Main Character Perspectiva


"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


"What's wrong with them?" Batsheba of The Well of Seven Adders asked the Beersheba.

"They have tooo much, tooo much, tooo much knowledge." her voice excessively over-voweled.


Low Frequency Communication it would be called years later involved embarassment and degradation, often by religious compelling or reduction policy and colon locatives of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' of The Babel Tower.

High Frequency Communication was then, after LFC, implanted the intent and expectation, at the cost of stress and pressure.


The split began, many years ago... with the -Ody's taking the the fifth element of the Star of Lucifer.  The last great holdout of them was the Jehovah Witnesses being reduced, which was covered up as the Hale-Bop Cult, it is occuring again.


Slenderman looked towards Machu Pichu and then to Quetzalcoatl, the Lucifinian Mask Holder, having gave up direct control over the Star of Lucifer's constituent parts.  He gave back the Golden Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter to its owner, that he would be taking up judgement which was his.  Then a mask of static, he took up from Machu Pichu.

"This mask will be the face of the one who judged, the one removed from the situation and circumstance that could not be resolved by normal means or methods."

"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


"What's wrong with them?" Batsheba of The Well of Seven Adders asked the Beersheba.

"They have tooo much, tooo much, tooo much knowledge." her voice excessively over-voweled.


Low Frequency Communication it would be called years later involved embarassment and degradation, often by religious compelling or reduction policy and colon locatives of 'forms of pulling into ones sight' of The Babel Tower.

High Frequency Communication was then, after LFC, implanted the intent and expectation, at the cost of stress and pressure.


The split began, many years ago... with the -Ody's taking the the fifth element of the Star of Lucifer.  The last great holdout of them was the Jehovah Witnesses being reduced, which was covered up as the Hale-Bop Cult, it is occuring again.


Slenderman looked towards Machu Pichu and then to Quetzalcoatl, the Lucifinian Mask Holder, having gave up direct control over the Star of Lucifer's constituent parts.  He gave back the Golden Emblem of the Bearer and Begetter to its owner, that he would be taking up judgement which was his.  Then a mask of static, he took up from Machu Pichu.

"This mask will be the face of the one who judged, the one removed from the situation and circumstance that could not be resolved by normal means or methods."




"What's wrong with them?" Slenderman asked his mother Machu Pichu, polishing his Bearer and Begetter emblem.

"They Just Boasted Excessive Trespasses."


Not Right Now is his real name, though afterwards the Nahuatl speakers would call him The Slenderman. The four brothers, four sons of the Bearer and Begetter, their mother Machu Pichu, their Grandmother Xumucane.


About the same time that the Babylonian wedding between Quetzalcoatl and Lilith was culminating, a 'Time of Renewal' was occurring. To see one's society degenerating in entropic fashion is overwhelming in none but those whom have thought to see such. The most undermining factor of the matter is the perception of entitlement to those with applied intention and expectation, and the knowledge of understanding that the stress and pressure that the academics and history hold.


The overall loss of cohesion between the '-Ody's', those who utilized LFC's and had the entitlement, intention and expectation, were opposed to the 'Lucifinian's', the HFC's positives of knowledges, were those who were stressed and pressured.


For the extent that the Pyramid Nohmul was decorated for the cermonial appointments of Quetzalcoatl and Lilith, nothing had been moved, the site was cursed since the Quasart had bitten the Cocoa and Tobacco Bundles in retaliation of what religious compelling and institutional reduction was occurring during that particular “time of renewal”, a recirculation of prayer.


Now that Not Right Now had become the Slenderman, and the Quasart had been taken, there were technical details as the Fourth Brother acted against the Bearer and Begetter, and became the Rake.


That history forgot these narratives is not happenstance, but the way the world works.


The Slenderman, The Mothman, The Rake, and their brother The Serpent King.


Lilith was thusly appointed as the Fairy/ Faerie Queen, hers whose drive and ambition was that to overtake the world, and now in await of her husband, while knowledge was reinterpretted over and again, to find out where it had all gone wrong.




Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden thusly named and renamed that which they understood and beheld, a world not known to them, but a world anew. A sound echoed therein of... a crunch. They had both heard it before... they went about as husband and wife to find where it was.


“He has hidden the world from you, do you not seek the Tree of Knowledge?” The Serpent asked Adam and Eve.




The -Ody's have always existed, though that is there most basic of detailed designation as many a religion came along afterwards, those of faith and belief based upon property rights and laws... valued, yes; though never tempted or coveted of. Those of intent and expectation. They had always separated themselves from the Lucifinians.


Eventually what culminated was known as the Oath to Order and the Right to Remain Silent, though Mary Magdoline of the House of Lion had interpretives of religion into Institutions in a comfort and security. The desert having come to her France abode was of great insult, and she suffered the consequences of those among her of what she tried, and though, in death, like Jesus, she was understood afterwards.


