Though it meant nothing to me then, though I had attended as many of the classes I could despite any and every coincidence arising, most of the terms did not have any relevance to myself nor my worldview, though that was what seems ages of thought ago, the English class I took that included terms such as 'deconstruction' as well as 'transcendental signified', the literary devices of the MMAW pages and their follow-ups as well as the Raven Chapters and their follow-up of the Raven Project; understanding low and high frequency communication as they pertained to 'forms of pulling into ones sight' and 'justice of what is written' finally came into view.


With one initial blessing, your respective country will be blessed by prayer, if your society can accomodate for this, you will be praised; do not account for it you will be villanized as the Nazis before you.


They too were blessed with the international recirculation of prayer, aka stress and pressure transference that eventually become like or as a shadow plane or as a dark age.


It is always the same story, "reduce the public" is the requirement; then the use of religion, culture, policy and policy exploit.  The laxing of moderating the 'boasts of trespassing' for religious compelling and institutional reduction.


Then, at some point it gets out of hand, whether as a witch trial, witch burning, inquisition, french revolution, renaissance, enlightenment or holocaust; or more specifically in maple leaf country, 'rule of thumb-stick', stoney mountain penitentary or residential schools; all were based in 'boasts of trespassing', then sub-sequent, religious compelling or reduction policy; what Derrida and other deconstruction theorists refer to as active and passive reinterpretation of literary devices. Like always, please see Contact Page for Fine Print, as, like most QuetzalCorp material, these kinds of knowledges require interpretation through family, religion, institution, business or entertainment, or the four reducer primaries, or external policy exploit, ie Nazism or internal policy exploit, ie Law Enforcement and others.

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Stress and Pressure and Its Transference Matrix

Level 1 - Reinforcement of Property Rights and Property Laws

Level 2 - Stress and Pressure Blessing (Recirculated International Prayer)/ Institutional Stress via "Justice of What is Written", aka "The Berlin Book Burning Composite" (Boasts of Trespassing/ Laymans Blessing/ Baptism by Spirit/ Yah-tzee Itza La/ Sweatlodge Shaking Tent/Kabala via, Policy and Policy Exploit) AKA, Religio-Cultural, Policy and Policy Exploit of The United Nations (Reichiarchy Dissolution/ Law Enforcement Blessing)

Level 3 - "Justice of What is Written", Form One: "Falsification/Induction of Trespassing", Form Two: "Affected by Trespassing" Form Three: "Utilizing Stress and Pressure Transference via Trespassing"

Level 4 - Dependent upon Trespasser, Trespassing Boasts, Inductors of Trespassing, Affected by Trespassing, and Utilizers of Stress and Pressure and its Transference via Trespassing

Level 5 - Administrative "Justice of What is Written" Transcribers and "Court of Property Rights and Laws" Coordinators or Overseers

The Ward System

There are a lot of implications concerning this research, including my stress and pressure transference matrix, coatilian placard coding system, as well as the wording which borders on legal implications when concerning criticism of various institutions which have made it necessary to identify behavior in the form of 'court of property rights and property laws' and the 'reinforcement of property rights and property laws'.

Therefore, permissions are not given for this research and any utilization of it does bear the responsibility and liability, but, as an indicator, the review of said material is still necessary.

Sarah Part Two – Eva Chapters (*phone calls and departments are generic recreations)


She had most of the Gang Unit Administration phone calls for the entire province, nearly full access to most of the country. She had been long stripped of any records of “trespassing” or “boasts of trespassing” from Nome, Alaska and had been limited away from access to those records across the 52 states of America.


She listened to them in her office, often times late into the night... most of the time for recreation:


Over and over again, in so many different voices:


“I'm a good person... somebody is right behind me, colonoscopies ended... I stand correc...(rustling)”

“...I have children... I have rent... I have bi... (shot fired).”




Since the research started Asterick had been increasingly more stressed and pressured, though there was nothing different in particular... it was something more ominous, and definitely beyond anything particularly nameable, beyond family, religion and institution... something that... if he were in the USA he might have a better chance, though every time he had tried to make a move to the border over the past 15 years, the stresses and pressures relented.


He had said it before, that it was like his own personal version of “Silent Hill”, if he had been any other person, it would not have been in anyway identifiable except that his long years as an academic at the University of Regina and First Nations University and still being 10 classes away from an undergraduate degree, specialized of course for his love of the entertainment industry and the paranormal.


That stress primarily flowed from the court of property rights and property laws and was reinforced by the law enforcement of property rights and property laws, and his particular attention of cause and effect or his particular brand of research effect and cause and other combinations and recreations, had put him in one odd situation after another ever since his graduation back in the year 2000.


