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"Between the perception by an increasing number of people, the experiential complaints of trespassing and reduction co-inciding with "backtalk", and his continuing research and entertainment left Asterick wondering what had happened to the Charter?"

"What more could any people thirst for after its loss, the freedom of thought, religion and expression... but open communication and resolution."

Hanabesh and Amabeth were always at the side of the Morning Star in Heaven of Paradise, before the ascent of YHWH to Casseiopeia and Moses Almighty and Aaron Almighty to Heavenly Places of The Promised Land, where embarassment and degradation could breach from any side of any Heavenly Place, lest any man boast, the alternative of "The First Seal" was worse than it enduring "good fight" and keeping ones places and possessions, or at the worst, end up in a prison, between a Rock and a Hard Place, of Hell Places.

The world had changed, Hanabesh was another international perception, as so was Amabeth, the only incline towards them was now only known as a MMORPG insignia, a non-affiliate of course, The Lights of Dawn.

Heavenly places, they always seemed to look, or to be interested. They were not, only on who should not be there. Property right and property laws over the years had been interesting...

That those before had fallen for the lull of anything on the earth not covered by the Holy Book, was nice, he saw it in family, friends, institution, entertainment and in business...

As the mask holder, after all these things had come to pass.

Asterick had fallen asleep, again, and there again, like 20 years ago or so, he still had access to that same feeling... what the heck was everyone else so uptight about... now the horrishness of unbound barristers notes now revealed in those who were appointed previously as sick...

The knowledge was coveted, those left behind, were shunned; he looked behind... Maybe, things had changed. What was the Bearer, Begetter, CPCS? It was, afterall... understanding...

The old question, it seemed so many years later, the War Before Heaven:

"Will you go to War Lucifer?"


"Then you are right." the question fell as if to the floor, as it was no question.

As Lucifer, Hanabesh and Amabeth left and later were to account to each other, rather than in council:

"War... you can't live for it, and you cannot die for it.

You are either left behind or whom is left, with Intention and Expectation.

Or die for it and that what lay behind one is picked up by others of Stress and Pressure.

Understanding the 'Will' however, is one of the more direct of approaches to anything, the likeness is stunning and arbitrates well and in any direction that if one thinks well enough ahead it is as stunning, warming and inspirational.

Hanabesh and Amabeth asked at the same time: "Why not override Godly Righteousness." It also might have been a discussion - though, the proverbial door would soon close.


Outsourced solicitation has still not been identified whether professionals under barristers documents or street gang unit who boast trespassing to the federal and afterward provincial, then afterward city based street gang unit administration now culminating as a retirement option.  The second ofwhich has been identified and termed as a HFC mindset, that is a high frequency mindset, a barristers document appointed direction or pain or action, no pleasure or action, so on and so forth compliancy or institutionalizational utilization.

Further, the 911 service still has not accounted for any boasts of trespassing, the street gang unit administration exploits boasts of trespassing. The rationale of 911 seems to be acquisition of charity from the colon torture bulk store 'blue with a happy face insignia' via barristers documents of a 'masseuse with a business license' who boasts trespassing opposite a 'schindlers list' of centralized ward of state stress and pressure transference for which the earlier 'choral defence' 2012 was meant.

Lastly, despite a previous attitude of latency and necessity of translation, pertaining to Islam, muslim or the like, where it is found that the behavior of "boasting of trespassing" where it is called chaperoning or as a chaperone or to be a chaperone is no longer a unknown 517 year old parameter nor the institutional reduction, reduction policy, religious compelling or the like.  Like a management style, chaperoning was much more invasive and degrading

In other like previously NNN classified news; the accountability of the Beershat from Beersheba otherwise known as Bethuselah, loosely describing the Mother of currently "worldly", "Heavenly based Dual-Pharaohs" Moses (a.k.a. Moshe) and Aaron Almighty.  Has been inadvertently detected in a mirror type Egytian afterworld dimension... teams continue the search, while Lilith, Wife of Quetzalcoatl was able to finally communicate briefly with Quetzalcoatl indirectly through ULFC,LFC, HFC, UHFC frequency alternates before they were no longer accessible.  The one who fell his own judgement of being scattered to the four directions and four corners...

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With continuing interference from "The Frequency", a technological breakthrough including satallites and DAF technology, 'boasts of trespassing' and 'justice of what is written', 'appointed backtalkers', 'forms of pulling into ones sight', a growing animosity between the Eva chapters "Raquel's" son as a continuing threat and "contamination" that is agreeing and disagreeing without any background in the company, the 'Arbitration Model' has been making strides ahead in its field while the 'supersets' and 'subsets', have been reclassified and archived before their ability to be useful as an insurance that "said country" does not destroy what is left so far. Lastly, "Frequency 11111" has made another appearance from a previous "Filter 17", a disability program "outsourced solicitation", and "Ellenoir's" continued ruin...