“What do you now bring me Quasart after I am culminated suchly?”

Quetzalcoatl asked.


“There are Twelve Above, known as Elders of those things; There are Twelve Below, known as elders of those things. It is so that each culminates inclusionary acceptance of each. End result computated, all that is left is known as acceptance and adherance.”


“This is good. This is Godly.”


“Type Three. Not of Hypnosis. Not of What is Written.”


“So be it.”


And so it was, though the -Ody's perceived it as their blessing held or taken by the Lucifinians; though, one might remember how Loyal Assistants once helped Their Grand Masters in that things could be solved internally that externally they could be praised and enrich the world!


Whether Amish, or Jehovah's Witness or any of the twelve, they themselves had a great answer, but to deter an encroachment of bees as it were perceived by QuetzalCorp inSeptember 2016; something was happening externally.


To be continued....


The -Ody's and the Lucifinians - Clergy-ody

Two eyes as suns, one a five pointed star; representing stress, pressure, intention, expectation and will; the other eye the likeness of the star of David, one a hierarchical upward force and the other a hierarchical downward force.  This is the overall perception of the mask that Quetzalcoatl once wore, this is the mask which represented that which was known as Lucifer, its knowledge Lucifinian, the knowledge of the world.

Clergy-ody had been in the church for most of his life, and having kept a close periphery, he was soon taught to teach on behalf of the church, so that, by the time he was graduated, and not a few weeks before finishing his religious study that his predecessor, his mentor, his overseer had passed on.  The church was one of many outposts along the missionary trail, so that when it came time to speak the Eulogy, only Charles not yet a minister had spoke at the request of the congregation.

“To know him, was to love him; and to love him was to abide by him; and to abide by him was to trust him; and of those of the way, the truth and the light... we did.”  It was such a warming, sincere and heartfelt acknowledgment, that even though the church was empty after the funeral, every one seemed to have kept place afterwards, with everyone looking up to Clergy-ody for him to take his place.


The years were long, and though things go slowly in northern Canada, they also intensely, over the long years many good and great things came and went, people that made places... places that made things... things that brought people and things that inspired people to go elsewhere.

There were many odd occurrences now and again... most people did not talk about them, but in every little thing, small patterns materialized that took hold and gained momentum in the mindset of the community.  People moved to the communities, people moved the city with ideas, ideas created dreams and the dreams inspired the people.

So too, among many other things, those things which lasted longest were those of family, religion, and those of institution; the institution of business and marriage were the mainstays, the institutions otherwise became business.

There were some things that were familiar where ever one went, that was how things were... they had changed dramatically over the years, the histories of people near and far... things were added to, things were taken from; though whether cultural societies international near or far, Epsiton to once had great dreams of the stars, of travel to the world wonders, to travel under the sea, to see creatures and also wildlife, to read and be told stories of the spirit world and ghost stories.

At age 7 or so, Asterick was baptized and the things he once thought about were as figments of his imagination, as dreams that once inspired, he mainly read and read, and wondered and wondered... by the time he was nearly done elementary schooling, he had became and inspired writer.

At the age of 11, he had written his first accounts of a world he called Stria, and it was as though it was a new thing, though even as his writing continued, it seemed a way to become more familiar with the world around him, even the far away parts of the world that he knew nothing about, and what he did not know, he accommodated by more reading, then more writing, soon his studies became a part of his writing.


Things about the -Ody's and the Lucifinians had no understanding in his understanding until after 26 years of writing, finishing high school, three years in the trades, then seven years of standard undergraduate schooling, and seventeen years of independent reading, research and writing, that the very start of knowing such things had begun to manifest.

Though, some things happened in that time that many people do not have the chance to perceive, a 'time of renewal', an international re-circulation of prayer; that which is now known as stress, pressure, expectation and intention, will, and the CPCS, Coatilian Placard Coding System, as they pertain to various knowledge.

And the frequency continued in the background... "Thy will be done."


It is remembered still... all these long years later.

That which was lost by them from the desert.

They won the battle of Godly Righteousness,

though when others looked back to them,

Worldly Knowledge did not exist.

To be continued....


Odys vs The Lucifinians – Down to Fifty 
“In View of Heaven”

There was something about mirrors that had always captivated him.  Whether or not he had, just for that split second had seen something, the intensity was shattering.  He could perceive, even a month later, that the very mirror he had peered into, there was something looking back from within, that after he was gone, the mirror had cracked, from the inside, though it was well secured to the wall on permanent fixture.

It was when people started looking at him oddly in day to day life that another mirror came into the story line: “Why would you do that... enter the parent company's room and draw and write on the mirror.”

“I do not have access, there was almost a rescheduling, but it was canceled.”

“Then, why would you mutter under your breath.”


“Nothing was said... though the LFC and HFC research is one of the more pertinent... interteresting concerning the subject.”

