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Beautiful Mind – Extended



I thought of a part two as if I were so tempted... but, this was beyond the thought of Beautiful Mind: The Second Class; naw, not that. I thought of all the classes I might or might not take.


After the Ba-Hai and Maya Anjelou of Brown,I wondered as a Quasart where one day I might belong academically; no where here was the Maria Campbell, who went before the Crown and said that his word is true... before the piapot ones who did so dis so truthful....


Meanwhile, I Asterick was on a Earth walk, I thought while gathering bottles or garbage... I thought I saw there... I took a part up to the Royal University Emergency Ward, then to the RCMP...


They laughed... it was a buffalo...


Several months years later...


[Loius Riel Repeal (rotted) in scroll, in buffalo skin leather case]


It was different, as they would say in the USA;


But, when the Economist came forth:


“Most of it was simple drawings...”


There was no General overseeing then...


But, 'what did he say not to sing at night, but to draw instead';


Now we review....


“thats classified, that's classified, that's classified.” 

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The Five East Indian Sankara Stones – Extended


The separation of the Morning and Evening Stars into the East Indian Sankara Stones, and the fifth one, of will was then during that time, ground and added to the multi form of pulling into ones sight, internationally blessed metals.


Suchly was the insignia of the Angel of Hope, utilized as Kali/ Kali-Ma.

The question then remained, whose 'will would be done' with the fifth part of the incarnated and separated star points of the Morning and Evening Star! 


Low water level exposes thousands of Shiva Lingas in the Shalmala river