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Whether the barristers document or solicitation during the Dirty Thirties, the warning whether inter-generational, in textbook or recorded volume, did not make it through, the problems and the solutions were standard, however, what QuetzalCorp called element five was still a malleable problem based on agreements or disagreement, that will be done.


The United Nations as a background hub of allowable nation knowledge or not-allowable knowledge was a rare knowledge, the stock exchanges over that was what made knowledge and money move in one way or another based on what went well for the four dimensions.


That “He of the Devil's Gate Dam”, his name not to be spoken was a very crucial aspect to various things, that were more prevalent in many a crucial element... there was no way that Asterick could account for any amount of them, and in fact he was once more considered as an adversary than any extension. He had gone through his bouts with the taunting of “the ram” and “the raven” non-hell-places contaminated version, it was then that something that Asterick already knew internally.


When the occurrence began 50 to 100 years ago, the contamination was guarded against... but, the ever increasing “boasts of trespassing” unchecked began as an accelerator.




In the past year, the perception of the Devil's Gate Dam was overwhelming, but inconclusive, maybe it was just him, or perhaps it was something hopeful:


Asterick had approached the Devil's Gate Dam and it was fixed with fireworks, sparklers, a long overdue glorification of unknown ends... and it keeps occurring... one person completes deeds, it is undermined by the “boasting” or “completion” of something.


To be in the middle of such a show of lights was beautiful, greatly offsetting of stress and pressure, though, when he had envisioned a blue-catlinite explosive that was less than explosive, but safer than such previous nitrous-oxide, it was still a most intelligent design he had seen manifested, up to that time anyway.


[The pre- “Moses and Aaron Almighty” and per-Pharaoahship of the of per-Pharaoahship of the planet after they were replaced by the Beershat from Beersheba, she who was known as Bethuselah, whose name translates as not-peace, had also sub-dued that which is known as “Deeds” and deeds-done-for-good-sake, and subsequent undermining, that could be remedied.]  Could be uttered aloud or perceived, what occurred was a "fractal HFC" for QuetzalCorp, what perhaps was begun and sealed many years before with the Heaven's Gate Cult and their perceptions of the "forms of pulling into ones sight".




"Chaperoning","Boasts of Trespassing", "Bearing false witness against thy neighbor", "Management and Outsourced solicitation over backtalk and reduction, religious compelling and profit margins"; the very interesting thing about International issues in Middle East or its outwards implications of where "Nazism", "Law Enforcement", "Corrections", "Wards of State" came from.


When it is discovered that all of these things came from one mistake, just over 500 years ago, the naming of a "deconstruction" type of Jesus or Antichrist.  The way it works into policy is a story that has an excessive amounts of starting points and an excessive amount of implications for the "Mufti Blessing", including the United Nations and every nation therein of. The boasts of trespassing, embarassment and degradation, disempowerment whether religious or institutional, the clarity is both realized and revealed, perhaps five years late...


And it was said in those days, that there was an appointment to disempower and to acknowledge that empowerment to the reinforcement of property rights and property laws, the courts of property rights and property laws, that those blessed by the Mufti, would give empowerment to them to religiously compel against Asterick and any other of the planet in those days who were not reduced... but, they were mistaken and had long forgotten, that it was the Wards of State, intent and expectant, while those increasing amongst them, were known as pressured and stressed.


And it was said in those days, that the substance was known as fentynyl, that lowered ones own adrenal system that caused a "adrenaline need" of risky behavior and an adverse opposite reaction to the need of the substance, that when paired with "justice of what is written" 'highs', and as the "backtalk element" 'six' and 'test six' was known to be cumulatively complex in origin that when interacting with, QuetzalCorp's previous HEBE-GB's reaction, did cause a very intense want for "life-force", this was also cumulatively known as a COOTEES-type reaction, that which was known as the Cytoplasmic Oxygen Obtained Testosterone Equalized Elevation System, a rare disorder, believed to originate...[end of message] various loss centralized in the desert overseas.

That anti-fentynyl was equivalent to an adrenaline shot, the fentynyl itself replaced adrenal production system to specifically cause the addiction.  In conclusion, made to identify, specifically, the court saying "what did I do..." "what could be blamed on..." "beyond property rights and property laws", that which according to Merton's Conformity of Ritualistic behavior in a surveyable and identifiable pattern, still leaves the major question, did the ends justify the means.


It was said in those days, that a medical isotope might be harnessed in such a way with a Large Hadron Collider at CERN, that could cause a very significant reaction.  According to MARCUS-QMS, if a negative reaction was caused, the "neutrino" equation would balance that reaction.

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Right Answer! by Asterick: "Luke 2 (KJV)"


She had called Jon during the day:

"We should go out for dinner... I have some bad news to tell you.  Pick me up after work... okay... bye, see you then."


When he arrived, she answered the door... 

"Are you ready for dinner?"

"For what?" she asked, a noisy vehicle drove by and she winced slightly."


"Well, come on... get ready."


"Okay, Mr.Clien."

["please hang up and try your call again, please hang up and"]...


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