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Joonaj - Nahuatl for Door

("J" sounds like "Y")


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Asterick could hear the children yelling what he was thinking in Canada, he could hear the neighboring people yell at them to be quiet, mostly they yelled not to interact with Jack Parsons, the maker of the place, it had a "backtalk consequent to it".  

The paranormal documentaries had quite a lot of indirect information, most of that which exists in the area, was a lot potent than initially perceived.

It was not Asterick want to travel to various places, it just happened sometimes...

The Priestess Babylon was formless and had been since the time of the Babel Tower as Absolom high above in the uppermost level saw what she saw as she went forth, seeking the ends of the earth.

"You cannot be in here, this is Babylon."

There was a formless shadowy mass as it had been since she long ago departed before Absolom became YHWH, Jesus' Father in Heaven.  Asterick ignored the warnings of the Babylon Priest, and applied the updates to her, update Coatilian and Balian Databases, the shadow shifted and separated into a blur of CPCS colors, then updated the Banque Del Emotica; as Priestess Babylon reformulated.

Answering at last:

"There are no ends of the Earth, but right up there where YHWH sits."

Suup' Joonaj - Nahuatl Close Door


"What did I see? That Devils Gate Dam Looking at Me on Google Earth!!!"

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Deadman's Finger Fungus



The literary device of the four 'misused youth' are studies in other areas of religious practices of muhammadianism, while scapegoated innocence of christianity, scapegoated murderer, scapegoated theif, and central causal constants that have long term calculated variable interpretives... the devil is in the details.


Further, when one interprets the cross and the interchangable diamond structure of CPCS of the paradox page, the calculations of the model, or the model of the calculations continue to add to and in of themselves.

Part One


Asterick was summoned to the dam, he started with a familiar incantation, it worked.
He was released by the hesitant observant.
Then, Asterick headed to the graveyard where Mr. Parsons was buried. The Babylonian Priestess was there hovering above him already. 
"Update filters 1 to 104. Coalition and Balian databases updated. Update Banque Del Emotica. "
"Finally. You know what to do."
Asterick had one drink left. Pouring it on the grave. He rose from the ground.
"It is about time."
Asterick: "Do you have the incantation details?"
Jack: "Everyday for the last ten years."

All gathered there: "Neuga Zeiger Zeiber Zom. Now the chosen time has come. Exchange this world for..."
Jack: "Paradise on Earth, with the understanding of promised land."

Jack looked at Asterick.

The forms of pulling into ones sight from Canada's natives:

"Asterick can you surrender?"

Jack:  "Asterick?"

Asterick: "All Lenats Undone."

Jack: "All Lenats Undone."

The portal opened and Asterick could hear on the other side. You may enter the Heavens with me, there's 8000 year if Hell to be had.


A Tale of Two Fingers

In referencing several 'world without end' and 'end of the world' literary Devices including Nero of Rome and The Devils gate dam, I happened upon a possible theory of the male and female youths of the area; that their fingers may be used ritually for reductions or compelling. 

[As such I am branching out, though I realize the possibility of negativity:

While Law Enforcement deal with property rights and property law reinforcement positively, the wards of state endure stress or lives of stress to 'stress and pressure transfer'.

While Intelligence Areas are a glass ceiling effect that keeps stress and pressure in rotaton, the rationale of this would then be that the expectations and intentions connected to those areas require circulation because those with 'marriage licenses', 'business licenses', 'diplomatic immunity' do not directly perceive those effects due to separation.

Then, the United Nations would, due to their 'diplomatic immunity' to the backtalk scenario of religious compelling or institutional reduction would not be able to comprehend that repealling this 'forms of pulling into ones sight - confrontation scenario as a UN policy potentially internationally.' ]

Then, back to the Devils Gate Dam and Causeway... how much was known back then, that is no longer available today?

Two ritual killings, and two fingers used for ritual purposes, two embeded in rock; then, later two more... misused youth.

One thing is certain, the twelve positives and their connected 12 negatives no doubt had their debuts, and whether religion or cult, one could not exist without the other, and whether a positive or negative... within or outside of a 'time of renewal', with or without 'stress and pressure transference', with or without understanding, 



Tale of Two Fingers - Dreams and Illusions


It must have been at least ten years ago in Northern City, a cousin of mine had a fourplex with two levels; she had told several of us that she had a dream of two younger children on the counter looking for food, that they were most likely deceased.

One of the occasions that I had overindulged at a wedding after a lucky VLT afternoon, I had headed off to bed... not able to sleep at first I noticed a few feet away a few childrens happened to be a construction worker.

It was said that whenever someone was alone in the place that a blanket would be pulled off of the person, that children could be heard, making noise and playing tricks, though upon inspection of the incidents or the follow-up questions, that no one was there at that time, or the other people were not where they were perceived.

Asterick had not come upon these stories until September 2016, when the incidents finally started to come into perspective.

Were the kids missing a finger each? Did Asterick know about the ill-fated children then? Or had the construction worker been honest then?


To be continued...

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Ghost Documentary "Portal of Doom" - A Haunting (Youtube)

The object transmorphed, portals were observed;

"Piix Joonaj" Line Door (Linear)

"Woolis Joonaj" Circle Door (Sealed Door)

A Babylonian Portal


The rocket scientist was not pleased. Asterick knew this because of the mocking use of his voice. They themselves could care less, it had been over 100 years since their lives were taken and they were made use of opposite of what was to occur many years later.


Times of renewal were just this, stress and pressure transference where previous family, friends and institutions did not hold the answers one needed. Like minds went to like minds, unlike minds like any other time in history, and accommodated.


Rocket science and other interests did not hold public nor niche interest.


The droughts were more important to more people, what happened in the past to others, why do we suffer religious compelling and reduction policy to more... it was when those base interests were satiated that things could move forward, it was called intention and expectation, after solving stress and pressure transference. Then, it began. Element Five of “Will be done.”


Most were interested in the solving of stresses or pressure and positive momentum of intention and expectation, that required a repulsion against the “will”. Forged then was a repulsion again “will”, it was many a year later outside of “times of renewal” call cults or occult, more formally in other areas as “ritualism”, the problem, however, was the “conformist” aspect. “Innovation was a awe inspiring and wonderful thing, though, there were other things that occur in what eventually known as “Merton's Square”.


It was upon the culmination of research that he had come upon a reference to the Babel Tower, the Babylonian Priestess seemed to be a favorable interest that took any worry of “will” out of his mindset. Such things were forged into practices, and construction carried on with the Devil's Gate Dam, things were accounted for, though, the religious compelling and reduction policy continued.


It was then that the head foreman was voted over the rocket scientist, and he was bluntly told to go back to his rocket science, that he then realized that it was better to do so. His wife comforted him that it was a terrible inconvenience and that he did better while he could, and better interests awaited him.


He went about his older projects, and items that waited him that took a long time to get to him.


“Let the construction foreman have his day. I'll arrange your new product for your research.”


“No wait, there are some volatile items, I wish to do it myself.”


“Carry on then. Those two children are still about, they keep asking about the folded paper items and the ground rockets.”


“Ground rockets? Paper Items? Those don't pay bills or accrue public opinion.”


“I am late on errands.”


Still talking aloud to himself opening a new parcel: “Nitro[genous-Oxide] Glycerine”.