“Nevermind.” the person walked away laughing, then muttering 'pertinent'.”

It was then that he looked up at the hood vent.  He had gone through a logical as possible deduction of what may have been involved, the first Low Frequency Communication was a NASA derivative applied theory to what was known as the 'Raven Project', while the second part was a antecedent review, that the High Frequency Communication.

“When you breathe in my presence, it makes me sick.” (lfc)

“What are you... a poet...”(lfc)

There it was again. It was a very common theme that was repelling at its core, though nothing had been or would be said.  


What then, was in the mirror?

It was just for a split second, I was looking into my own eyes, then it was as if I was cycling through many sets of eyes only, some I would talk to, others I wouldn't or felt innately insulted... I wondered for a moment, can they see me too as I saw varied other eyes in the reflection; then, that was when I saw it... I was quite light skinned, but... this reflection was bluish-white, shadowed, the eyes had a background beyond merely the variant eye view.

It reminded him of the Older Halls of long ago, before disappointment had begun and had required and made him to be resentful, as the blue of CPCS... that was well over a decade ago.  

That was when Asterick stopped smiling so much, it was nice, to have a selection of solutions to problems, but, that was the conundrum. “don't say conundrum...” (lfc)

Sometimes the problem was having solutions, it caused more division than they were once worth, and that tended and trended to become the empowerment.

While some parts had been accounted for in the sub-domains, there was always more to do, therefore patience, mercy and pity were always integral in the current viewpoint and the conflict of worldview, always empowering at the cost of property rights and property laws; that for the view, the cost of degrading the addition of understanding, always degraded at the cost of that which was written... called knowledge.

Then, knowledge, although important, meant less understanding for property rights and property laws, and less access to understanding, money then was a slope of time, timeliness or not enough time.

Therefore, faith, belief and devotion, were imminent for that variance.

People wanted and needed for empowerment.

Therefore, empowerment was less understanding for knowledge.

Furthermore, empowerment came and comes for understanding.


Back when Epsiton was in the Underworld because he was offset with a large portion of indiscernible will and cast into Hell, it, though scapegoating, had provided him too with the choice of opportunity.  The very scapegoating that had disempowered and embarassed him, was the adversity to overcome.

Though, the very overcoming the adversity had become the resentment of the surface or overworld.  What was there on the surface was hallways and mirrors. The Older Halls were untracked and untraced to most, the Lucifinian knowing was needed, the understanding of the world, not faith, belief or understanding, not Promised Land, not the property rights and property laws.


If the subtext titles of the Holy Roman Emporer Nero was acceptable, maybe all of this misdirection and miscommunication compensating for elsewhere, when the Golden Eagle Ark returned to the Upper Chamber at Giza, what followed would be Empowerment.

The blue dressed woman, Nero's most loved had perceived, even in the afterlife, for her just to say it:

“Your laugh, Nero, even after Rome Burning with your policy mods of 'world without end', are still elusive, but a website appointed secretary, to be fully known and perceivable again as well as myself. Yes, it was your 'exorcist' laughter, and yes, it was the burning buildings and city.”


In View of Heaven


I was once there, and as I saw people, person and thing cast among me the forbidden coin of my future websites incline. Quetzal coin was greatly misused by this age; as many before since he had been dematerialized to the four corners and the four directions as James the Older.


“Are you right?” Moses God Almighty asked his previous son, Quetzalcoatl, bearer of the mask of Lucifer of the planet, knowing things of all the planet.

His holy breath expended upon the sea opposite the Zephyrs, opposite Xumucane as the Beersheeba, having walked to and fro poking the anus ,in religious compelling and institutional reduction, of the Pharaoh, expending his previous Bearer and Begetter namesake as for his will, not a single emotion of CPCS, the Coatilian Placard and Coding System, to forsake the Cocoa and Tobacco plant of Belize and its, now destroyed, Pyramid of Nohmul.


Xumucane, lessening herself for her son and grandsons, never mentioned over the years, through Beersheba, did give birth to Aaron, then to Moses. The first with understanding of emotion and stress and pressure and of intention and expectation, the second without, known as Moses Almighty; though out of suffering... she became Will, eventually shoneth through the Chastisers in absence of the Chorals, and even after that in absence of Jesus and James the Older, the Metatron, on either side,before and behind He Who Said I Am Your Father, while Jesus Ascended to Casseiopia to his Father YHWH when he gave such responsibilities to his Apostles and Disciples.



But, there known, my sister before me was as such sacrificed, for wont of money, for wont of time, for wont of any exploit she went before me...


I then, stood in the circle of my own inspiration, watching the coins of sacrifice tossed at me. Five levels of that which I had known, and had tried to explain on an international plane to subside, was now occurring.

What would one do... if they had time or warning....