There had been so many odd days over the years, another day of wondering if the ground would give way beneath his feet or the sky falling as if in his pre-chapter work of “Chicken Little Two: Asterick and the DAF satellite system or its constituent elements of religious, cultural, policy or policy exploit, UHF Frequency Compression and its utilization of “justice of what is written, that, what ever could result, would not necessarily be his negative, but what he was prepared for and what had already been completed filled most of his days and nights when the sun did not seem to shine through the ethereal shadows of life in a country or continent that was fascinated with his work, but would readily run off in every other which direction with or without permissions.


The fact that since the Commission regarding Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women merely required combining four of his earlier projects, and had made several expressions of interest, that the various people involved were the worst selection, but, more than likely, the most comfort and security embuing people that could have been selected, more than likely by previous design of previous designates.



He could already see a tentative budget outlining the expectations of the law enforcement, federal, provincial and civic or municipal already lined up at the trough along with the corrections department, the justice department, and the international officer had no doubt already met up with Sarah and Derek.


The fact that he could still sense Sarah in her office with her reduction policy that the “so-called” country's intelligence department had “reviewed” in light of who had made the “street gang unit administration” of “maple-leaf country”, there was no doubt in Asterick's mind that it was Sarah... Sarah utilizing “forms of pulling into ones sight” in whatever variance...


“...I had to leave to Montreal, I could not just wait there like a sitting duck...”

“...the basement is pitch dark... I barely found my cell... (steps heard in background, call ended)


The fact that his website had already been prepared for the mass influx in no way excused any partakers, especially wasting valuable time since the main thread had been revealed:

(PTSD – RPAD – MMAW – SGU – Internationally Transferable Knowledge)


That had taken the cake, that the policies were built around an international constant of “chastisement”, “justice of what is written”, “boasts of trespassing” and property rights and property laws had to be the worst combination of knowledge with which he was trying to do his best with, but, so far there was far too much dead weight and more people willing to take what they wanted as “professionals” or as “good people” or as “godly people”, the list of excuses were longer than the books and definitions in paper form that defined those three groups of people.


He would just give up hope, then the next calculation and realization would become more apparent:


DAF must have been what was left of the Emergency Broadcast System after the UHF changes, did not necessarily mean there was an immediate threat, but that somewhere out there someone was screwing around with prayer on Coatilian Frequency, that it was traceable by lunacy and the study of mental illness, and that it would have on many occasions have to have gone though “justice of what is written”.


That DAF had been more of an active technological understanding of religious, cultural, policy and policy exploit, that was most active with international re-circulation of international stresses and pressure in a non-Jesus way, that the Muslim Mufti had to have had agreements beyond the United Nations where they and the Stress and Pressure Transference Amplification, and if not for their literary devices and there misinterpretation or 'inaccessibility' to the proper people, it was no wonder that after all this time, the thing that was being renewed during the “Time of Renewal” was a lot of negative that had lost its importance or interpretation and “baby better hold onto the tub, the bathwater is being tossed” international attitude, that after all is said and done, more is observed than is completed.




That stress and pressure transference and it prior elements had been added to the international melting pot in absence of certain knowledge, that understanding that QuetzalCorp's knowledgistic distillation process had helped him out of many problems since the year 2000 and he probably would not necessarily be around if not for his extensive works, and always had to stratify even his own “eccentricity”, though identifiable policy in the “maple-leaf country's charter of rights and freedoms was clear when it came to freedoms of expression, thoughts, religion, belief, opinion, assembly and association – so, even if short term 'stuff' was still bogging him down, at least he had a better chance than many to “pursue happiness... even if that was still a country away, and even if property rights and property laws were being utilized in “maple-leaf country”, that the change over between “queen's bench, and its loose attitude about curbing chastisement” and “king's bench reinstitution”, that not many people seemed to understand the history that for the past 516 years recirculation of international prayer as stress and pressure had gone through Muhammad and Odell, his mother, something unfortunately, that he was not able to fully understand or comprehend...


“According to the Book of Judgments:

One Chastiser Mother... and one Reducer Son...”


Between what was now known of “justice of what is written” and “reduction policy”, it was at least independently calculable that perhaps that would have been more important than any other “worldly research”, even such as QuetzalCorp's:


“Research Not To Be Applied Without Permission due to a Mufti blessing (Feb 2014), aka addition to International Recirculation of Prayer (Stress and Pressure) and additives of Religious Compelling, Reduction Policy and Chastisement and its necessary decompiling before Pearlescent additives to CPCS Particulates".


