporated after several minutes, from the descriptions of the aliens, small fast and prankish I later narrowed down their origin to one of the Magellan home worlds, and by the lack of visitations or probes afterward they had no doubt been restricted from Earth for the time being.


By my fourth year in the depths I discovered how I might escape the planet, in spirit anyway. The knowledge to do so required a sarcophagus, the proper inscriptions and no less than a dozen RNA codes. As for the destination, it was much more complex than simply picking a destination and going in a straight line, this is where I encountered the outer most part of the universe, like the curve of a glass bowl to a fish, here too you could only go so far before the barrier restricted movement.


Here I came across a Popul Vuh passage which referred to the sun not being the real sun, through further study I discovered that this must refer to the black hole in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy, it was a risk I would have to endure.

So, I had my escape plan, now to ruin Solar’s plan of strengthening his 3500 year grip on Earthly society. I knew I would not survive, but it was worth the sacrifice to make a stand. The planet was on the brink of WWIII which included untold hundreds of nuclear weapons around the globe, no possibility of escape for billions of lives and the forced allegiance to religions who could barely live next door to one another let alone on a global scale. They were forcing us back to the desert from which we had escaped hundreds of years ago. After much thought to how and why I was astral projecting out of the Milky Way Galaxy I boarded the gold and platinum sarcophagus and wrote the last symbol.


As I flew past the sun towards the black hole, thousands of angels on my tail, Solar yelled after me “Don’t you ever come back.”. When at the edge of the wake of the Black Hole, Epsiton stood against the angels as was struck down and slipped into the cosmic anomaly.