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The Roommate – Expanded (My Haunted House S03E06 The Roommate and Chain Letter)


It was, at least my second viewing of this particular paranormal accounting of what had by summer of 2017, had become a review of stress and pressure and its transference, a great loss of intention and expectation, and a hopeful recovery of the element five of Lilith. I had only glanced at it once what was Lilith to the Bearer and Begetter, the background to other QuetzalCorp chapters.


It was a major case of PTSD in a US military person who suffered an excessive, but equally traumatizing event that made his life greatly abused, unwanted, horrid and horrible.


The account was called the Roommate, but, no roommate was ever actually noted. Nothing piqued my interest until two raven feathers fell from the ceiling while the attendant psychology reviewer tried to rationalize the situation for the better.


In the account, there was a shadow perceived, he seemed to have wings and bore great suffering and said debriefed person, was still subjected on a human level, that which occurred on a white element of the five defined elements of CPCS of QuetzalCorp, in international interaction outside of standard family, religion or institution.


The two feathers noted were of a Raven project class, noting that female sufferage was first and foremost of the continued warnings. The wings, a great message that was left unaccounted for in supported worldview.


That, was, even after a Bearer and Begetter division, and CPCS division, as well as the one to one-hundred and thirty filters... the whole of it was not any less shadowy, and the ultra-low-frequency and super-ultra-low frequency were not even for a moment placated nor placarded.


I asked of myself, what could have a military US military person have done that would incite such a recoil. It was then that I heard of a likeness of a bodyguard, the likeness of a religious person, the likeness of those whom provided the knowledge, but of what.


A day or so later after much interrupted thought and dreams and meals and recreation on my holiday, with no actual person there or involved with myself, that it could be as the same situation of the “Roommate account” that did not beg or plead for explaining, but forced it for as soon as it could be completed of those who now were at lack of any life, liberty or freedom; never mind any that they did already review, that was meant as an intervention, one cut short by military necessity.


“An index” came to thought, I perceived a referential accounting of a great many wronged, it was not by country, but by power and principality, designate and place. I reviewed again, and it was no longer here on the plane of reality.


I thought next, even if religion and expression were still to be as principled in light or dark of the power delegation of the US, that, this Mufti blessing of February 2013 was to re-culminate this loss.


[QuetzalCorp closing filtration]


Filter Update 131: “Confinement Binding, secondary sets of property rights and property laws of 'oath to order' and 'right to remain' introduced, cell type system in the USA and Provincial Typology for Canada.  


Upon further analysis international business deals post-mufti agreement, seem to strongly indicate the 15 Billion currency in business deals stemming from the 'maple-leaf' country with the "Eva Chapter's" Ellnoire, may have started with the use of the "contaminant" which QuetzalCorp hadbeen researching, along side the "scapegoat contract" (2012-2017), would most likely be in 'Iranian Dinar'.

Further, as the religio-cultural, 'solicitation likeness' of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' through 'boasts of trespassing', 'confrontation scenario', 'justice of what is written' via 9-1-1, Street Gang Unit Administration, nationally, provincially and civicly, and other forms such as the -said- disability assistance program. As well as other barristers documents opposite solicitation, singularly up to and including internationally through the United Nations "backtalk policy" from religio-cultural to international policy predating WWI and WWII, and presently impeding QuetzalCorp's success.

This 'love medicine' and 'backtalk consequence and contaminant' highly centers around a virtually extinct dialect of Cree, as follows:

A large portion of the rcmp street gang unit administration aka mmiw and girls, starlight tours and backtalk appointees and appointees may go through an older religion and culture medium known as 'love medicine' (oddly enough, a conglomerant of CPCS, forms of pulling into one's sight, lenat based, comfort and security and privacy invading, aka a religious and cultural based 'solicitation')
The Jaguar Night additions allowed for a Nome, Alaska backwards-compatible solution (though Nahuatl, not Aramaic was noted) roughly, as follows:
"E-namola ki-micit." Using, the now extinct dialect of Cree. 
(Where the other 4 dialects are transferable with:

Though, if NSA would have email or phone communications with QuetzalCorp, for this border security enhancement, does apply to most reviewed "forms of pullinginto ones sight"!


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July 2017


There was alot of time to think about what might have been.  There was alot of time to think of what was written.


August 2017




The first evening, the perception from elsewhere, claiming victory and submission.



“Bethuselah.” Was Asterick's calculated answer.


The second evening, the perceptions from elsewhere, claiming victory and submission.




“Bethuselah.” Again, was Asterick's calculated answer, as there could nor should there be any submission to religious persecution, religious compelling, institutional reduction.


The third evening was the last of the pending questions...




“Bethuselah, saith Selah.”




It had been written long ago, that the Prophet Elijah and the followers Ba'al, had decided on a test of faith to light a bonfire. It was quite the match of prayer and divinity, that when the followers of Ba'al had their hand and spirit at prayer, that did not yield such flame of the bonfire, that the Prophet Elijah alone did stand and with his prayers won victory.


What happened then, was not expected, as each of the followers of Ba'al were killed, one after another there, where there should have been no such war between understanding.


The Babylonians then, afterwards, planted a tree in memory of each knowledge of Ba'al, thusly it was known as, the fertile delta where the ancient river once flowed, The Garden of Eden.


That one tree had been used and was given freely to Eve over the ages, still sparked some sort of mystery. The Tree of Knowledge.