Bunker 36

Typically, it would seem that the expressions, on the bunker's contained various recording devices, of intention and expectation. Were various and in any and every discernible and nondiscernible direction.  But, were these live boadcasts, repeats, recording or returned broadcasts, uncovered reviews or other is the main problem that QuetzalCorp has at the moment.

The first indicator was of Bunker 36 accessible, or was, from Station 36 in Detroit, Michigan.  Most seemed to be debriefing of thing outside the normal perception of reality, things that did not and as history and its repeats have known were never really reconciled.

It seemed fantastic to everyone on earth, The cosmic radiation.  That the Powers and Principalities, the Chastisers and Amplifiers, all glorifying themselves.  Then, one day they boasted too much; for some reason the Emergency Broadcast System reasserted itself.

The fact that the moon itself could do what was being done, or that a Delayed Audio Frequency or Global Amplification satellite could do a similar thing, or that in its most invasive technological achievement could track the very movements within static down to minuscule detail with varied clarity over several types of technology, the absence of discernment at any level of these natural phenomenon or the technological layers, seemed a great loss to QuetzalCorp, as it had always enjoyed a layer by layer reason and rationale that could be, at least eventually explainable to most people.

When Asterick was writing late in 2016, a lot of these issues began to resurface.  What was the Shadow People chapter of the Halloween 2016, was split into several things not the least of which was the Raven chapters, the Raven Project, DAF/EBS review and low and high frequency communication.

Whether brainstorming while falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night; Detroit, MI at first and later Sydney, Australia, then eventually Denver, Colorado; the Bunker System was a highly unusual subject that integrated the recording of people talking, most of the time on a subconscious level.

Eventually these were replace from the International Community and centralized out of the United States of America, then as the USSR was decompiled post Johanna Heidler, head of the Barrister's Document Regimen, the Bunker System was compiled into Area 52.

Several oddities remained though, the knowledge was not just from the planet, in plain words it was intention and expectation beyond standard dimensional models of family, religion and institution, something that for a long time was governed on an international scale called stress and pressure and its transference, something that fed the three dimensions, empowered the 4th dimensional people, while anything upper level was reduced by various glass-ceiling effects.

Other aspects exist containing various knowledge at the Area 52 complex: Inter-disciplinary, Multi-disciplinary are the more important to be integrated into the computer system, but, all of these are data and knowledge and perceptions, all are integratable into the QuetzalCorp computer design, the upper ten levels of design were key marked by Coatilian Placard Coding System, intention, expectation.

Whether there ever was a four part military precursor to the Interface, Ubratrap, Valley or Core, still has yet to be integratively solved, but rushing has never done anyone any good in the past. 


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Mouche 2014: "Irish Creme', Francais Vanille, and Noissant Hazel" The new flavorful fragrances that will have your partner running in the door and lapping up those flavorful and aromatic......(Bleeep).... Mouche! Flavorful scents also in Mouche Nightime Spray!"


Breaking News February 2014, 1 day to Valentine's Day: "Snow-Blower caught in action"

Underworld famous, "The Snow-Blower", was caught in action by multiple witnesses, shortly thereafter, both she and Frosty, The Snowman, were apprehended for Public Indecency over level Negative One.  Fraishbouche was found on the scene, but after calls to the company, was not found to be a factor, nor was it an advertizing campaign as indicated by both parties.

"Mouche now comes in Night-time spray, all of our traditional scent line is available like 'BBQ', and 'Fresh Mowed Lawn' and new scents such as 'Air Craft Leather' and 'Jet Fuel Exhaust'; With Mouche - Night-Time Spray at your bedside, you'll be sleeping with your head under the covers every night... Mouche!"

Corn, the magic vegetable!

Aloe and Cucumbers... It's a party!

Pleasure, picante, piri-piri-piri; new uses for peppers, jalapenos and Cyclone ice treats!

Top Ten Ways to Get Fired or Not Hired!

10. "If there are any weird phone calls of any kind, the new website link suffix is '.au'!"

9. "Previous Work? ... glowsticksdon'tgothere.com!"

8. "Sanitary Napkins aren't for the tables!?!"

7. "Why should I get the job?...My last three jobs I slept with the Building Inspectors, so you'll be good while I'm around!"

6. "Given Name(s)?... Clark, Rob, Roberto, Rick, Charlie..."

5. "Special Talents? ... How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!"

4. "Long Term aspirations? ... Starfleet Academy curriculum development!"

3. "Oh you said 'Caloric' analysis of the patients, i heard colonic! Guess, it's phone call time!"

2. "Sorry I'm late to the interview, the fifth wife was hiding in the basement with the car keys.