That the Pearlescent additives of Quetzal Batteries had not yet gone into manufacturing was due to limited time and a nation or more “boasting more trespassing”, that was a planet of professionals, what they seemed to lack was communication, interaction, business-mindedness, and thing's of their own to appreciate due to the still lingering negative effects of the last time of renewal and international recirculation of prayer, and yet another, not yet at 65% saturation, and like the USSR behind them, the law enforcement not yet realizing that stress and pressure and its transference was, is and would still rise... that it was all due to religion, culture, policy and policy exploit, that Reichiarchy was less effective today than it was then, and despite his mother's mother still prayed and hoped and like others still had it in her, most of the time, to still want for better.


Though, her half-brother was still as ineffective as he was when he was still holding on to that postal uniform and probably still did not travel by plane. That A24/Z24, Level Negative Three and it three regular living inhabitants, and whomever else Johanna Heidler could manage with her “barristers document knowledge” of the past and current use; that there was a lot to go through, the larger part of that was still the forgiveness, and perhaps as Asterick Epsiton he could... though...


The female...somewhere in the dark:

“...don't look at me with love in your eyes...”


Had sparked QuetzalCorp's previous warning...


“Don't Look Directly Into the Emotions.”


Still, even a week later:

“...don't look at me with love in your eyes...”


That the dead had their emotions was nothing new to QuetzalCorp after all these years going on its 16th year...”


Still, even a two weeks later:

“...don't look at me with love in your eyes...”


When the newest results from QuetzalCorp's processors, the sin was still active, the research had always relied on dormant emotions, these were emotions of the dead, with active intention and expectation... the contamination of stress and pressure and its transference required an update to The International Court of Justice of the United Nations...


QuetzalCorp's “Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women” research is recommended not to the utilized at this time.


Someone was listening to the Street Gang Unit Administration phone calls somewhere... Someone was using “forms of pulling into ones sight”, someone was utilizing reduction policy and/or religious compelling... and something else had occurred...


QuetzalCorp had an update that was still eluding the sub-domain process...



Judicial Falacy of the last 2000 years or more has always been at the heart of what is "just" and "fair", what quanitifies guilt along the edges of "intent" and "expectation"; though when justice relies primarily on "property rights and property laws", then the degradation and embarassment process of "justice" is solely reliant upon two primary processes of "religious compelling or persecution" or "institutional reduction", anything else has then to rely upon "professional designation of representation" and translated in "honorable form" with all due process or due diligence" dependent upon situation and circumstance".  The comfort and security taken and embued is dispensed and unfortunately can be "modified and heightened" that which falls into the category of "nevertheless" of barristers documents, professional degrees, business licenses and of course property rights and property laws. 

The problem in translation then lies with "stress and pressure tranference" based in property rights and property laws of a systemic nature and the "ethics and morals" of academics and history as a whole.

As my speciality is in Integrative Knowledgistic Frameworks with translation, I would like to find a way to utilize my understanding in a way that the interested parties, who have not been able to contact myself for one reason or another.


Various parties include, but are not limited to:


-the court of property rights and property laws

-the reinforcement of property rights and property laws (official/ unofficial)

-the governmental interest parties (various)

-first nations governance (various)

-experiencial (affect and effect)

 0 family

 0 religion

 0 institution


*All have various and varied interests, all have an opportunity otherwise to solicit, utilize “forms of pulling into ones sight”, to bear false witness against their neighbor or opposition.  Arbitration may be a better option.


Religious, Culture, Policy and Policy Exploit became Reichiarchy, an External Policy Exploit, afterwards an Internal Policy Exploit, Known as Law Enforcement Blessing, Corrections Blessing, as well as sweatlodge shaking tent as a solicitation based institution and what became corrections category of colonoscopy locatives for solicitation; and reinforcement of region, culture, policy and policy exploit without question in regards to 'boasts of trespassing' by those before, based on property rights and property laws reinforcement.  


The duties and responsibilities of QuetzalCorp International is to identify "forms of pulling into ones sight","justice of what is written" and its important oversight and direction in times of need as an "independent international arbiter"; secondly, to identify Jesus Christ as the forgiveness of "forms of pulling into ones sight" from the Babel Tower forward and its international distribution afterward, its complications and use for scapegoating and to provide direction suchly.


Secondly, that there in the past from Canada, one who has selected the use overall of the "forms of pulling into ones sight confrontation scenario", at the United Nations, and it should be repealed by the powers and principalities.


Assumption - Part Two

As it pertains to the Oath to Order and The Right to Remain Silent it is said Thusly.

"You may have Assumption Two and Three." Nero, Alexander the Great."



Nero's "World Without End" religious modification into institutional policy functionalism and the consequences of, Law Enforcement Blessing/Hypnosis of "Justice of What is Written", Assumptions 1,2,3, as they pertain to emesis and unsupported worldviews.

