I call this Project Raven due to the Raven Chapter on
of my Halloween Special.  Whereas Raven is a observant or participant.


DAF/EBS – Detection of Low Frequency Fields and their High Frequency Counterparts


Sound pressure or acoustic pressure is the localpressure deviation from the ambient (average, or equilibrium) atmospheric pressure, caused by a soundwave. In air, sound pressure can be measured using a microphone, and in water with a hydrophone. The SI unit ofsound pressure is the pascal (Pa).

Gangstalking or E-Stalking

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Raven Project - Phase Two


In the review of the DAF, Delayed Audio Frequency, satellite system, it seems more of a non-panic inducing term for the EBS, the Emergency Broadcast System satellite system and though while this may be publicly seen, on whole, as a backwards step the research of QuetzalCorp has compiled and decompiled a lot of data concerning these rare glimpses into the the unseen world of frequencies and static, radio waves and spectrums, that when understood how these interact or interfere with each other the Interface's Integrative Frameworks.


The forgotten and dusted over perceptions of this technology has very interesting applications, but also even more consequences. For instance, the United Nations utilization of “forms of pulling into ones sight” in policy or policy exploit is one of the major factors of the fallibility of any country, especially where discernment is not properly present.


The observance of such things can easily cause or exacerbate what is known as a “dark age” demonic possession, a heightened gratuity that started and culminated over many years since Nero's Rome where “world without end” policy exploits began so many years ago, and therefore too, worldviews can cause a lot of trouble where there necessarily need not be, therefore to compliment the previous “Right to Remain Silent” and the “Oath to Order”, QuetzalCorp is happy to extend into another area, called “You may have Assumption One, Two or Three.” and while untested yet, it may cover some unchecked balances.


So, one may ask, did this system of the Emergency Broadcast System activate? That goes back to the question of Low Frequency Communication, and the use of “boasts of trespassing” and “justice of what is written”. As for High Frequencies, those unfortunately don't seem to do what they once did, though that is probably an adjustable property or variable from constants outside the “time of renewal” and its accompanying “blessing the world” otherwise known as “international stress and pressure transference”; the most unfortunate thing about this is that stress and pressure transference is usually done by previous institutional psychological understanding of communication and a better understanding of colonization.


The effect of such a technology is the possibility. That perceptions can be 50/50 has a “Orson Wells radio broadcast, 'War of the Worlds' type of misinterpretation. Further, that a low frequency communication contamination is occurring while older versions of the past “international stress and pressure transference” are still misunderstood of “property rights and property laws” of the three dimensions being Family, Religion, and Institutions, and in some places the Forth Dimension of Entertainment and an awful resentment of business limitations of these four dimensions.


In closing, the necessity to be able to research in the arts field that fills in for officiates before extending into science is all about completion and sufficiency.



Question the Spirits? Or, Question the Low and High Frequency Communication!


Whether a Diplomatic Immunity Person, asking who the Low Frequency Communication is of DAF is a simple personal exercise in understanding degradation and embarassment on the planet.


Or in other circumstances; ritualistic practices and religious practices get overused sometimes, and where there is no rhyme nor reason, often times, questioning the spirit becomes questioning the low and high communication in the background of a time of renewal where one is not to have opinion, where a world of money becomes bogged down with consequence and stress and pressure transference become a reality rather than an occupation. 

Perspectively, think of Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" Live Radio Broadcast, the stress and pressure transference are the same, the consequences the same, and whether or not the technology or societies internationally have advanced, one or a million things to apologize for, are temptingly too far off, as the next story will present: 


A Raven Chapter - Satallite Page

(Sound of a bird flying in the shadow plane; 50% hypothetical, 50% reality, nothing is what it seems in Satallite)
Raven: "up to no good at 109 St. N."

Mother: "I could still hear him speaking."

The father was very agitated and had been intoxicated. Had been crying and was arrested."

Youth male deceased: "they feed me, then take the food out. And then put me back in the fridge."

Mother: "I can't take this much longer, but I can hear his voice. I thought if I could still hear him, he would wake up and get out of the fridge."

Youth male deceased: "Maybe this will teach them."
Sound of condiments, then a creaking of floors. Sound of two doors creaking. 
"Not here, not there... bingo."
Sound of floor creaking.
"Mommy! Mommy!"
"I woke up."
"I am half asleep, go to sleep, I will make you breakfast in the morning."
"Did you forget, there is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing the fridge.
Mother: "I put you in the fridge. I put you in the fridge. I put in the fridge. I put you in the fridge."
Boy: "There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge.
Door closes. Mother sits up in her bed.
Echo of boy: "There is nothing in the fridge, there is nothing in the fridge."
Mother walks out of her room.
(You have the right to remain silent creaking
Then in a male voice, then female, then creaking.)
Mother shaking, She can hear the kitchen table shaking.
Shakily down the stairs.
Boy: " I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget."
"There is nothing in the fridge."
Mother: "Where is he? Where is he?"
Boy: 'There is nothing in the fridge."
Mother: "Nothing in the freezer."
Deep creaking: "you have the right to remain silent. Then the female, then the deep creaking."

Several days later.
"He had not been to school in several weeks, there was the original incident and the arrest of the father. Then, two additional partially related incidents of the same family."

Indiscernable: "There is nothing in the fridge. There is nothing in the freezer."


Female: "Go back to bed." Several times.

The Aunt: "He keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. He is worried about nothing in the fridge or freezer."

Boy: "I was usually such a good boy. I was usually such a good boy. Keep very good care of that story... Keep very good care of this story."

The phone lifts up and moves away. A light turns on in the kitchen. It moves towards the fridge.

Both lights go off.

Sound of condiments.

Sound of Raven flying in the room.

(The end)

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A Raven Chapter - Satallite Page