1. " Sorry, I'm all out of "I'M THAT ALIEN" t-shirt!"

V.86 E.275

A gruesome discovery this morning in SpudTown as the Bodies of Mr. John Potatohead and Mrs. Jane
Potatohead were found in thier residence, both with multiple puncture wounds and it appears that
both were microwaved, mashed and partially eaten. The suspect, an unknown assailant made it away
on foot, the Spudtown officers blame the one piece shoes of the department for the escape.
V.59 E.893
The Tooth Fairy has been apprehended, sources say, due to growing allegations of incisor trading
The Council Nu apologizes for the closure of the Negative Levels for the past 12 years, but upgrades have been made to moderate hot and cold areas. Emotive Coatilian lighting has also been added to all areas.
Blasar Incorporated reports that Cupid is Mythin’ n’Actin’.
The Western Mountain requests that all raditation badges be returned, and congratulated Blasar incorporated for the recovery of all Transmorphic masks.
The Union for WWW, Wiked Wiccan Workers has struck a deal of 2-1-2: reduction of guilt, condemnation and dread respectively.
The Quetzals and Coati would like to congratulate this years graduated of Altun Ha and Monte Alban private schools, a joint venture between Xibalban Tech and TURA.
The Tree, Earth, Water and Air Nymphs are reminded to report back to active duty on the surface.
Multiple sector famous dance and choir group, “The Quasarts”, have opened their 10th theme park and are booked well into 2015.
Refugees are currently being relocated to Xibalban zones due to excessive Hell back-ups; routes, perspectives and enlightenment available upon request.
Reports from Many Names say: “We are filled to the brim, fill those furnaces."

Hades and Persephone would like to congratulate the AP units (Astral Projection) who risked their lives, benefit packages available from Central Pocessing, Level Negative Five, Sector J.
Motecazuma would like to apologize to the conquistadors, but explanations were glyphed in the codices burned.
Bermuda Broadcasting would like to thank our homeless listeners, without you we would not be necessary; 2014, we will be switching over to I-bod systems. TY. 
The wwp. The world wide pyramid rewiring project has been completed since the “working class” took off with the Golden Eagle Processor.
IFO’s are available in all negative areas for all your extra-terral travel needs; schedules and fares are posted at all info. kiosks.
Aesop would like to remind readers that just because something is beyond reason does not mean you can not learn from it.
Magellen, herself, would like to congratulate Blasar Incorporated for deciphering the Kecksburg probe, yes, it was a biblic passage for 3 dimensional travel.
The latest from the Oracle, previously of Delphi, Some things should be spoken, others, unspoken; success depends on knowing which is which.
A reminder to keep your Xibalban sectors locked, as Santa’s helpers and refurbishing teams have been spotted checking doors and windows.
The linguistic department would like to remind the surface: “There is nothing like a foreign tongue."
V.638 E.54
Single M Centaur seeking M Satyr for companionship. Leave detailed message.
Cruise for the horizontally challenged; all midget, munchkin, leprechaun and sprite. No smurfing allowed.
Nymphs are reminded to be undersoil before sundown.
Curry’s Thme Park now open: “Radioactive Planet!!” Now with on the hour meltdown fireworks.
F Black Sheep seeks F White Wolf for fun times...serious inquiries only.
Carpenter needed to build places of worship. Long-term contract. Contact Judas.
Seeking strong man to knock down pillars… Long hair a must. Contact Delilah.
Early bird orders now being taken for Rumplestiltskin Brand Marvelously Mixed Migit and Mincemeat.
Lost: White Winged Horse, goes by the name Pegasus, last seen at The Juicy Spleen, Negative Five, Sector H. Not to be confused with Perseus' Black Winged one.
iTableta v666 now available.
Found: Kingdom Keys. ID tag 2464314354364362546.
iBod v07346 now available.
For Rent: Six Rooms in Shoe Themed House.
Lucifer’s Luscious Locks Pomade now available from a burning salesperson near you.
Kali dance group now taking applications for 2012 performances.
Tickets on sale for the Bitchin’ Banshee Biotches. wwp.bbbtheband.mus
Wedding announcement for Kara B. Hook and Petrie Pan. RSVP.
V.567 E.890
Council Nu Annual Award Ceremonies #10, 012; tichetsa available from secta lerds.
Balams Angels Escort Agency, Negative Levels only. 666-123-4567. Incubus and succubus available.
Loving Little Leprechauns Escort Agency; ask about our leprec_unts.
Xibalban EmPower Company would like to apologize for the power outages for the past 2012 years.
Sector Security Housingsitting Hobbyists.
Blasar Incorporated reports that an entity made an unauthorized distribution and was “corrected” for 12 hrs, please delete email or other.
Lost: Lavalier, on Level Negative Two, Brad Pitt Lave, Sector W.
Found: 2 year old tenteclad demon, burps constantly, call to claim or if interested.
After 60 years, four homeworlds and inter-galactic colaboration:, Jully 1st, 2012, will mark the unveiling of the multiple galaxy: “Got Milk Campaign.”
Fraggles are now back on duty in all sectors.
Please contact a sector lord if u see any smurfs or carebears below negative deus.
Queen City Clothing Exhibition was Fashionating.
Street Cleaner Teams were dispatched this year, a definite advancement of working conditions.
If you find an Amaaaazing Raaaaace, envelope, please let us know.
Missing: IMPala motor Coach.
V.564 E. 701
Wands made for your convenience; quartzite only at this time, to request send email.
Niche event planning available; want to host your own bacchanal, worship the sun, but not sure how anymore? Throw an alien themed party that will have you remembered. Blasar Incorporated can do your do!
Are you or a loved one stuck in an eternal hell dimension? Has all sense of hope or despair been taken out of your life and you want it back; contact the semi-professionals at Blasar Incorporated for all your upward or downward mobility needs!!
Paid advertisement: “When I have that less than fresh feeling, I take a shower. When that does not do the trick, I use Mouche. Available in a variety of manly fragrances, Mouche can put that smile back on your face. Mouche! Mouche is not yet available on the surface, Mouche sizes may not be available at all vendors; Mouche variety packs now available from a icy salesperson near you. Mouche!”
Blasar Incorporated is looking for artists to redo concept art; email blasarincorporated@gmail.com for details.
Blasar Incorporated is now also moving into the animation and cinematography phase; as the company motto goes: “The book is good, the movie awesome, the videogame, unbelievable!”
Happy New Year!
Back on Level Negative Three, Sector AAB; the Jiggling and Juggling Jello Jiggers, monthly shows at your favourite Concert Hall: The Coliseum of Lower Los Angeles!
The Druid Dancers are now on tour, a Kali and Balam production!
Have you ever thought of how empowering it would be to vomit at will? Not only will your regular haunts be more enjoyable, eventually you will be abuzz with conversation; or not, depending where you aim! Join many others in various skills one can only learn on the Negative Levels!
Why do the stars not seem visible from space craft? Because the atmosphere acts as a magnifier and makes less visible far away light seem brighter and more visible on the ground than it does from orbit.
V.964 E. 862
Mouche and Fraishbouche, nearly available on the surface : )
A-Frican-Elephant Announcement 2014-2018
Ducks Unlimited Annual Fundraiser Gala and Auction This December 1st, $100/person; Glazed Duck and Rizotto.