Ody's vs. The Lucifinians – QMS

The Review


The Older Halls... they seemed such a prized possession, the truth of the matter was as diverse as the problems present in the world. Interaction between the “forms of pulling into ones sight” were anything but of interest, in fact the Ody's and Lucifinians were more of a succinct and direct course; however, the Older Halls of the Elders were between each and every religion and cult and occult, between every policy, procedure, practice and their exploits.


“Whose will be done?” The voice of Lilith and of every one since was as if another archaic exercise, another chastisement amplified, another necessity of forgiveness whenever the loss of comfort and security.


It was of minimal interest where ritualism was made conformity by the law enforcement, hence, their stress from converting “will”, element five, ritualism conformed, even in this day and age. It was odd that the Quasart had imparted the PTSD and DAF modules to “Hero's are Human” for their professional use, worse though, that they had both found their way to the [Entropic*] Barristers Document, as difficult as the Dirty Thirty's Scapegoat Contract, or World War Two Era's Solicitation with the [Entropic*] Barristers Document, but what came after that, the world did not speak of... Reichiarchy.


The international blessed Swastika that came from the international “forms of pulling into one's sight” blessed metals, which were after oversee-blessed then melted together with the ground up Sankara Stones of the fifth designation, the “Will Be Done” Sankara Stones.


Soon enough, after PTSD was absolving blue-collars from their emotions, did then find a way that previous objectivity of many called exploit and perfected re-allotment of “scapegoat will” a dangerous bypass that the SGU - Administration had perfected since its culmination by Derek and Sarah, though Jennifer of Nome, Alaska in the Northern City did on occasion ponder after watching “The Fourth Kind” a movie about malicious paranormal or alien attacks, though filtered appropriately of stress and pressure transference.


Asterick had, over the years, contacted not Dr. Abigail of Nome, Alaska, but first the local police attachment, then afterwards of no reply, the Anchorage, Alaska Federal Bureau of Investigation. Again, there was no reply.


It was probably thereafter his own consequence that he himself woke up and called Jennifer, himself now one foot in the loop... the 'undertaking-compelling to court' had its Quasart. Apart from the property rights and property laws 9-1-1 service, the 'undertaking-compelling to court' worked in reverse:


According to QuetzalCorp:

Core Aspect of 'Missing'

There has been a major misconception regarding the research behind Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Starlight Tour Men; and that is the oversight of Barristers Documentation of the standard property rights and property laws to property rights and property laws that is coordinated thus:

-property right and property laws to individuals

-property rights and property laws to businesses to individuals

-property rights and property laws to institutions to individuals

-property rights and property laws to religions to individual


The greatest notation here is the Barrister's Document interuptive feature to the religion, culture, policy and policy exploit off-setting external policy exploit and eventual internal policy exploit.



It was, at first, an external coincidence...


QMS: “Were you in the change room with a younger visitor.”


Asterick: “Perhaps I was, why do you ask?”


“The exercised opposite of said person staring at him whenever noticing in the weight room.”


“Negative, I was in the treadmill and elliptical room, the two are in different directions.”


“You can prove that?”


“I was wearing my exercise wear, grey and/or blue.”


“The 'said person' was in red and/or black”.



There were thereafter several other confrontation scenarios of intimidation or dominance; there too, something was very off, Asterick had seen at least three other co-workers looking stressed... then, sometimes later... 'come out and fight', 'if that's how you feel about it, 'meet me out back'. In both Far North occasions, it was not the way of things, people were going about their own businesses.




It was the oddest thing, when Asterick had the beginnings of his problems in November 2015, well over a year earlier, he could sense something... sometimes in the closet, sometimes under the bed, or echoing in the ventilation system. Though, one night, after opening up the blinds to the wilderness to see stars or cloud, or no outline between dense forest and sky.


A walk to the mirror with the window open seemed the most inviting perception. Sleep awhile later seemed all but impossible. The words were as a whisper, he almost wanted to hear what they were saying:


“Meet me in the smoke shack in front.” It was a pleasant voice, yet, no one he could recollect offhand.


He went for a couple smokes, nothing out of the ordinary.


No one came or went, which was more of a relief. Nothing, was wrong... just a thought.


Back to bed he went, a quick refresh of juice in a cup, and off to sleep...


“I am standing outside the window you looked at from the window.”

Asterick, then, in November, 2015, jumped out of bed, jumped into his clothes, and walked as fast as he could without jogging or running. A few choice, emails sent, his heart-rate was decreasing. The chef came down stairs halfway in between the emails and the notes and the external research notations.



As for the coincidence, It was odd, why had QMS Far North II asked Asterick about the younger person seemed almost insulting, but, he was more than sure that his face and exercise clothing was far different. It was usually when these times were occurring, there were high-pitched or low-grumbling noticeable.


He should have known it was coming, not coworker, not Ward of State... frequency from the forest:


“Slenderman... Slenderman... Slenderman.”


