Main Character Perspectiva



Madrashes are typically literary devices that religio-centrically interpret for non-insult to localized communities.

Madrassas are identical to the function of this.

The interesting aspect is when these groups enter the larger societal community and it is interpretted from family, religion, cultural, institution and how these are externally perceived.  Unfortunately, the major misconception is or applied publically, that these override property rights and property laws; then, it becomes an 'encroachment problem' other wise known as 'trespassing'.

It is the following things that cause insult to injury, which are, religious compelling and reduction policy and such extended from the earlier groups.

Core Aspect of 'Missing'

There has been a major misconception regarding the research behind Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Starlight Tour Men; and that is the oversight of Barristers Documentation of the standard property rights and property laws to property rights and property laws that is co-ordinated thusly:

-property right and property laws to individuals

-property rights and property laws to businesses to individuals

-property rights and property laws to institutions to individuals

-property rights and property laws to religions to individual


The greatest notation here is the Barrister's Document interuptive feature to the religion, culture, policy and policy exploit off-setting external policy exploit and eventual internal policy exploit.

A "Louis Riel Clause" was noted, that this is not to be used by presentation or heresay, nor by DAF or EBS notation, by those means.