I like sloppy seconds, but some people don’t, that’s why I carry FraisheBouche whenever I pull an all nighter, now in travel size, from the makers of Mouche.
Machu Pichu’s Hornitos alcohol now available; toe wiggling recipes coming soon!
Just in time for Christmas 2013: Astericky Brand 1 ply toilet paper: "That toilet paper is aweful [tear]...or is it?"


Moooooouche! Mouche now comes in milk flavors:

Plain, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and Blueberry, and just in time for Christmas, holiday themed applicators, as well as cinnamon, candycane and gingerbread flavorful scents for all your pleasureful events! Jesus applicator soundbyte: "When did you last Mouche!", Santa Claus: "Ho Ho How far in?" Snowman: "I'm melting!" Have a Merry Mouchemas!! Mouche!

The dolphins of creation have reconvened closer to the antarctic looking for food, and though colder than they prefer, the food is good; with radiation in the pacific and oxygen dead-zones in the atlantic, making all aspects of daily life harsher. This a mere two weeks after the whales parted from the "Middle Seas"; neither of which wished to comment on the UVA, UVB and UVC spectras and thier apparent lack of consciousness.  Asterick has provided tanslations for what might have been said: "Eeee-eeeeeeeee----eeeee-e-----eeeeeeee---eeeee" [Too cold] and "Blooooop- Bloooooooooop- Bloooooooop-Bloop-Booooooooo" - [Help us]

Ast and the Quasarts have announce thier 2014 much anticipated underworld release of next album including: "You and me glow fission in the dark" (to the tune of you and me go fishing in the dark), "Sit on a Happy Face!" (Put on a Happy Face!) and "They call me Astereek and I dance to the maracca beat, when I see the ************, i go chic-chicca-boom chic-chicca-boom chic-chicca-boom" (Cuban Pete from The Mask) and "Do you play lotto, Mr. Roboto?"(Mr. Roboto)

The worst thing to happen since sliced bread to the bread slicers profession :(

Famous Last Words:

"Morticae was right about these people outside of the village"

(Walking into Tim Hortons): "Tim-Tim-Timmaes" (South Park)

Al Kaida CIA USA Undercover Operative: "This is Harold, and I am Kumar."