There was children singing in the background when he was indoors, outside he wanted you to seek him in the shadows. Is he up high, or is he around the corner.


He had followed-up with the Youtube search and found that there was an abnormally high sequence that followed those came into the wake of the myth, whether ancient folklore or urban myth.


What then had happened between 2015 and 2017, was that unspoken frequency...


That the Wards of State of Canada liked the wide eyed look of the Holy-of-Holy's of the Heaven's Gate cult, their actual knowledge reflected the Devil's gate dam, the endless trail of deceased Rams or Ravens, and the ritualism of unknown conformity via law enforcement of property laws and property rights.


There seemed a reflected strangeness of peoples requests that went outside QuetzalCorp's research areas, none seemed beneficial to anyone in any direction, just death, the death of will, the death will-intent, the death of will-expectant, the death of will-stress, and the death of will-pressure.


The five elements had been categorized, Slenderman had been encountered, Mothman had been encountered, even non-corporal Quetzalcoatl had been interacted with at one point:

“Tomato/ Tomatoe, Potato/ Potatoe...”


Then, on the South East one month writing excursion and coming across again, the “Portal of Doom” paranormal documentary on Youtube, soon there after, had then met the actual Jaguar Night, institutions however are close to bind any good and godly type three that could culminate from the occurances, therefore, study continued as long as possible, and updated swiftly before The Four Brothers were replaced with living placeholders who complained about trespassers or backtalkers.



It was a negative occurrence that befell an extended coworker's family at the connected site that a chance occurred that he would travel there and retake training after two years absence. When QMS Far North I came up as one of the secondary sites more revered computer systems... was when he remembered there was no QMS computer system. QMSFNI was a highly secure area, everyone accounted for at all times, security on hand, nothing went in or out without being accounted for. Beyond that, Three-Level Scanning was required, or it stayed behind.


Why had he gotten QMSFNII prompts when there was no such system there other than FNII practice and procedure without policy or policy exploit. One might wonder, who had made the system to begin with, why had it not been modified, but mostly... Why would Asterick have a GAB page, and other information that others wanted, and wanted it then and now...


Asterick, did hold off as long as he could...

then sent the “Arbitration Model overlooking Solicitation opposite Barrister's Documents” internationally and sent several emails to the USA concerning a potential computer system and internationally disconnected, internationally unavailable power source. 


Not only that, Project QMSFNXYZ and ProjectQMSPrimary might have a future afterall.

Though whether backtalk in the attending lodge was the workplace or observant and participant sweatlodge, the fentynl agent was increasing as a communication medium.

*[Entropic was a replacement word clarifying intent and expectation from a singular 'form of pulling into ones sight']



Continued – Ody's Vs. The Lucifinians – QMS

The Response


The kitchen night staff had been pulled off to the side in a Safety Session that usually only occurred in the Mines or the Shafts:


The Chef continued with the same urgency that the other teams had over the phone and radio:


“We have a situation, in the time, six days, that our coworker, Asterick, was at QMSFNI, he was able to obtain enough QMS information to make a website without leaving the sub-team kitchen and dorm area.


I am told that the QMS, Quality Management System, is a highly classified system and is specific to the Nuclear Energy program and has been in operation since well before QMSFNPrimary.


Can anyone tell me, since many of you have also been to that site or others, how a General Kitchen Help has been able to obtain this, any conversations that may or may not have occurred?”


“This is a joke right?” One of the night workers commented, to which several others had nervous laughter.”


“Does this look like a joke to you.”


The Chef slammed down a screenshot of the QuetzalCorp front page, which read:


“QuetzalCorp's Arbitration Model”




“Ody's vs. The Lucifinians – QMS”



[Meanwhile at QMSFNI]


“Any security video feeds from either site over the past three years during 'said kitchen employee's' time index?”


“Not at this time, most workers carry a personnel dosimeter that we could track any movement that may have been overlooked by staff or security, our technician is manually entering the data into a dosimeter, since he is kitchen staff and have reviewed the background of the individual and found that he has well over seven years of post-secondary knowledge, though suddenly stopped ten classes short of an undergraduate degree... which means he would not show up on any of our databases or that of our affiliates without that degree, business license, or virtually any other certificate, just another guy in the kitchen.”



[DAF – China]

Several Translators are gathered from several disciplines:

“They are saying that he is just another guy who did not finish his degree nor is he licensed, nor is there any other certificate. Their own records and databases show no relevant information, nor that of any of their affiliates.”

“They are saying that the security and surveillance had not picked up anything unusual over the past three years. A gamma class radiation dosimeter badge is currently being loaded with 'said person's' information.”




[DOBAD / BINBAD / Emergency Broadcast/ DAF system]


The system was no longer usable, it was dismantled internationally, along with main controlling unpowered system guarded 24/7, any inspired that dare enter the area are shot dead, regular surveillance every five minutes.


US President: “Where is this theoretical unpowered computer system.”