As it pertains to the Oath to Order and The Right to Remain Silent it is said Thusly. That Nero had a laugh that was not respected, he made a deal or modification to policy that he would be respected, even as Rome fell into disrepair; a golden fiddle, his ally, even unto that as his reacroachment as the laughter of the Exorcist Movies, even unto the necessesary review by QuetzalCorp for positive.
"You may have Assumption Two and Three." 

Hale-Bop Cult Hypnosis as it is or was utilized by Law Enforcement with the Law Enforcement Blessing and Hypnosis for Business Rationale.  Property Rights and Property Laws and their reinforcement. That they were under previously a religious compelling, excludes them from judgement as possible Jehovahs Witnesswes reduced, unkempt, perhaps a sad overlook in what might be extrapolated into a positive format.



"They had all boasted trespassing to the Street Gang Unit Administration..."  

Each had partaken in "boasts of trespassing", each had subletted the "falsification of public record", each had defenders of "property rights and property laws"; the last time this occurred was called a Holocaust, quarantining by "forms of pulling into ones sight" by "boasts of trespassing".


It has reoccurred, called a "time of renewal", aka an international recirculation of prayer or "stress and pressure and its transference" by previously known "oral and anal communication" of psychology opposite corrections based "colon locatives" previously known in the religious and culture community now in policy and policy. Possibly put in place pre-WWI, for conquest purposes no longer seen fit for understanding or exploit.  A "form of pulling into ones sight - confrontation scenario" applied to the UN, conversatable only by diplomatic immunity or 'backtalk consequences' of perceived colon torture, aka stress and pressure tranference.


A "Louis Riel Clause" was noted, that this is not to be used by presentation or heresay, nor by DAF or EBS notation, by those means.

Misc Page also has "Core Aspect of Missing"


With the survey that has been conducted between September 2016 to April 2017, with its superior approach of arbitration at a knowledgistic level rather than a solicitative experiential dominance over knowledge and professionalism degradation which eventually backlashes.


Further indicators have been determined under a clause known as "reduced sentences" based on MMIW "boasting trespasses" and Starlight Tour Males "defending against 'demonic encroachment' and 'backtalking' " not being separate items, therefore seeming guilt, observance or practice or intent and expectation.


Where then does this Street Gang Unit, non-administrative exemption apply... more often than not it doesn't.  Taking an incoming stress from non-corporal source than cannot be linked directly to people who are living is a lot more disturbing than it might seem.  That people had trusted professionals that were "on their side" to later find out that meant they would be institutionally reducing people up to and including their and others death and/or torture with an ever increasing influx of "international prayer" or "stress and pressure transference".  There has been an ever increasing unveiling of these methods by those misused before and during institutionalization, and the results have been horrific to say the least as people rely on boasts of trespassing and religious compelling or institutional reduction while in institutional parameters have had the "stoney mountain penitentary treatment" allowed even by those heading up MMIW studies, while their participants and observants unknowingly encroach into worse and worse territory, as if lemmings Low Frequency Communication Brainwashed, then High Frequency Communication lead into 'negative approvals' 


The code of silence around such issues as people have benefitted and others have not.

As for the nature of the unaccounted for knowledges, while stress and pressure, intention and expectation, the fifth element of "will be done is the most volatile and unaccounted for as per other literature of QuetzalCorp, and is against QuetzalCorp policy to use as per synergistic and arbitration models of the knowledge base.


Where then did the constants come from if the variables are understood as "Not So Missing" and "Missing"; Witness Relocation internationally those who were "demon possessed", also known as heightened gratuity and heightened righteousness of the six phases of Barristers Documentation, from religion, culture, policy and policy exploit, external policy exploit of Reichiarchy and internal policy exploit of 'law enforcement blessing' of 136 countries of the United Nations.


What occurred then, during the Holocaust, can be extrapolated that after 'boasts of trespassing' of religion, culture, policy and policy exploit, which required external policy exploit inwhich the women 'boasted trespassing' over and above the phase one to four; then they became as consciousless as those before.  The professional law enforcement, army and government became Nazi and many were killed, the women witness relocated, thusly, they then 'boasted trespassing' abroad in 136 UN nations, the men were empowered with the 'rule of thumb stick' to 'curb chastisement', their children defenders became Wards of State Level 1. Their defenders Wards of State 2, their exploits, Wards of State 3.


In closing, other variables to this deconstruction literary device method of "backtalk representatives" appointed to "repeat word for word" like a layman blessed, sweatlodge appointee, jewish appointee, or other professional appointee.