SWAT Team: "Put your hands on your head and come out, we have you surrounded...partially."

(Talking to thin air) "Hable down Legolas!"

(While being arrested): "Do you know your rights?" "Can I use a summoning element?"

"Is that football to play footie?"

"Stop the plane!"

Elvis' new PSA pamphlet: "The Entertainment Profession and Racketeering" is now available by request! (Uh-huh-huh - It's All Messed Up!) 

Slate-Breaking News: "After 15 months of interrogation, the ugly truth behind incisor trading of the Toothfairy has been unveiled as the souls of thousands of dentists have been released from a before unknown underworld sector and are being treated as refugees; one underworld witness revealed that teeth were being removed from the captives.  The Sugar Plum Fairy commented that other fairy circles are appaulled and alarmed at this unfortunate discovery; while Lilith, Queen of the Fairies and The Sovereign Plumed Serpent reminded reporters that this is indeed a tumultuous time on the planet and announces the mirrorsites of quetzalcorp.site11.com as majoramfermion.netau.netand nunyaxayin.webuda.com for the new year."

Mouche 2014 scent and flavor lineups including our vegitarian collection: Rutabega, Cucumber, Lettuce and other others, includes veggie applicators! Mouche!

Vote Asterick for Underworld Tour Guide 2014!! "To the left is the entrance to The Hadian Underworld, Guarded by Cerberus, the Three Headed Canine, hates being referred to as a dog or canis farmiliarus. Hades and Persephone do not mind the occasional visitor, but, only on All Hallows Eve, or in the pit you go!  To the Right, is the River Styx, the boatman, who never speaks after his tongue was cut out for offering to much guidance, only asks for one gold piece; counterfeitor of gold can be viewed in the water on the way."

Top Cheesy Joke of 2013:

Tuk: I wish I had an antacid.

Asterick: I wish I had an unclealkalid.

Holiday Joke 2013:

Enjoying Bone in Ham, single event!

Pppppttttt.... "Cinnamon, spice, and everything nice.... thats what the new Mouche is made of!" Pppt! "Mouche!"


Serpentine Garden of Eden Song

I know a young Quasart who swallowed an apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed a kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed an orange, he swallowed the orange to counter the kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed a banana, that wriggled and tickled and wiggled inside him, he swallowed the banana to counter the orange, he swallowed the orange to counter the kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed a tangerine, he swallowed the tangerine to counter the banana, that wriggled and tickled and wiggled inside him, he swallowed the banana to counter the orange, he swallowed the orange to counter the kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed a pear, he swallowed the pear to counter the tangerine, he swallowed the tangerine to counter the banana, that wriggled and tickled and wiggled inside him, he swallowed the banana to counter the orange, he swallowed the orange to counter the kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, I guess he’ll die.

I know a young Quasart who swallowed a peach, he swallowed the peach to counter the pear, he swallowed the pear to count the tangerine, he swallowed the tangerine to counter the banana, that wriggled and tickled and wiggled inside him, he swallowed the banana to counter the orange, he swallowed the orange to counter the kiwi, he swallowed the kiwi to counter the apple, I don’t know why he swallowed that apple, but now he’ll live.



V.2107 E.1.1.1 A marked increase of "outsourced solicitation" has peaked with a variant unknown communication coordination for various unknown ends and is continuing to have a negative impact on forwards solutions, and seems to be placating a LFC/HFC source with no posi
tive directions but seems to be wanted by an increasing amount of HFC'd people who are doing negative for righteousness and do not have the responsibility or accountability covered and seem to be ahead in taking the blame. 

Further, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, seems to be unused or unchecked by most people, while the freedomof thought, religion or expression's absence continues to be unchallenged accross the country.


10. Does it look like I have INAC tatooed across my chest?

9. Does it look like CSIS stationary?

8. If you had your own country, what would you do?

    "I'd tell Ree it was a mighty fine evening!"

7. Your band is more HFC'd after its last agreement, the one DEA-equivalent thinks he can pull off a phase 2 heist of Quetzalcorp and Trevor must have forgot the costs of Snow-man short-cuts, that it makes the battle of batoche, the frog lake massacre and the hanging of louis riel like a penny toss treason-game of winning.