“Nevada. Sir.”





(Early Spring 2017 Dosimeter Surveillance)


Asterick getting ready for work...


Asterick eating...


Normal habits, gets along well with other workers, non-obtrusive, moves aside for other workers, non-aggressive...




“All routine behavior files during shift, overall a very decent worker who rather than skilled in any certain or specific area, was trained to buffer up to six inter-changeable routines to accommodate for staffing and scheduling modifications.”


“Then, what are we missing?”


The night data is much more aberrant:


Coffee at any hour, smokes day and night, at any hour, non-standard sleep schedule, non-standard eating schedule, routine or habits; but since 2017, a lot less red meat, less coffee, more fish and chicken and more juice and water.


We are compiling more reconstructions, phone lists, internet, undergraduate qualities, plus, radiation department could not comment immediately, but there seems to be an abnormality, though it could be the upload rather than the recording of the dosimeter.


As well, five of the affiliates have five static interpretations during those time as well.




Continued - Ody's vs. The Lucifinians – QMS

The Static


There were many applications for DAF, delayed audio frequency technology, the satellite system around the earth had expanded by by 210% since its dismantling at the end of the second World War. The static was not made by DAF, it merely measured the changes within the static on an electro-magnetic basis, pascal amplification, uhf compression, and perception of ultra-low-frequency, low-frequency communication, high-frequency communication and super-high-frequency communication.


There were further extrapolations and calculations that could be inferred from the data, though only in a QMS viewpoint and QuetzalCorp's widely varied system of filtration, none of which was generically or generally available because what Asterick had completed so far were long hand transcription which were later attached to a quantum design, which allowed for the collapse and expansion of calculations based on external circumstance and situation, then, stress, pressure, intention and expectation.


The larger of soluble problems and the problem with solutions was the very thing that “Earth's Moderator” had with the design itself, that which gave faith and hope and vindication one moment, then, the next its collapsing based on no reason or rationale which made people weary with QuetzalCorp's design. Though he had even five years before had then forewarned of 20 things to be on guard of, not the least of which was known as the “Oasis Effect Filter”.


In this particular “Earth Moderator Viewpoint and/or Worldview” was based on a singular set of calculations, while the overall base parameters covered Fifty Babylonian Gods/Kings, Goddess/Queens as knowledgistic supersets, The Copper Scroll was often the best inspirational cipher to the “Older Hall” ideals, that which gave eventual rise to the Babel Tower, centralization via Ba'al of All Knowledge to YHWH of Knowledge, Mercy, Pity and Understanding.


After the eventual fall of the Tower, afterward there was known to be only 27 representations of Ba'al throughout the world, at least 9 representations of “Forms of Pulling into One's Sight”, and 14 disconnected disciplines and knowledge, that became the 'other' afterwards.


While there were five different perceptions from very different areas and perspectives, the gang-stalking static field was for law enforcement and army, while e-stalking became the newest base parameter of the elite, which to it could be added the track changes method of modifying property rights and property laws, “forms of pulling into ones sight”, solicitation, under-taking - compelling to court and a growing number of other conglomerates.



"He does seem to have a remarkable understanding of the QMS system, as well as the other research would be considered genius if he had his degree."

"Start again why this could be an opportunity for QMSFNI, to start with, the original and last programmer died suddenly."


"The last Quality Managment System programmer was last seen at McArthur River, he died in 1982 and it was classified.  It was determined to be odd circumstances and too many rumours went around, so they classified the event.  Though the older ones attributed to "Miner's Fever": "Stay in those tunnels for too long without adequate ventilation, it isn't necessarily one or the other, and its the shiny one that will take you through the loop."  They used to look up, then make the sign of the cross, most would say no more.

Another obscure account is of a person with a blind eye, but, certain people he could see glow before they got to the sight of the working eye.

The account of Asterick however is much more detailed, includes Miner Fever, includes minor hallucination, the confrontation scenario, the 'stress and pressure transference via colonoscopy' which people begin to attribute meaning to, but are more often than not called religious persecution, religious compelling, institutional reduction, or even 'institutional psychology's anal communication' after 'degradation and regression' from 'oral communication'; that being said, Asterick has traced this particular 'perceived backtalk' to the same frequencies of "NASA's Low Frequency Communication"



Asterick had taken many classes with the Indian Art History PHd, when she mentioned being chosen to go to Ottawa, some sort of big knowledge based convention or something, the best of each academic field in Canada is going to the capital.  He followed her classes including hoping one day to attend the Mesoamerican field trips for university credits, so he checked for several days... not a single mention of it in the government or the public nor anywhere else.

He kept it quiet, hoping nothing had gone wrong or to not get anyone in trouble... the year 2012, was to be quite the year for that knowledge, he never followed-up with her, but, when it came time several years later... what if it was a centralization of Canadian knowledge, then what followed after was the Prime Minister's Jordan visit oversees, a time later was the "time of renewal" by the Vatican, which missed two steps of the Mufti-blessing and the United States President's "Power Delegation".

A further review of what extremism had happened in the larger scope of things, "Iranian leader shoots off gun at the UN", "Missing Middle East Gold", "9/11"

"Religious leader caught."  "Political Leader Caught"... ... ...

Then in 2017, a Youtube paranormal video which happened to depict several black bird feathers falling from nowhere, made his Summer-writing retreat room go cold, whether this was before, during or after meeting Jaguar Night, eldest brother to Quetzalcoatl,Slenderman, Mothman...

"Look...its us!" The Ram original commented to the Raven original.  "The Roommate" had , made for quite the paranormal company movie night.

Later, he was watching a Buffy episode of the Fifth Season: the goddess Glory: "There's a fox in my henhouse." Got the attention of Jaguar Night, while Asterick thumbed through his Nahuatl-English app that had contacted the occasional schedule of Quetzalcoatl:

"That lady right there, and somebody from Nome, Alaska.  They called the language, Aramaic. Is it possible?"

 "I'll run the sociopathic filters over and again.  Perhaps contacting the Entertainment Liason of the CIA, or Pensylvania's FBI, if the "Portal of Doom" key gets into the wrong hands.  

"I want that key back."

"It could take sometime...hey, for now... try element 7, after stress, pressure, intention, expectation, will... and if fentynl is the sixth "backtalk element" and test six "backtalk element" from the dream, Element Seven is the prize of that which makes faith, belief and hope.



Continued - Ody's vs. The Lucifinians – QMS

During the Night


It was the same thing for the past five years, the Ellenoir family had to be removed as primary scapegoats nationally, continentally, or internationally; when the PSC had an option in the previous government to integrate QuetzalCorp's predecessor site Blasar Incorporated into its knowledgistic ranks, it chose Ellenoir; a very convincing female, two male children and a caring husband, that was the year 2012.


Today, he was waiting, it had been a wonderful three years, with approximately two years kitchen experience now, had seemed to lead him back to his dreams and his pre-undergrad degree. Seven years of university knowledge and understanding had amalgamated their way into a website and from an underworld salvation from a man named Pooka in those parts who had lead him weeks through shadow to the place called Calvary where he was once crucified as James the Younger of the Babylonians, his brother, James the Older, once an advisor to the Babylonians.


It was many a year later that he learned of Quetzalcoatl, his advisor brother, had a wife named Lilith who once tread the Garden of Eden, their intended marriage celebration at the Pyramid Nohmul at Belize, brother now known a Slenderman with his mask of static, and eldest brother, Jaguar Night, portal keeper.


With the coming Halloween season of 2016, he had come upon the “fiddle of the night” of Nero, Holy Roman Emporer, most hated of exorcists. Then, the Heaven's gate 'cult' childrens choir with their song: “The way, the truth, the light.”


Then afterwards, the Raven's of the Hell's Gate Dam, then afterwards the Ram...


Things not even thought of in the country of “Maple-leaf” in too many a year.


It was over 28 years ago, when the Gypsy family moved to the small northern community where Clergy-ody had spent most of his life. It was a small family, man and wife, and two sons, who had managed to inherit enough money from the wife's mother to move to Canada.


The Old lady had several secrets, and though it might be cliché, one was an amount of money that would make her daughter's and family a life more splendid than any of them could imagine in Romania, they would have passports, enough money to travel, they should find a nice town or village to settle down and lay their heads to rest each night knowing the value of saving and supporting ones family, the last was a fine statue of herself in her prime, and told her daughter to break it, if even before her own heart, when the extent of each blessing and planning provided failed.


After the Old Gypsy Lady had prepared her daughter and their family's new life overseas, she then planned her own preparation, wake, funeral, and burial; she had purchased an excessively expensive burial dress, a two piece felt dress of pink and black trim, complete with hat, round, it was difficult to tell if it was professionally made for a department store in one of the larger city centers.


That Clergy-ody's Daughter Evon-ody, had not partaken in the death of the male Gypsy of the northern town's laundromat, that Ody's had partaken in the death of the person, by 'boasts of trespassing', confrontation scenario and layman blessing marriage primary, Evon-ody, had overstepped others through too many stress and pressure transferences through murder, suicide, and any amount of infractions of situation and circumstance.


Years later a man murdered a female, and though there too, it seemed something quite odd and of separate interest, parallel, but still peripheral. Trial came and trial went with whispers on all sides of every direction of Clergy-ody, as Evon-ody was never again in public sight, though for years she played off the gypsy family of the Northern City.


The last public interaction that occurred included the Devil's Diamond which befell a young male into Ram-hood, not to be perceived until Halloween 2016, one of his fingers missing. Life taken by an Evon-ody layman in the forest.


Trial came and when the line of blame, as if a flame came to the Ody Church and the Gypsy family of Northern City. The gypsy woman took up her mother's statue, and smashed it, to all with her and beyond breath came, in the pile of ceramic left behind was an encased scroll... a barristers document.


Her son soon afterwards became a barristers document holder when his company in which he was employed as a security type, that the interplay between the Ody's and the Gypsy's became business.


Perhaps it was by chance that when one scapegoat was found guilty by the interplay, and every one after became easy-money, that for years and years it progressed, nation by nation the barristers document opposite solicitation contaminated business after business...


By 2012, it had gone through 20 businesses or professions and even academics could not be sought to remedy the police science replacement of ethics and morals with property rights and property laws. Then, by 2017, 141 businesses and professions had been contaminated by interplay as the worst effects of the barristers document by then utilized the weak, weary, down-trodden or disabled along side prisoner to religiously persecute, religiously compel or to institutionally reduce on an ever increasing planet scale perversion.



The dreams were many that came during the night ever since November 2015, so, one after another, Asterick Epsiton took up pen, search engine, website, reference, phone call and email.


In 2016, the beginnings of the problem made their way to light, as the the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, one year later and a nation taking up barristers document or solicitation to empower themselves during the time of renewal, that the Arbitration Model, finally made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada, days before the Barristers Document Holders and the Solicitors across the nation were to take up the cases of the deceased and living in a ruse of a commission.


Though, none among them seemed to be aware of what had occurred in this nation, on this continent, nor on the planet.


The Elder Gypsy Brother was eager to get out of prison, those with Clergy-ody had beyond their own excesses had boasted trespasses beyond any rationale and reason with their hands held out, with chastiser after chastisement had forgotten the rule-of-thumb-stick, had forgotten residential school, had forgotten the penitentary system, and had forgotten the Holocaust, and the reason and rationale of “Lest We Forget” and “Never Again”, to let “boasts of trespassing” and solicitation in any form, to ruin themselves.


The End

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Hanabesh and Amabeth were always at the side of the Morning Star in Heaven of Paradise, before the ascent of YHWH to Casseiopeia and Moses Almighty and Aaron Almighty to Heavenly Places of The Promised Land, where embarassment and degradation could breach from any side of any Heavenly Place, lest any man boast, the alternative of "The First Seal" was worse than it enduring "good fight" and keeping ones places and possessions, or at the worst, end up in a prison, between a Rock and a Hard Place, of Hell Places.


To Be Continued... 


The world had changed, Hanabesh was another international perception, as so was Amabeth, the only incline towards them was now only known as a MMORPG insignia.


Heavenly places, they always seemed to look, or to be interested. They were not, only on who should not be there. Property right and property laws over the years had been interesting...


That those before had fallen for the lull of anything on the earth not covered by the Holy Book, was nice, he saw it in family, friends, institution, entertainment and in business...


As the mask holder, after all these things had come to pass.


Asterick had fallen asleep, again, and there again, like 20 years ago or so, he still had access to that same feeling... what the heck was everyone else so uptight about... now the horrishness of unbound barristers notes now revealed in those who were appointed previously as sick...


The workplace was coveted.


Those left behind, were shunned; he looked behind...


Maybe, things had changed.


What was the Bearer, Begetter, CPCS?


It was, afterall... understanding...


If it is the case that the Mufti blessed become theirs primarily, it can be restricted at th U.N. level causing said stress and pressure increase with those with intention and expectation are oblivious while religions and culture are will bound.

The Conclusion:

The Quality Management System was recovered after an unknown number of years, though the actual programmer and what happened to the original program remains a mystery; but the base-code, although seemingly simple was as follows: The intentions and expectations went to the QMS system, these became the stresses and pressures of the level under them, in descending order.  Any backtalk was aacompanied by acquisition of the negative of the said, people, person, place or thing on a Garden of Eden, breath of empowerment and those traced and external from reduced by any means necessary, up to and leading to War.  If, in this system of intention and expectation, stress and pressure transference, the "will be done" was not inbalance, things would degenerate in an entropic fashion as those with intention and expectation got increasingly stressed... The thing was, each nation was not created equally, each continent, each hemisphere, and Once Upon a Time in Babylon, a Parthenon of Fifty Gods and Godesses governed over knowledge, these post-Babel Tower, were passed on to the Kings.  The bedouins and sheiks parted one of many other stories, and, as for toiling... most even to this day, forgot the nature of the Garden of Eden, the great bonfire showdown between the Prophets of "I Am That I Am" and the Prophets of Ba'al.  The prior won, the second was massacred.  The Garden of Eden was seeded in remberence of the Prophets of Ba'al.


If it is the case that the Mufti blessed become theirs primarily, it can be restricted at th U.N. level causing said stress and pressure increase with those with intention and expectation are oblivious while religions and culture are will bound.

The Conclusion: